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I told Steph how my mum and I stared at each other but said nothing.

I went on tell her about the time in Spain when I got in bed with her and had an enormous urge to touch her as we lay there watching TV and snoozing whilst it poured with rain outside.

I also told her about the time mum got out of the swimming pool when she was just wearing bikini panties and no top.

"Her tits really are fabulous Steph," I explained.

"As good as mine?" she asked the grass making her giggle quite outrageously.

"Remember her age and that she's had two kids?" I responded.

I related as best I could my feelings as I held the towel out for and wrapped it around her, the backs of my hands grazing across the top of her boobs.

I explained that during the time these events were taking place I'd been having increasingly strong sexual feelings about her.

"Like what you want to have sex with her?"

"Yes, Steph, yes. I feel as though I want to fuck my mum."

Chapter 8

"Well after you left to go to the college, she asked me if I'd like to play tennis," Steph said by way of starting to answer my question about what had happened today.

"I told her that I didn't have any gear. She looked me up and down, I was wearing my jeans and tee."

"What a surprise?" I joked wondering just what was coming next.

"Yeah right," Steph smiled. "Anyway she then said that we looked about the same size although I'm slightly taller. She was though staring at my tits as she said that. I smiled at her and said softly, in some places I suppose. She smiled back and said well let's say in the important places shall we?"

"Bloody hell she was trying to pull you wasn't she?" I asked.

"Yes Sam, I think she was," Steph replied going to her bag and getting the tin that held her joints. "How about we go to your room with these and I'll tell you everything that happened."

"Mmmm, good idea," I replied the anticipation and excitement flooding through me as I walked up the stairs ahead of her. I was acutely aware that my bottom in the thin cotton, cropped trousers was swaying around right in front of Stephanie's face. I was wearing a thong, so beneath the thin material, my bum cheeks were bare and I knew that they would be wobbling nicely for her. I so wanted Steph to stroke my cheeks, but she didn't.

I sprawled out on my bed and took the lighted joint she offered me. She leaned against the wall, as she often did when we chatted' and lit her spliff. She opened the window and we both took deep drags letting the smoke do its slow magic. I was feeling good.

"So", I smiled, "the sordid details please".

Stephanie then began one of the most exciting, absorbing, down right horny, yet rather disturbing accounts of a sexual experience I'd ever heard.

"She alternated her gaze between my breasts and my eyes", Steph began. "She said that she had loads of tennis gear and I was welcome to borrow some. Why not come and choose what you'd like?" She asked. I said sure. I was trying to be cool about it all, but I was burning up inside."

"Why?" I asked my friend who took a long tote letting the smoke spiral upwards before replying casually.

"Three reasons I suppose. First, I fancied her like hell. Second I wanted to go with an older woman, I've never done that."

"And third, Steph?"

"Well third, my dear was you."


"Yes I didn't know how you'd feel."

"You didn't have to tell me, I doubt she would, so how would I find out?"

"No Sammi darling I knew I'd have to tell you, it sort of felt like cheating on you."

"What?" I giggled, "because you were going to have sex with a woman I've fantasised about fucking?"

"Yes I suppose so, an odd logic I know but along those lines. Anyway, feeling a little like a lamb being led to slaughter I followed your mum upstairs. By the way her bum's not as nice as the one I just followed up here."

"Thank you kind ma'am, I didn't think you'd noticed it."

"Oh yes I noticed alright and wanted to kiss it, but thought I'd better

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