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His new smartphone wants sex, and world domination.

She was very sweet and tasted like a rose. I slowly started sucking her lips and she responded by parting her lips. I put my tongue to the lips and she too opened up her lips and our tongues met. We then began to suck our tongues.

It was really awesome and the electric current began to pass over my body. As we were kissing, I pressed her ass tightly. It was soft and of medium size. I like the way her ass moved when I press her. Her breathing began to grow stronger. We broke the kiss after some 5 minutes. She looked happy. I took her to my bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and started kissing her from head to her toe. First on her forehead, then her eyebrows, then her eyes. Then her nose and nose stud. I kissed her both noses and her both cheeks. She started smiling and giggling. I then again kissed her lips for some time. It was getting hotter. I then moved down to her necks and shoulders.

Then I kissed her boobs which were my favorites in her. I moved down to her stomach, navel and her vaginal hair, her thighs, legs and feel. I went again from the down and turned her around. Now her ass was facing up and I started kissing from the feet to the head. When I reached her ass, I planted more kisses.

Behind her neck also I planted more kisses. We both took a deep breath after this kissing series was over. I asked her to remove her churidar and her pant. I put the dim light to brighten up the room. She removed her churidar and was now in her bra and panties. Though we had sex a few hours ago, In that hurried mood I couldn't see her completely.

She wore a white bra and black panties. Her sacred thread was in place around her neck. But all the while she was just smiling. I removed all my dress and was in birthday suite. Then, I suggested to her we should have foreplay and she nodded. I thought that she knew what it was since she was married. But she lay still on the bed. Then I asked her to give me a blowjob.

She looked at me strangely and said that she doesn't understand what I said. I then told her to suck my dick. She said it is wrong and that she was a conservative woman. It took me time to convince her to suck my dick. I had to show her blowjob videos of Jayden Jaymes to introduce her to blowjob.

She somehow started sucking my dick and it was nice. But occasionally her teeth would scratch my dick which was painful. But in some minutes she learned to give a better blowjob and I was turned on. I said it was enough and asked her to lay on her back.

I move over her and started sucking her boobs. Then, I sucked left boob and pressed-played and massaged right boob. Then I shifted the focus to right boob and sucked it while pressing and playing with left boobs. I then cupped both her boobs and put my mouth on her navel. After a while, I slowly moved to her vaginal hair. I kissed them and sucked on them. It had the smell of her sweat, but still, it was tasty.

I reached her vagina. For the first time saw a vagina with real eyes and that too close. It somewhat resembled big lips. I parted the lips of her vagina and saw a bright pink flesh inside. I started rubbing the clitoris with a finger. She was turned on. I rubbed for some more time and her breathing got heavier. I stopped and I started sucking her clitoris with my mouth.

Now, I was sucking on her clitoris just like how a bee sucks honey from a flower. I put my tongue into her vagina and played with her. After some sucking and started rubbing her pussy. Soon she had her orgasms. She tightly held her thighs close and closed her eyes too. It took her some time to relax and be normal.

Soon she relaxed and released her tight thighs. I once again started sucking and tongue fucking her vagina. She started swaying her head and started moaning too. She stopped me and asked me to fuck her. I was in no mood to listen. I wanted to enslave her to me sexually so that she comes to me often for her sexual needs.

Now, I slowly put my middle finger into her vagina and finger fucked her.

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