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A stranger uses my wife in the sauna.

He gestured for her to come in, again quite awkwardly.

The smell of overdone roast beef eminated from the kitchen, where his parents could be heard bustling with activity. The living room was next to the kitchen, and had 70's style plush flowery furniture. Victor sat down on a soft living room chair, and Irma came to sit down across the room on the couch.

Irma knew she was going to be stuck here for dinner, with an anxious silent Victor, and his old-fashioned parents. She knew she had to do something to spice things up a bit.

Victor was sitting with his eyes focused down on the carpet, too shy to look at her or make any conversation. He was shaking like a leaf. His parents were just in the next room, still bustling with dinner preparations.

She approached him, yawned, and took off her sweater in one swooping movement, under which she was not wearing a bra, her huge breasts so firm that they stood out without needing any support.

Victor gaped and lurged back in his chair, mouth open, a trickle of drool leaking down his chin that he mopped up with his sleeve, with a blush of embarrassment.

She quickly knelt in front of him, spread his legs apart, gently but firmly, undid his fly, tugged down his underwear, and sucked his whole penis into her soft, hot, wet mouth. Her hair gently draped onto his lap, and she took his hands in hers, squeezing them gently, as she started licking and massaging his cock with her lips and tongue. Within about 30 seconds his sexual excitement overcame his anxiety, and his penis stiffened in her mouth, and as it did she intermittently took the whole length of his cock right down into her throat. Then she brought his hands up behind her head, and this gesture encouraged him to hold her head tightly onto his cock as she sucked. At times he would forget himself, and clutch her head so tightly that she would almost lose her breath, but this excited her. With her hands free, she felt his balls, and to her surprise, they were huge, heavy, and seemed congested. She would later find out that Victor had never even masturbated before, but suffered through many prolonged erections, not knowing what to do to relieve the tension--certainly his parents were no guide to educate him here. So he had 5 years worth of cum stored in his scrotum, and she knew it wouldn't be long before he would share it with her...

Victor was stiffening in his posture, his legs tensed up, his breathing changed into little shallow gasps that he was trying to muffle. Dishes clattered in the kitchen, and in fact his mother came into the dining room to put some more cutlery on the table; had she looked sideways she might have noticed her son and his new friend on their living room chair.

Irma pulled her soft lips off Victor's cock for a moment. She knew he was close. She whispered, "Victor, I love you. I'm your girlfriend now. I want you to let yourself go now, just let it happen, I want you, trust me, I love you, cum in my mouth." Victor didn't quite understand what she meant by "cum in my mouth" but he felt a surge of pressure building in him, but had been holding back because of fear. And he felt love for the very first time in his life.

She wrapped her lips around his cock, and looked up into his eyes with her big blue eyes, and he watched her little freckled nose wrinkle a little bit as she gently sucked.

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