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Finally, when the trunks were almost to Jake's knees, the entire length was exposed. Emma stared at it with her eyes wide and her mouth in a silent "O" of astonishment. Released from the confines of the trunks, the massive thing curved slightly up and away from his body, swaying pendulously now that it was free. It was monstrously long and thick as a soda can. Distended veins ran the length of it, and the biggest set of balls I had ever seen hung below. As Jake stood there, his cock twitched now and again, like it had a mind of its own, animated by a single purpose: invading and stretching Emma's tight secret place and claiming it for its own. Not a word was said, but even though Emma had not yet touched Jake's cock, I knew with absolute clarity that she would give herself to him. And so help me, instead of being enraged, I was enthralled. I wanted to sit back and let it happen, to watch while Jake took my beautiful bride and fucked her until she couldn't stand up.

Like she was mesmerized, Emma reached out and took the giant cock in her hands. For a few moments, she simply held it. Then she started to caress it, rubbing her fingers lightly over the opening, circling the sensitive area under the glans and running one hand lightly up and down the shaft. Slowly, bit by bit, Jake responded to her touch, and his cock started to stiffen and engorge. In response to the persistent stroking of the glans and the opening, the cock started to release viscous clear pre-cum, which Emma used as lubricant as she stroked the shaft. Though it began to stiffen, Jake's monster cock was not fully erect. Amy spoke out. "Better suck that cock if you want to get it hard, you little slut," she said. "Get your mouth on it."

Jake pushed his cock forward so it was inches away from Emma's face. Cupping his heavy balls in one hand and the shaft in the other, she leaned forward slightly and stuck out the tip of her tongue, tentatively licking the head. After a few moments, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth as wide as she could manage, and carefully took the head in. Ever so slowly, she relaxed her jaws and leaned forward, taking the shaft deeper as she did so. When she had managed as much as she could, she slowly backed it out and then started to swallow it again, this time taking more of the shaft down her throat. Like a slow motion ballet, her head bobbed forward and back as she worked. I could hear her taking in air through her nose as she tried to avoid gagging and choking on the enormous cock that she was working steadily down her throat. Ropes of thick saliva clung to the pole when Emma came back up, and I knew she was struggling with it. Since Emma could practically deep throat my 8 inch cock when she was in the mood, I knew she was trying to do the same with Jake, though it seemed an impossible task.

As Emma worked, Jake stood motionless, looking down at the top of her head.

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