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A man finds out what it feels like to be a woman.

She then slipped her gloved hands around the redhead's sides and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them together. While still squeezing her left breast, Mistress Jenna brought her right hand down the redhead's stomach until she ran her fingers through her pubic hair. She then stroked at the redhead's lips with her gloved fingers, causing her pussy to get wet as she became more and more excited by the blonde dominatrix. Mistress Jenna then stopped touching the redhead and moved around in front of her again. She then picked up the third alligator clip and gave the tension screw several turns, decreasing the clamping force. She squeezed the clip, opening the rubber coated teeth, as she moved it near the redhead's pussy. Almost before she knew what was happening, Mistress Jenna had clamped the clip on the redhead's engorged clit. As the clamp bore down, the redhead screamed. But at the same time it excited her so much that she came. Hanging as she was, she could not free herself. All she could manage to do was to turn her body from side to side. But doing this only made the dangling chains swing, tugging abruptly on her nipples and clit as they reached the end of their arc. She soon learned to stop turning and let the chains come to rest.

Mistress Jenna had now moved over behind him as he watched his lady dangling in pain/pleasure. He was somewhat relieved when he felt the weight at his scrotum decrease. That was until she added another 4 ounce weight and then dropped them. When they tugged at his balls he screamed in shock. Gradually, he grew accustomed to the added weight. Remarkably his cock was even longer and harder than before.

Having become somewhat use to the throbbing pain in her nipples and clit, the redhead watched in amazement as Mistress Jenna tortured her guy. She watched as Mistress Jenna removed her gloves and scratched his chest and stomach with her razor sharp fingernails. Jenna then released him from the cross. Mistress Jenna ordered him to the spanking bench which resembled a padded sawhorse. Once he was bent over the bench, she strapped his wrists and ankles to the legs of the bench. His naked ass was now prominently displayed and ready to be spanked. Mistress Jenna returned from the table with a leather covered wooden paddle adorned on one side with pointed metal studs. Slowly she dragged the studded side over his naked buttocks. The pain from the studs made his cock throb beneath him. She then raised the paddle and the flat side quickly landed with a resounding slap. In front of him was a full length mirror in which he could see his reflection and that of the room behind him. He could see each time Mistress Jenna raised the paddle for another blow. And he could also see his redhead as she enjoyed watching him. After Mistress Jenna had delivered 5 full force blows to his ass, she replaced the paddle on the table.

She then unfastened him from the bench and led him over to where the redhead was dangling from the rafters.

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