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It starts going downhill fast.

" Matt thought that it would be prudent to dodge the question entirely and make an exit. It was getting late.

"OK, then."

He had just gotten into bed when there was a knock on his door and Lisa came in without waiting for him to answer.

"You forgot your goodnight kiss," she said. She walked over to the bed and kissed him on the cheek. "There, now you can go to bed."

"Thank you, Lisa. Goodnight," he said. She got almost out the door before she turned around.

"What was I doing to distract you out there?" she asked.

"Nothing," he responded quickly.

"I must have been doing something. What was it?" she asked again, batting her eyelids. Matt felt like he was being toyed with. He bit his lower lip for a moment before he responded.

"It was your shorts."

"What's wrong with my shorts?" she asked.

"Well it was . . . it was your butt. You have a nice butt and I could see a lot of it. I had to get out of there, you know?" he replied.

"That was very naughty, Mathew. But thank you for the compliment. Goodnight." She left the room and closed the door behind her, with her heart beating rapidly. Heck, it wasn't just beating, it was thumping. She was turning her brother on! For some reason, she liked it.

Matt was wondering what the Hell had gotten into his sister. She was disgusted at the thought of having sex with her friends but seemed to have no problem teasing her brother with her ass. Did he even have a problem with it? What did that say about him? For now, he was just going to tell himself it wasn't a big deal and that Lisa was just having fun with him. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea for them both to be home together so much, but he wasn't about to do anything to change it.

Things were pretty normal for the next couple of days, Matt was looking forward to the weekend so that he could lay around and be lazy. It was also the only two days of the week that he could catch up with his grandmother. She was almost always in bed by the time that he got home at night. He basically only got to see her for a couple of minutes each morning during the week. He was glad to see that Lisa was spending a lot more time with her after her current change of attitude in life. He wouldn't readily admit it to most people, but Matt found himself looking forward to going home each night and spending time with his sister. It wasn't just because she was nice to look at, although that was part of it. He enjoyed her company.

Matt was happy to find Lisa in the kitchen when he got home that Friday night. She had the refrigerator door open and seemed to be taking a mental inventory of its contents.


"Hi, how's it going? I thought you might be out on a hot date or something tonight," he said.

"I decided to stay away from that for a while. The only thing hot tonight is what I decide to put in the microwave. I need a snack," she replied.

"I was thinking about going to get a milkshake. Do you feel like ice cream? We can still make it there before they close," he asked.

"Ice cream? You just want my butt to get bigger so that you can see it better," she smirked. Matt just gave it right back to her this time.

"I'm sure that you'll still have a fantastic ass even after you eat an ice cream cone," he replied.

"It went from nice to fantastic. I'm glad that you like it. I guess I could go for some ice cream," she said, closing the door to the fridge.

The two of them sat on a bench under the lights at the ice cream place. Matt was finishing his shake, Lisa her cone. There wasn't many people out for as nice as it was out for a Friday night. Matt stood up and threw his empty cup in the bin.

"Well, what do you want to do now?" he asked. Lisa looked mildly surprised at the question.

"Aren't you tired? What did you have in mind?"

"I figured you might be sick of sitting around the house every night. We could still catch a movie if you felt up to it. But we'd have to hurry." Matt suggested. Lisa's face brightened considerably.

"You're tricky, Mathew.

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