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So now I was a top as well.

Sam led us into his office, which I must say is quite extravagant.

"Please sit...Mr?.." He looked at Karl.

"Karl, and thank you." Karl responded sounding still slightly annoyed for having to come here when he didn't want to.

"Where may I sit?" I questioned him due to the lack of a second chair for me to take my place.

"You have to stand I'm sorry the staff needed extra chairs for a conference." Sam mentioned. Karl began getting up off his chair but I told him I was fine.

"So you are here for our open position here yes?" Sam looked at me. I nodded.

"Well there's not much to say about it besides you'll be working with the finest in the business." He said with what looked like a look of hunger in his eyes.

"You'll have your own office, as well as your own company credit card for expenses regarding work and a company car as perks for signing" Sam mentioned. I was eager to get to work already. I needed this job, I needed the money I had so many bills to pay, all my college debt, and credit cards to pay off. Sam opened up his drawer and pulled out a binder.

"This is your contract. It basically states that you may not apply to other places while working here, that you acknowledge that the company credit card and car are for work and not leisure, that you can't disclose company secrets. Yada yada yada" Sam said handing me the binder.

"Sign here, here and here. Initial here and here" Sam was pointing at the spots and I was filling in the information. I guess this is the point where I made the mistake, I didn't read the contract. Instead like a dumbass I signed it without reading the fine print of the contract.

"Excellent." Sam said after I was done. He pulled the binder back and placed it back in the drawer.

"After 1 year we will review the contract and make any amends needed and you can resign it. If you choose not to then you may leave the company with a parting gift. If you choose to then the contract will be in effect again." Sam mentioned. I was quite pleased that I could redo the contract again next year. Or I would get a gift if I didn't want to sign it.

After signing and everything was done Sam asked me to leave the office for a few minutes that he needed to speak to Karl about something personal. Five minutes later Karl came out with a giant smile on his face and waved me back inside.

"Your, well soon to be ex, boyfriend here, Karl, is a wonderful chap." Sam said. He had a huge smile on his face too. I was quite confused at why everyone had this big smile and why Sam had said ex boyfriend.

"He has offered you up for a fine price of half a million" Sam said.

"What in god's name do you mean offered me up?" I said quite confused, scared, and shocked.

"Well if you had taken the time to read your contract then you would have noticed that there's a clause that allows your boyfriend to sell you to us if he chooses to. Meaning that if we settled on a price, which we did, then you would officially become full company property. If he didn't then we would have to terminate your contract immediately." Sam said with a smile on his face. I was terrified at this point.

"What do you mean 'full company property'?" I questioned hesitantly.

"Well under the contract that you just signed you would be a worker for us, doing whatever we wanted within reason. Although since Karl here sold you to us for half a million. You're forced to do everything we please, if you don't then you would be terminated and I would be forced to ruin you. You'd never be able to get another legal paying job in the country if I did that. So really Karl here is doing you a favor" Sam said. I was now mortified. Not only was I getting screwed with my original contract, but now I'm property of the company I was going to work for.

Taking a big gulp. "What if I don't want to do it?" I questioned.

"Well then we would terminate you and I would ruin you." He said slightly annoyed.

"And before you get any ideas, you signed a

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