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My waitress arrived with my food, interrupting my distraction just as the head of my cock was about to reach daylight at the end of my shorts, holding my further development off for a few minutes. Meanwhile, the spectacle at the next table continued apace, as Miss Hand Job now was gently stroking the part of her boyfriend's dick that was sticking out from his shorts as she chatted with their friends and poked her fork into her French toast.

The boyfriend was the poster boy for composure. Despite getting a slow motion hand job, he had not showed any signs of excitement whatsoever during this episode, though he was obviously getting more and more aroused. His cock had swelled considerably since it had first poked from his shorts, the head now flared, the veins in the shaft prominent as his girlfriend got him closer and closer to the inevitable conclusion. She didn't appear to be letting up, despite her measured approach, and the question in my mind now was, how does this finish??

My cock was now stiff as a post as I contemplated the possibility that she might bring him off right there under the table, and I absent mindedly reached down to feel my cockhead poking out of its confinement. I was a little surprised to find I was already leaking precome at the sight of the erotic scene in front of me. I squeezed my dick gently, making a drop of it ooze out, which I rubbed around the head, as I watched the couple at the other table and continued shoveling in my scrambled eggs and hash brown casserole.

The happy couple at the next table was still enjoying their breakfast interlude, she quietly, steadily, getting her boyfriend to the point of no return. He leaned over to her and whispered something in her ear, then they shared a fast kiss; then the other couple, the ones with their backs to me, did the same. A moment later, a big drop of come seeped from the boyfriends cock as it throbbed in his girlfriend's hand. She pulled back on it, leaving the head free, a thick stream of sperm now slowly flowing from it, hanging momentarily on the underside before dropping to the floor. She made a couple of circles on the underside of his shaft, and a thick, white spurt erupted, hitting his thigh, then dripping to the floor. The girlfriend kept working the underside his shaft as he came, making seven or eight more long streaks of semen shoot onto his thigh and the floor.

The sight of the couple in front of me having such an erotic moment was having its effect on me, a steady stream of come now leaking from the head of my cock. I wasn't sure if I should follow the example of the obviously happy couple and blast my own load onto the floor as well, or hold off and finish the job in a far corner of the parking lot after I finished eating. Then the other couple at the table forced the issue.

I could only see their backs, so I had no idea if they were aware of what their table mates were up to, or what their participation in this event might be. Then I saw a big white blob hit the floor in front of the other guy. It was followed by another splat of white, then four or five more. They had obviously been doing the same as their friends, only it took them a little longer to finish. The blonde girl with her back to me leaned over to her boyfriend and said something I could not hear, then kissed him. Another small white drip splashed to the floor. All of the diners at that table shared a good laugh at the side dish they had all enjoyed.

Over at my table, or more correctly, under it, the hotness of that whole scene overtook me.

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