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19-year-old blond is taken by the basketball team.

I open my mouth and he sticks it all the way down my throat. I gag slightly but manage not to throw up. He pulls the head out and I tongue the bottom of it. I stick my tongue out as far as it will go, lifting Harold's cock back up to Mildred's pussy. He shoves it back into her and I lick his shaft all the way in. He buries it deep and I give his balls a quick lick before he slides back out. Mildred slaps the inside of my thigh hard and yells at me, "Get back to work on me you little slut."

I return to working on her big, swollen purple clit and try to get as many licks in as I can against Harold's dick. I feel Mildred's lips return to my cock but I'm so busy with my mouth trying to keep both of them happy that I can't concentrate on the pleasure flowing through my own prick. Harold picks up the pace and I decide that maybe it'll go easier for me if I can just make both of these old farts cum. I bring my hands up onto Mildred's sagging tits and start rolling them around in my hands. She's really moaning now and I lightly pinch on her nipples. Her legs begin to shake and Harold is hitting his stride. He's going pretty fast for an old dude and I can only hope that I can fuck this well when I'm pushing 70.

Mildred's moaning changes to a hoarse growl as the first wave of orgasm rocks through her. Harold's nuts are slapping my nose and I can hear him grunting also. Mildred feels like she's almost trying to crawl away from the pleasure when Harold dumps a load into her. Or at least that's what I'm assuming he's doing. I move my tongue up off her clit and past his balls and lick his sweaty taint. I can feel it release and contract with each shot of jizz. He holds it there for a while before finally pulling out with a plop.

I don't have to be told what to do. He crams his cum covered cock into my mouth and I lick it clean as Mildred regains her composure. Once I have it all cleaned off, Harold staggers over to a chair near the bed and sits down heavily. Mildred backs up slightly and I feel her hand coil around my testicles again. "Clean it," is all she says. I open my mouth and she pushes with her vaginal muscles. A thick dollop of cum hits my tongue and I swallow it. The rest I have to go in after with lips and tongue. Her hand squeeze tighter. "Gently, bitch," she warns me. "I'm tender down there now."

I mop up all of Harold's cum and she tells me to move back onto the bed more. My neck is killing me so I'm glad to be laying flat on the big bed again. Mildred sits up straight and brings her asshole to my spunk covered lips. "Now," she says with a big sigh. "I want that tongue of yours as far into my as asshole as it will go." I give it a lick to loosen it up a little but I'm not going fast enough to please her. "In," she yells at me and slaps my cock across the sensitive tip. Her fingernail must have just caught the edge as a spark of pain runs down the shaft. I push my tongue out and in. It is going to be a long afternoon.

Mildred and Harold chat while I clean her ass with my tongue. She ignores my cock but it remains standing straight up. They decide what to have for dinner, what to do tomorrow. It's a long conversation and Mildred's asshole is squeaky clean and wet when she finally moves off of me.

My jaw is sore, my face is sticky and my nuts are full to the point of being extremely painful. I so wish they'd let me cum. I even wish Mike and Rick would reappear. They demand more but they're never stingy about letting me shoot my own load.

"Poor little creature," Mildred says and runs her foot over to play with my cock. "Should we let her cum, dear?"

"I reckon we ought to," Harold says with a laugh. "Get the big vibrating one out. It doesn't look like it'll take her long." Mildred reaches over to a drawer beside the bed and pulls out a large black plug. She squirts a tiny amount of lube around the end and smears it on with her hand. "That'll be perfect," Harold adds.

"Pull those legs up and apart," she tells me and gives me a playful slap on the thighs.

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