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Saudi Arabian MILF befriends biracial London student.

Behind that, there was a large open carpeted space. They made out in the back seat, kissing hungrily and undressing each other. She was laying on her back in the long second seat, and he was on top of her, when he realized that since he was taken somewhat by surprise by her wanting to meet him, he didn't bring a condom. She told him she didn't mind going bare if he didn't mind. I guess lovers in the throes of passion don't make the best decisions sometimes, you think? He put it in bare, and they made love for a long time before he finally erupted inside her, spraying his seed into her waiting depths. As you will see, this few minutes of fun had some very dire consequences which actually could have turned out much worse than they did. Let all who have an ear profit from the example.

A few weeks later the lovers met again at their spot at the lake, and climbed in the back of the van. This time he rolled on a condom. They tried a number of different positions. She rode him in the seat for awhile riding up and down as she ran her fingers through his dark sexy hair and French kissed him. She lay in the back of the van spread eagle and let him cover her in kisses and lick and nibble her sex, burying his nose in her thick black bush. He sat in the seat and she took his member in her mouth, licking and swirling her hot tongue all over it. Finally she got on her hands and knees in the large area in back of the van and he did her doggy style. As he was pounding her from behind she had a very intense orgasm, during which, with her being so very petite, he actually lifted her off the floor of the van and leaned back, impaling her on himself as they came together, cum pouring from my husband's married cock into the condom inside her married pussy.

At this point in the tryst my husband apparently began to feel guilty. Our little girl was only about a year and a half old, and he was having a lot of guilt as he came home to us and I had his supper ready and his clothes washed and hung up, and all the other things a good housewife does. He didn't initiate contact with Lily for several months or more, and they worked on separate jobs. She would call him and ask to meet but he would make excuses.

One day my husband was working in a large nearby suburb and Lily called him and asked if they could meet. This suburb was far enough away that he was staying overnight in a hotel. Lily told her husband she was going shopping but instead went to my husband's hotel room. When she walked in. he immediately began kissing her and undressing her. This time they were able to relax and take their time. He removed her business suit, pantyhose, bra, and panties very slowly, taking time to press soft kisses on her bare olive-toned skin as he revealed it. She lay on her back in the bed and opened herself to him. His manhood lay atop her dark pubes as they kissed, then he drug it downward and pushed it inside her swollen, slippery labia. There was no need for a condom, she told him. He took that to mean she was on a contraceptive. Relaxation always enhances sex for me. I guess it did for her as well that afternoon. She clung to him from below and dug her long painted nails into his back and bottom as she climaxed on him, then pulled him deep as he began to cum. He said he didn't wholly trust her at this point and to be safe he slipped out at the last minute and came all over her dark bush and stomach.

In no time she was dressed and gone home to her husband.

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