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Jenny's interest in the centre is discovered.

I catch my breath and slow down. His trousers slip to the floor. I cannot stop myself. I want to make it so slow sooooo good for him, but I want so much to see his manhood again that I tear down his shorts as well.

And there it is, not two inches from my face. His gorgeous manhood, already semi stiff, I can see the slit poking through his prepuce and is it my imagination, or can I already see a sheen of pre cum on it?

He motions me to take off his shoes and I do. Then his socks and it is all I can do not to stoop and kiss his feet. I long to show my subservience to him in so many ways that enrich him and humiliate me.

His trouser and shorts follow suit and I look up at him again, my expression asking permission to go further. He smiles and nods and I move the final two inches and inhale his musk. So masculine against my femininity.

My mouth moves to his thighs, kissing gently up from just above the knee either side. Little kisses placed with love to show my attachment and subservience to him. I reach his ball sac. So big! I know how much cum they carry as well, having had my face covered in it before. Tentatively, I poke my tongue out and lick his heavy sac. I hear an intake of breath.

"Sarah so, so nice, yes, love my balls. Take them into your mouth, my she-boy,"

I move my mouth up, first taking one, then the other into my mouth, lathing them with my tongue and bringing groans from him. I feel his hands on my head, pushing me into his crutch, the scent of him growing stronger as my lips and tongue work on his sensitive balls.

I can feel my penis too, stiff and confined in it's nest, longing to be released, but I know my duty is to my Master before I can have any pleasure.

I look up and see you and know you want me to move onto your cock. My lips move up and I start to lick and kiss my way up his gorgeous length, each kiss a move nearer to my Nirvana, a move nearer to my mouth full of him.

I am aware of everything now. I feel his hardening cock against my mouth as I lick and kiss him. I feel 'my' hair on my face. I can hear his breathing, becoming more ragged. I can feel my knees through my hold ups on the carpet. Even my breasts - the fillet, glued to me hang on my chest like I imagine a woman's breasts would.

I want him, every part of him in me and in my life. He has such power over me and I am not sure he realizes just how far I would go for him. We have talked in a roundabout way about threesomes and foursomes, bondage and bukakke and I would gladly do any of these if it pleased him.

Back to the present. My eager, willing mouth has reached his glans and my tongue swirls around it's base, my hand pulling the foreskin fully back. A globule of pre cum appears at the tip. I look up and he smiles at me and nods.

I dip my head ad my tongue swirls around his glans, licking up the pre cum like some ancient Roman nectar. I feel a shudder run through my body at the taste of his fluids. I feel a shudder run through his body at the touch of my mouth.

I whimper as I put my mouth around his cock head and sink it a little, only a little onto his mushroom head. I want more, but pull back and show restraint.

He shows me a popper bottle and I nod. This is the magic potion he tells me that will lead to my complete submission to my becoming a complete slut.

He leans over and puts the open bottle under my nose and I inhale deeply.

Almost immediately, I am more turned on than I could believe possible. I feel my cock in my pants grow and start to push painfully against the silken material. As I hear him inhale as well, I feel his cock magically swell in my mouth.

The amyl has a magical effect on me and I have to fight the urge to rush and swallow him all the way down. I take just his head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around and dip my head in a small motion and then back up, my hand cupping his balls still wet with my saliva, so lovingly applied.

I am whimpering again as I can never remember being so turned on and I hear him groan as my mouth works on his lovely mushroom head.

I look up at him and he says "

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