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Irene entertains her lover at Sunday Lunch.

..live the life...not have to work."

Pushing passed the excited young man Jerry told him, "Patrick's right.....leave it...don't touch the deal....walk away."

"You guys are crazy....you're turning down the chance of a lifetime."

Stopping what he was doing Patrick looked at Juan, "You think you'll come out in front?...everyone does with drugs...but it rarely happens....think rationally Juan, we're small fry here...you start dealing and you'll be treading on the toes of the big fish in the area...the main men in Miami...they're not going to be happy to let some amateurs muscle in on some of their business....Jerry and I have women to think of, and the baby...we're happy doing what we're doing...just drop it."

"Just think it over..." stepping out the door Juan looked back, "we could do it for six months, make the money and get out."

Shaking his head Patrick replied, "You always think you're going to get out....but it follows you....trouble never lets you go."


Snake broke into the house and walked around checking out the place. After a while he went over to the small bar in the corner of the lounge and poured himself a glass of whisky. His eyes were gritty and he was tired, having only managed a short nap on the plane, but he wanted to strike as quickly as he could; besides he had another plane ticket booked for later and he was on a tight schedule.

Taking the drink with him he wandered into the kitchen opening drawers until he found what he was looking for.

A sharp carving knife.

He continued looking for rope but unable to find any he grabbed a sheet and using the knife ripped it into long thin strips. Taking the strips he went downstairs and moved two dining room chairs into the middle of the room. Then made himself comfortable drinking the Scotch, and waited.

Late afternoon he heard the front door open and then close.


Shirley walked into the house sensing there was someone there. Calling out for her husband, thinking it was him she walked into the lounge and screamed as she felt the arm go around her neck from behind and saw the carving knife out the corner of her eye where it was held up to her face.

"Shut up Shirley....."

"Nick is that you?"

"I said shut the fuck up you bitch....."


"SHUT UP...."

Snake pushed her towards one of the dining room chairs positioned in the centre of the room, "SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP."

Shaking all over she carefully sat down and faced him. "I don't understand......" He stood in front of her with the knife pointed towards her face in a threatening manner, and then taking a strip of the sheet he went behind her and grabbing her hands tied them tightly behind her back. "Too bad Shirley, I used to really like you....we had a lot of fun way back in the old days....but you're married to a fucking bastard and I intend to get my own back on your old man for burning down my business and watching while I was stabbed in the back by my best friend. Figuratively and literally."

"I don't understand...."

Taking another strip of the sheet and making a large knot in the middle he tied it so she was gagged. "And I don't give a shit if you understand or not.....now we wait."


Davy pulled the car up in the driveway and got out; it had been a good day's work all in all. Once he got in he would start the ball rolling on getting the papers for his new client. In his pocket was the one thousand Euro deposit, the rest of the money payable on completion which should take a week at the most.

Opening the front door he called out, "Shirley......I'm home Sweetcakes...." And he walked into the lounge and stopped dead at the sight of Shirley tied to the chair, mouth gagged. "Oh my God......" and he went forward towards her, all his focus on his wife.

Big mistake.

"Davy.....nice to see you mate."

Turning around sharply on a gasp he stuttered out, "Nick.....I thought you were dead...."

Snake lifted the wicked looking knife up towards Davy, "Seems not.

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