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Wes and Mark pledge for Omega Rho Gamma.

He scanned the room and realized that he'd need a bigger one for when he brought his mate home. Maybe he should build his own private home nearby like some of the other pack members had. Or maybe reopen the other wing of the house where their parents used to live. Carr hadn't wanted to move out of his rooms after they'd died, and the rooms had just been closed up. Maybe it was time to forget the past and move on. He'd talk to Carr later, after Karen was farther along in her recovery.

Of course, he thought to himself, that was if Karen agreed to be his mate. For all he knew, she could reject him and run away as soon as she was physically able. Whether she wanted to mate with him or not, he would make sure she was safe until that fucking lone wolf was taken care of. Then if she wanted to run from him, like it or not, he would have to let her go. The thought of that stopped him in his tracks. Would she run from him? Would she blame his whole kind for what one rogue Were did? He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He couldn't let himself think about that now. He'd think positively that she would love him for who he was and want him regardless of what happened to her. He had to think that or go crazy with the "what ifs".

He scrubbed himself raw in the hot shower. His mind was totally on Karen, and he didn't notice the door opening or the figure who slipped into the bathroom. His eyes were closed as he pictured that night in the park, his arms around her tightly, his lips pressing to hers, their tongues dancing in unison. At first when he felt the light touch of a hand on his back he moaned, thinking it was her. And then he whirled around to see Lila, nude, in his shower with him.

"What the fuck are you doing in here Lila? Get out!" The look of rage on his face was a shock to Lila. She hadn't seen Cole since she left on a business trip two week prior. They had been on great terms up til then. The last time she saw him they'd fucked for hours, and he had begged her to stay longer. He'd told her to hurry back from her trip. She thought they would pick up where they had left off.

"Cole, what's wrong? What happened?" Lila grabbed a towel on her exit from the shower. She didn't understand what was going on. What had made him change his attitude towards her so much in just two short weeks? They had been friends for ages, had been lovers on and off for years. Even when they were off they were still friends. He'd just tell her he wasn't interested. She was fine with that, she never asked for reasons. That's the way it was in the pack.

Lila grabbed her clothing and ran out of his bedroom just as Carr and Lee walked down the hall. They could hear Cole's voice loud and clear, "Get the fuck out of here Lila!" They glanced at each other as Carr went into Cole's room and quickly shut the door. Lee followed Lila and caught up to her as she was slamming her own bedroom door.

"Lila, we need to talk." Lila let her Alpha Bitch in her room and sank down on the bed, tears streaming down her face. She was still soaking wet but she didn't care. She and Cole had grown up together. They had done everything together. Why did he look at her like he hated her? Why was he being so cruel?

Lee sat there and looked at her good friend. Lila was her Beta and second. She took care of a lot of the business dealings out of town for the pack. Lee and Carr depended on her astute business sense and keen mind. And they were like sisters. Lee had hoped for years that Cole and Lila would realize they were mates, but obviously, it never happened. Lee took the towel out of Lila's hands and started drying her long blond hair for her, like they used to do for each other years ago. "Cole found his mate Lila. Things are kind of a mess at the moment. You literally walked in at the wrong time."

Lila stopped crying and stared at Lee.

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