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Ethan teaches Jen and Kami a lesson.

"Oh daddy, your cock feels so good in me. I can't wait until you cum in me. You know, I've never let anyone cum in me, you'll be the first" she said, slowly rocking her hips.

"Fuck you feel good Miranda. Your pussy is tight and so wet, but this isn't right."

"Well, if this isn't right, why is your cock so hard?"

"Shit Miranda, where'd you learn how to fuck so good?"

"Oh daddy, I've had many many guys. I may appear to be a prude, but once a guy gets a taste of my skills and pussy, they'll do anything to get back in."

"I can see why."

She increased her gyrations, he arched his back driving deeper into her. "I've always wanted to get pregnant daddy, have my body curved, my tits filled with milk. I just needed to wait for the right man and you're it daddy. You have the honor of fucking your daughter putting your/our baby into me. I'm so thin, I bet I grow a huge pregnant belly. Just think, you're going to be the cause of my belly growing bigger, swelling each passing day. My tits growing bigger, filling with milk."

They were both breathing harder, faster, their orgasms building. He was trying to fight it, but he was losing the battle. Her pussy was getting tighter, she was getting ready to cum. He could feel his dick expand, ready to release its load deep into her womb. "That's it daddy, fuck your baby girl, spray your seed in your daughter's pussy."

That was it, he released his potent sperm into his daughter, dumping load after load. Coating her womb with his hot sticky seed. "Oh fuck, oh fuck your sperm feels so hot in me."

She squeezed her pussy tight around him, coaxing every drop out of his balls. When they were finished, she collapsed on top of him. Both heavily panting "Damn daddy, that felt really awesome. You fucked your baby girl good, I bet my pussy is going to be sore."

He cradled her head in his hands and deeply kissed her "Shit Miranda, I haven't fucked a pussy so tight in all of my life."

"Don't worry daddy, I'm not going anywhere. You're going to give me creampie after creampie until I'm pregnant."

She crawled off her dad's cock and stood up. His seed running down her leg "Well look at that, your cum is running down my leg."

She took him by the hand "let's go clean up in the shower. You can fuck your baby girl in the shower."

Meantime, next door Danny knew his mom didn't have to be at work until noon, dad had left for the office an hour ago. Laptop in hand, he walked to the closed door of his parent's room, stopping and listening. He heard his mom moaning and what sounded like a vibrator, he opened the door and walked in. He had never seen his mom naked before and Miranda was right, she has a hot body.

"Danny, what the hell! You can't just walk in here" Kate was saying as she tried to grab at the covers, but they were all on the floor.

His mom's hitachi laying by her side. He stood there, taking in her body, wondering how good her pussy was going to feel wrapped around his dick.

"Mom, we need to talk."

"We can talk, let me get clothes on" she said as she stood and wrapped a sheet around her.

"That won't be necessary."

"Really, why?"

"Here watch" he said placing the laptop on the bed and pressing play. He played the same presentation for Kate that Miranda played for Curt.

Kate watched as the pictures scrolled and the audio of her and Curt's lovemaking played in the background. She watched, her eyes wide with shock.

"But, but why? What are going to do with this?"

"Frankly, that depends on you. As I see it, you have a choice to make. You're addicted to money, I know the biggest reason you stay with dad is because he showers you with gifts and provides an extravagant lifestyle. What would happen if he left you? You'd lose all that money and your lifestyle would go with it."

She nodded her understanding "And, what are my choices?"

"You can leave, divorce dad which I know you won't do. Or, I can impregnate you."

"But Danny, I'm your mother! There's no way I'll carry your baby."

"Then pack your bags and get out."

She looked around, he was right.

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