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Argunthal's first breath was tainted with the metallic odor...

" Spidey's boner is nearly ripping through his pants from how hot she is. He just can't help it, even if his mind says no, his dick says yes. She then starts to unzip her leather suit, and has her breasts pop out. Her beautiful huge breasts. "Go ahead, Spidey. Touch them. There's nothing wrong with that. If you don't want to continue after it then you can go..." She says. Spidey can't help it, as he slowly lifts both of his hands up. He's starting to feel full of regret, even though he's done nothing yet. She then grabs his hands for him and forces them onto her breast. All of a sudden, his regret goes completely away.

"Isn't that better, Spidey?" She says with a smirk across her face. Spidey starts smiling underneath his mask too. The power of her boobs literally made him forget all the regret he had to begin with. He lifts up the bottom part of his mask to reveal his mouth and he starts licking her breasts as he plays with them. She moans as he does so. Her nipples get really hard but Spidey keeps going at them.

"Cat, you have such lovely breasts... better than MJ." He says, as he then realizes his mistake. He just said MJ. Oops.

"MJ, huh... so that's her name. MJ must be a lucky girl to have a man that good with his tongue." She says with a smirk across her face. He smiles too and then gets right back to licking and playing with her breasts. "Come on Spidey, just forget about her for now. Now is OUR time. Let's make love, baby." She says, but Peter still doesn't know what to do. He starts to think that MJ would never find out anyways, she'd just assume that he was out on patrol extra late. He finally gave in.

"Alright, Cat. Let's do this. I can't believe I'm betraying my love." He says, as Black Cat smirks and starts to bend over to pull down the bottom part of his costume.

"Oh baby, you'll completely forget she's your love when I'm done with you." She says as she pulls down his pants and his cock springs out, smacking into her face. "Damn, Spider. I was right about you. You are everything a woman wants." She then starts to lick her lips. She can't wait to taste this bad boy. She slowly licks the shaft extremely slowly, really letting Spidey get a good feel of this. She winks up at him as she does so, and then starts to kiss his shaft. She leaves her red lipped markings all over the cock due to the amount of lipstick she wears. Spider-Man moans and smiles down at her as she does so.

She then starts to wrap her lips around it, and slowly starts to bob her head up and down the shaft. Damn, it's large she thinks. "Mmm, Cat. You have a way with your mouth." Spidey says, as she kinda chuckles. She then starts to grab his shaft and jerk it off as she licks the tip, and the pre-cum starts to ooze out of it.

"Mmm, Spider, you better have a lot more of this for me." She says with a wink, as she then again puts her lips around his cock and starts to suck him off. Peter can't believe he's doing this, but it feels so good. He starts to feel regretful again, but he just can't help it, Cat is just too good at this. Better than MJ, as a matter of fact. Peter never thought he'd think something like that, but there he is, thinking something like that.

Black Cat starts to deepthroat him and keeps her head down there for quite a while. Damn she really is good at head, Peter thought. She then starts to build up speed, and gets faster and faster. Spider-Man can't help himself and grabs the back of her head and starts pulling her forward himself. The Cat likes this, and so does Peter. He can feel himself about to climax, and Cat can tell too. She stops sucking and starts jerking him off. "Here I go, Cat!" He says, as he releases his cum all over her. Around 20 pumps of it too. Her eye liner is leaking off, and down her face.

"That's a lot of cum, Spider.

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