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Abby and crew take rest at the beach. What could go wrong?

I could see it in his face too, the little squint, the way his bottom lip dropped so slightly in pleasure as he fucked her. He picked up the pace and firmly drove into her, seemingly in perfect time with my thumping heartbeat, a satisfying little smack smack smack of his thighs against hers. Then, evil as he was, he pulled all the way out of her. She moaned in frustration, an indignant little sound. A thin, clear strand of their mingling wetness stretched between his head and her hole for a small second. My knees shook, and my fingers closed around my nipples, working them in a stroking, rhythmic motion that my husband himself had taught me that I loved.

I knew what he was going to do next- it was one of my favorite things, and the anticipation was delicious. He placed the head of his penis just against her vagina, then reached over for the lube that was at his fingertips on the bed next to them. A dollop on his finger, and he began lightly swirling her cute-as-a-button clit, and gave her just the promise of entering her, never actually doing so. She sucked her breath in, a long, throaty breath, and let out the sexiest "Ohhhhh..." I had ever heard.

I practically came right then and there.

I loved the smile that crossed his lips, one of sheer, wicked pleasure, as he so enjoyed teasing the fuck out of his women. He slowed his finger's movements on her to an agonizingly slow, gentle rub, and just as her hips began to buck against him, he stopped. Her hands fluttered up involuntarily, and he deftly reached up with one hand and pinned them above her head. The other hand held her hip- "God, he must love how her hip bone is just barely visible through that silky flesh," I thought- and he began part two of the Great Tease. He pushed his dick, which was so hard I could see the veins popping out on it from where I was, into her as slowly as he could manage, going and going until he was in her entirely, then pushing into her a little harder, a little deeper. She came- I saw her hips shudder and that tight little slit pulsing around him- but he wasn't about to relent. He pulled out of her as slowly as he'd entered, and once he'd just popped the head out of her, he stroked back in again at that terrible, wonderful slow pace. He kept that up through her orgasm, which seemed to stretch on and on, and continued on afterwards as she built up again, her breath quickening. But before she could come again, she tapped his shoulder and whispered in his ear. "Ohh, Andy," she breathed in her sultry, deep voice. "I wanna suck that dick of yours."

My husband was, after all, a red-blooded male, who despite loving me alone was still attracted to other women- knowing that was hot. Knowing that other women still wanted to jump on his dick? That was beyond sexy. I hoped she was a knockout at blowjobs- it wasn't my strong point. I found I wasn't to be disappointed. She loved it.

She had him stand up, and lightly shoved him against the wall, right next to the door frame where I watched. And she hadn't seen me! I could no longer contain myself. I let my hand wander from my nipple, down my stomach and I unbuttoned my jeans. I slid my hand between the smoothness of my skin and the softness of my silk underwear, and lightly pressed my finger against my clit, holding it still there. It pulsed with pleasure. Things were about to get better.

She knelt before him and lovingly brushed the back of her hand against his balls, up and down his shaft. "Are you sure?" he asked her as he stroked her hair. She smiled a flirty little smile, a dirty little smile, and said, "Andy, I know you and your wife love each other, and I also know that she hasn't been in the mood much lately. I also know that you've never pressured her at all about it, and she feels a little guilty." That snitch! I grinned. "Andy, you need this."

With that, she kissed the tip of his penis, and then slid her lips down around his di

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