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Non-Erotic history of the Eye of the Abyss.

She pushed harder causing her bum hole to dilate and her pee to shoot down in a hissing and gushing torrent.

Then, as suddenly as her torrent had started, it abruptly stopped. She squeezed hard and a few more bolts of her clear pee shot to floor. She squeezed again, harder. The knotty ring of her bumhole winked as she squeezed out a long, strangled and moist sounding fart.

It suddenly crossed my mind that watching the video back was going to be an extremely enjoyable experience. My cock twitched, firstly reminding me that it was once again rock hard, and secondly that I was still naked from the waist down. In all the excitement, I had forgotten.

I quickly looked all around, expecting to see an audience of ramblers gawping at our escapades. But thankfully, we were perfectly hidden.

"Did you record all that?" Helen asked, still perched on the roots. She peered at me with owlish eyes and a big dirty grin on her flushed face.

"Certainly did!" I answered. I chuckled, shaking my head in disbelief. Last week, Helen was merely my piano teacher, a lady I had long found attractive, but from a distance, effectively. In the space of only a few days, I had tasted her, inhaled her wonderful aromas, and now, just finished videoing her peeing. "I'm really looking forward to watching all this back."

"Me too!" she chirped, laughing as she got off her perch.

I followed her back around the giant tree trunk, thumbing the power off on the camcorder to conserve battery. She retrieved some tissue from her rucksack and crouched down, reaching between her legs to dry her pussy. She scrunched up the used tissue and dropped it an empty plastic bag.

She turned towards me. "What are we going to do about that hard cock of yours then?" She nodded, pointing at my engorged manhood and lewdly licking her lips.

Helen beckoned me over as she knelt down on the blanket. As soon as I was close she took me in her mouth, noisily sucking my member as she bobbed her head back and forth. I closed my eyes, groaning from the extreme sensations of Helen's somewhat over-eager blow job.

She took me from her mouth and pumped her fist over my rod, peering up into my eyes.

"May as well try up the bum." She glanced at my cock, then earnestly back at me.

"Ohh, yes yes. Fine by me!"

Helen almost dragged me down on to the blanket, getting me to lie flat on my back. She grabbed the video camera, powered it up and handed it to me before turning her back on me and lifting her skirt. She stood over me, feet either side of my shoulders. She crouched down, placing her ass over my face.

"Make my bottyhole nice and slippery," she said, pulling her cheeks apart and stretching her dirty hole.

I couldn't help a quick sniff. Her aroma was just so perfect.

Whilst I lavished her bum hole, Helen daintily spat onto her fingers, gently rubbing her saliva onto my glans. She reached around to run a finger around her brown circle, pushing it in and out a few times. My cock jerked at the sight.

"That's fine," she said, excitement rising in her voice. "Hold your cock up."

She stood up and shuffled forwards, looking down between her legs at my throbbing manhood. I grasped it and pointed it skyward, positioning the camera on my chest such that the top half of my cock was in the centre of the LCD viewfinder.

Helen crouched down until her bumhole was inches away from my glans.

"You'll have to move forward a bit, I think," I said, breathless from the excitement of knowing that at any moment, Helen's beautiful and smelly ass was going to swallow my rod; hopefully.

Helen hotched forward a few inches and slowly lowered herself. I aimed my cock at her approaching bumhole, dearly hoping that she would be able to squeeze it in.

Helen's anus touched the end of my cock, sending hot pulses down my nerves.

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