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Self release.

Mandy pulled away, wiped her mouth. "Asshole."

"Easy, yeah. Just testing that gag reflex." Machismo converged on top of her, forcing her to her elbows.

"Wait, wait." Mandy shot him an evil eye. "Can we at least put something under me? This floor is... ugh!"

Machismo huffed. "Here. How 'bout this, yeah?" With his arms under her thighs, he raised her off the ground. She sat reversed on his shoulders, his head buried in her bald crotch. His tongue went to work on her center. He whipped his head about, devouring her womanhood while holding her in the air.

"Oh..." Mandy bucked forward, round breasts jiggled. She caressed her feet up and down his back. She cinched her eyes together, panted.

Machismo's lips stimulated her clit. He flicked it with his tongue, gently sucked.

"Ah-ha-ah." Mandy shivered. She stooped further over his head before posturing up again. She combed her fingers through her silky hair. Her hand rubbed down her neck, massaged her breasts, and then to his head. She wadded his bandana in her fist. "Oh my-Ooo-ggghhh!"

Her body convulsed causing Machismo to stumble forward. He caught himself, laughed, and laid her across a fiberglass counter top. He scooted her to the edge, her ass leaving streaks through the dust-covered counter. He held her left ankle in the air while her right leg dangled off the front. He squeezed his cock, guided it toward her wet center. After tapping the head on her vulva, which shook her, he slowly slipped it inside.

Mandy tilted her head back, looked to the hole-ridden ceiling.

Machismo quickened his pace. He groped her tan breasts, pinching her rock-hard nipples.

Mandy had a look of shock. Her mouth agape, head down, but eyes wide and up. "What do ya, ummm, what got you into this ja-job-ah!"

"Now's not the time to discuss my career path." Machismo pounded her, shaking the weak counter. "Stop trying to take your mind off what your body wants to feel."

"It's just been a-Oo! Been-a while..." Mandy's face squinched for a flash before softening again. With him clasping her right ankle in the air, she stretched her left leg wide, pointed her toes. Her eyelids fluttered. In a hot, heavy voice, she bellowed, "I don't wanna-Mm!-wanna embarrass myself. Ah!"

"There's nothing embarrassing about cumming." Machismo held her small chin in his hand, gazed deep into her hazel eyes. "Live in the moment... with me."

Mandy's lips trembled with a shaky breath. An intense tickle caused her eyes to water. In the spur of the moment, she locked lips with Machismo, basking in the warmth of her orgasm. She flopped to her back across the counter, unbothered by the dirt. She wrapped her left leg around his waist while her right leg trembled in his hand.

Machismo continued his steady motion. His balls tapped against the counter, their skin clapped together. He tossed both her legs to the same side, all while punishing her pink pussy.

Sideways, Mandy clutched the counter and laid her head off the back. Blood rushed to her face. Her breasts rocked with each heave. A chill tingled up her legs. She locked her ankles, curled her toes. She tensed and cried out, "Fuuuucckkkk!"


"Well, that was qui-"

Before Kristin could finish her sentence, Elba covered her mouth. She shushed Kristin, pointed out the window as the Cock-A-Two's walked by with their eyes peeled. Once they past, Elba released Kristin and started across the dank, grimy warehouse.

"Where are we going?" Kristin asked. As she trailed Elba, out of nowhere, something cuffed her legs together. She fell, looked down. Her feet were bound with a mesh rope.

Laughter bellowed from the shadows of the warehouse. Footsteps approached.

"Help..." Kristin uttered.

"Sorry..." Elba shrugged, exited.

S&M Holmes strode out from the gloom. Smoke from his pipe danced in the air. In his other hand, he held, what looked to be, a grappling gun with rope coiled around the barrel.

Kristin tried to crawl to the door, but Holmes shot his weapon again.

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