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"Not really. I mean he would get really drunk sometimes, I think, and you could hear him coming in really late. I don't think I ever heard him yelling or fighting with anyone though," Beth answered.

"I always did feel kind of bad for his parents, such nice people. They would come by and visit him, but you could tell that they expected more from him," Tom said.

After another minute, Tom asked if there were any other questions for them. They said no, and left, thanking them for their cooperation.

"Something about those two seems off, but the wife doesn't really fit the woman from the video. She was too large in the chest," observed Smith, as they got into the squad car.

"Yeah, she was a bit busty. Ok, we ready to split up and visit the last two?"

"Yup. Let's head to lunch first though, I am already starving," Smith replied.

His partner just rolled her eyes, and said, "Men. You guys are always thinking with your stomach."

"Guilty as charged. Now can we go get some grub?"

She agreed, and they went to eat at a nearby Applebee's. It wasn't a favorite for either of them, but it was close, and the food wasn't all THAT bad. They ate, and chatted about their spouses mostly. At the end of lunch, they both decided they should go on a double-date sometime soon, assuming that Carly could get a sitter.

They stopped back at the station, to drop off some paperwork, before splitting up and taking separate cruisers. They couldn't decide who would visit whom.

"Shit Dan, let's just flip for it, like we always do. I can call it in the air, and the loser takes the parents." Both officers knew that any parents of a murder victim would likely be a tough interview. Why wouldn't they be emotional? They had just lost their son.

Smith got out a quarter, flicked it up in the air with his thumb, and said, "Call it."

"Heads," she said quickly.

It spun around for a few seconds on the ground until it came to rest on Heads.

"Dang it all! OK Carly, you go take the woman, Selena, and I will talk to the parents," Smith said, resignation heavy in his voice.

Dunleavey smirked a little, and said, "Good luck. Call me if you need backup."

He gave her a glare, "Ha ha, very funny. When we are both done, let's meet back up here at the station to compare notes."

With that they both left in separate cruisers, heading in opposite directions. Smith drove towards the parent's house, not looking forward to it. Regardless of what kind of man Jim had been, he didn't deserve to die. More than that, his parents now had to deal with the loss of their son.

He got to the house, and pulled up to the curb. It was a larger house, very distinguished and had a look of a different age to it. It reminded him of the houses he used to watch on This Old House with his dad as a kid. That Bob Vila was always fun to watch.

He walked up the high porch steps, and got to a larger door with a glass oval window in the middle. He knocked, and waited. He started seeing movement inside, and an older woman answered the door. She looked tired, was about all the officer could think at the moment.

"Ma'am, I am very sorry for your loss. Could I come in?" Smith asked.

"Certainly. Anything I can do to help you catch my son's killer, I will." Sad looking or not, the old woman obviously had a fire in her. She led the officer in to sit on a chair.

"Ma'am, is your husband home? I have just a couple of questions for the both of you, and also will answer any of your questions that I can."

"Yes, he is out in the garage, monkeying with the lawn mower." She got up, went to a side window and yelled, "Barry, get in here!"

A muffled, "OK, OK, Thelma, I'm coming!"

A minute later, an older, grey haired gentleman came in from the back door. He shook the officer's hand, and said, "Barry Harding. What can we do for you, officer?"

"Sir, I was just telling your wife that I have some questions about Jim that I have to ask. If there are any questions you both have, I will answer what I can."

"That's fair.

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