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The robotic house then ordered the coach to turn and open her mouth for her muzzle and gag.

The coach did as instructed, and the computer guided hands slipped a ring gag muzzle into the coach's mouth and buckled it tight. The computer hands then activated the built in vibrators and electronic shockers built into the coaches suit, bringing a yelp from the coach as she was lightly shocked and stimulated. Satisfied, the computer opened the gate to the puppy enclosure, and the coach was forced to enter, to the horror of the 2 slave pets inside. They quickly crawled over to the coach, to see what had happened, but were only met with a look of mixed sadistic pleasure and arousal from the coach.

"Attention puppy sluts. My internal timer is now running. All disobedience will be dealt with harshly, while all good behavior will be rewarded." The computer house spoke to the slave puppies, which all looked for the source of the voice, before receiving a shock on their nipples and clit. The puppies let out a startled yelp, before scampering around, trying to figure out where to go. The house continued random shocks for the next 30 minutes, until all the puppies were panting heavily. As a bell sounded, the robotic house opened a sliding panel, exposing bowls of food and water for the puppies, which quickly scampered over in their suits and began feeding. The puppy slaves all had their fill, before the robotic door closed.

As the time progressed, the storm outside began to pick up intensity. The three pups huddled together, nervously as the winds picked up. The coach nuzzled both girls, who seemed to sense what the coach was planning, and so turning, they each offered their pussies to the coach's face. The coach would have smiled if the ring gag didn't prevent her. Seeing the 2 puppy slaves wiggling their pussies in her face, the coach decided to mount them both, one at a time, as the storm increased outside.

Working first behind Sarah, the coach climbed up on her back, and drove the dildo deep into Sarah's exposed pussy as Sarah let out a yelp of surprise and pleasure. The coach, knowing she was implanted firmly in Sarah's pussy, began thrusting her dildo in and out of the helpless slave puppy who responded with more yelps and panting as her orgasm began to build. Meri meanwhile had moved in front of Sarah and watched her expressions thru the muzzle, seeing the bliss Sarah was enjoying. All too soon, Sarah's body betrayed her, and she let out a loud moan of pleasure as her orgasm crashed over her, coating the dildo in her juices. The coach could feel Sarah shudder under her, and knowing the girl was for now in a state of bliss, she dismounted with an audible POP as the dildo came out of Sarah's pussy.

Meri knew it was her turn, and watched as the coach moved behind her, and could feel her climbing up onto her back, and then she felt the dildo slide into her pussy. Meri gave a similar yelp of surprise and bliss as the dildo began working her pussy. She could feel the juices Sarah had left on it ease its passage in and out, and with the smoother passage, the speed increased with each thrust, bring her to a quicker mini orgasm. As she whimpered, thinking the coach was going to pull out, however, the coach redoubled her pounding, and Meri was taken for a double ride, giving herself to a massive orgasm, which shook her to her core.

As the coach dismounted after making sure both her younger puppies were well fucked, all three of them could hear the sounds of branches dropping outside. One monstrous crash outside later, however, the house was plunged into darkness. One of the limbs had fallen on the power lines running to the house, severing the power and initiating the computer reboot. This would have some drastic consequences for all the puppy slaves now trapped in the house.

"System reboot in progress.

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