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Goddess who so loves and cares for you!"

"Diana!" laughed Andromeda. "You don't understand. I have converted. I have been baptised in the name of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I have chosen to follow the dictates of the one true God, who is so Merciful that his own Son died so that our souls may be saved."

"Andromeda. Andromeda. This is profanity most foul. And spoken within the sacred confines of the great temple of Aphrodite. How has this happened? How have you been tempted away from the only true way? How have you become a pagan?"

Andromeda laughed again. She leaned out and placed her hand on Diana's bare shoulder, reminding her again of the passion they had shared so recently. She hoped that perhaps her love would persuade Andromeda to return to the service of Aphrodite and forget about this nonsense that the people of the sign of the fish had spread. Rue the day that the emperors had become so soft and tolerant that they permitted these pagans to spread their faith amongst the devout!

"Diana. It is you who is misled. I have heard the bishops and vicars of Christ speak. I have even seen the great patriarch of Smyrna himself. The true way is the way of Jesus Christ. He who is the Light and the Way. He who is Alpha and Omega." Andromeda made the sign of Alpha in the air, which looked so much like the shape of a fish. "I have struggled for many years with my faith. I have often thought that the religion of our Hellenic forebears has lost its way. It has been perverted by the Romans, who even assigned deity to their emperors, and it no longer carries its old authority."

"But Christianity? Does it not come from the Semitic nations of the Desert? The people of Palestine, Samaria and Assyria. How can a god worshipped by those savages be a god for civilised people?"

"Have you not heard? It is rumoured that even some of the senators in Rome may be Christian. And very many people throughout the Empire have been converted. With the momentum of so many conversions, it is surely only time until the Roman Empire becomes a Christian Empire."

Diana didn't want to hear more. All she could think of was the eternal suffering that her dearest Andromeda would suffer. Her genitals would be torn from her. Hot irons would brand her flesh. She would be lost forever on the further shores of the Styx. She pulled Andromeda to her naked body, feeling the unfamiliar cloth against her skin, and wept on her shoulder. Andromeda held her close to her bosom and kissed her full on the mouth. Diana responded eagerly. She grasped Andromeda's head in her hands and pulled her face to hers, to smother her with kisses and tears, in the hope that she could seduce her close friend and in this way encourage her to make love in the temple. To take off her hated clothes and to stretch out on the rush mats on the temple floor, and to put out the fire of burning passion that was inflaming her cunt. If she could just get her tongue to her friend's clitoris under the watchful eye of the statue of Aphrodite, then perhaps Andromeda would see the error of her ways and return to the Aphrodisiac fold.

But Andromeda was too strong. "Not here, Diana. Perhaps tonight. Please visit me in my new home and we can make love there."

"What? Leave the confines of the temple?"

"Why not? You're not a prisoner. I'm sure you can borrow a gown so that you can walk the city streets without being molested by the brutish soldiers garrisoned within the city walls. Please, Diana. And then we not only can make love. Again. We can talk together."

Diana nodded. Her hope was that she might persuade Andromeda to abandon her newfound obsession and return to the service of Aphrodite. And it was this hope that she took with her, not long after Andromeda quit the temple, her shapely ankles only just visible under the confining length of her dress. And this was the hope that she presented to the great temple mother when she asked for consent to see her past lover.

Agatha, the temple mother, was very understanding but also very sorrowful.

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