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Threesome continues.

" Ladvia's smile was indulgent, knowing.

Regina lowered her eyes. "Most of the time I do not mind not coupling, and pleasures can come in many ways. Although it is such a relief, and so enchanting to have my midsummer's month every year when all is open and finally I am left completely alone with my lover, his cock free to pierce my loins whenever I wish."

She changed topic abruptly. "But you haven't seen me in ages! Barely once since before my eighteenth summer when we were barely no longer girls! How goes it with your Rutilla? Are you happy in the provinces, so far from home, and here?"

Ladvia's dark brows narrowed. "All is fair enough. He is a fine man, although much older than I, as you well know. He treats me kindly and I have no wants but one, and even that he indulges."

"What could that be?" Regina asked.

"We couple but once or twice a month, he is so busy with his daily efforts and is often tired. His cock and ardor are not that of a young man. It is not enough for me, as you might well expect."

"Of course," Regina's smile was knowing. "You were always a woman of strong desires. What does this mean then?"

"The bonds are unofficially loosened. I take one, sometimes two lovers at a time. He doesn't mind, just doesn't want to know the details. So my appetites are satisfied in some fashion anyway."

"I understand," Regina said, "but still perhaps not ideal."

"It is fine. But having a holiday in the capital is wondrous good for me. I can stay here carefree for several weeks and having old friends around me again is a balm." She reached out to stroke Regina's shoulder.
Alryd returned with two dancers, dressed as the Archons had been in the morning, light blue tunics scarcely covering their shoulders, their cocks out and erect, already stiffened by a pair of Birsers for their performance. Both bowed before the two friends. Regina introduced the pair, the taller dark-haired Rondel, and Berthold, with his short thick legs and broad face.

"Something traditional, perhaps from the peninsula?" suggested Regina. The musicians who had assembled were equipped with strings and flute, and they began a slow dance, with a drummer marking the beat.

The two dancers conducted a lengthy, drawn out duet, first circling each other in time to the accompaniment, gradually growing closer, their cocks moving rhythmically to the music, their balls drawn up in their taut, well-furred ballsacks.

They slapped hands together, turned and touched their rumps, cheek to cheek, wagged their pricks wantonly, eyes demurely directed to the two friends the whole time.

Berthold's legs rippled appealingly with his movements, the lean haunches of Rondel tightened nicely as he danced, long sinewy arms of arcing gracefully to the music, his long dark hair waving about.

Their hands in the air, they twirled slowly, lasciviously, their cocks waving and bobbing in a way that clearly aroused Ladvia. The dancers faced each other, turned away, stooped and curved about in a lovely rhythm.

The tempo increased, their actions grew more acrobatic, sweat now forming on their foreheads as their limbs spun, thighs bunching with the effort, until finally they slowed to a halt, facing each other, gently each cockhead touching the other. Backing off, they bowed to each other, and then to Regina and Ladvia, their faces flushed but respectful.

"Well danced!" laughed Ladvia, clapping her hands.

"A follow-up?" Regina suggested, arching her eyebrows.

"Why not? Oh, you mean that sort of follow-up!" Ladvia's eyes gleamed. "Will you let me choose?"

"Of course," murmured Regina, "my honored guest's right," guessing she would pick the taller Rondel.

Ladvia did just so, inviting the tall, dark haired one over, his prick bobbing as he approached.

Ladvia reached down and hefted his balls. "So soft yet firm," she murmured, rolling them about with her fingers. "Full of seed, urgent, luscious. I should like to have some of it inside me tonight."

Pushing the cockskin back to reveal the pointy purple head, she lowered her face and g

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