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Two couples meet at an exotic club.

Stephen looked over at me uncertainly, torn between his loyalty to me and the lure of Simon's naked body, but I just shrugged my shoulders indifferently: He had made his choice and I was determined to play it cool and hide my humiliation.

Stephen's fingers trembled as he fiddled with the drawstring of his trunks and he gave me a shamefaced look as he slid them down his legs. He looked strangely innocent, as he stood before us, naked and blushing heavily. The blonde fuzz of his pubic hair was almost invisible in the bright sunlight, so that his slim body appeared to be as smooth and hairless as a young boy's. He reminded me of the naked first-formers I supervised in the school showers on sports days and despite my sour mood I smiled to myself at the comparison; Any junior sporting a cock of that size would be very popular with his pals----not to mention me! The sight was clearly to Simon's taste as well, for I saw his massive tool stir for the first time, beginning to swell and lift slowly from its thick nest of curly hair. Stephen noticed it as well and his shy smile slowly turned into a look of predatory lust as he knelt between Simon's widespread legs. They hardly spared me a glance as I got up hurriedly and went forward to where Rashiv lay sprawled on the cabin roof; I was in need of some company.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The young Indian opened his eyes sleepily as my shadow fell over him and his white teeth gleamed as he smiled a greeting. "What's happening?" He asked, looking around him.

The cabin roof hid his view of the cockpit, so it was left to me to explain as best I could.

"We've stopped to do some fishing." I nodded towards the stern, adding tersely. "Only Simon wants to do a little fishing of his own first----If you get my meaning."

He sat up and noticed the sullen expression on my face.

"And he's using your bait----is that the problem?"

I nodded and said nothing, too full of resentment to speak. He got up and stood beside me, steadying himself on my shoulder as the boat rocked gently in the swell. From our higher vantage point, we could see Simon's bare torso, but all we could see of Stephen was the top of his blonde head, bobbing rhythmically back and forth. Rashiv placed his hand over my shoulders and gave me a sympathetic squeeze.

"It seems like he's got a bite already." He remarked quietly.

I turned away, bewildered by the wild mixture of emotions running through me. Ever since our first encounter by the lake, I had become aware of a curious change in my friendship with Stephen. Just as our physical bond had grown, so had our affection for each other. We would never show it, of course-----that would be far too sloppy and sentimental for either of us to admit. Instead, we hid our true feelings behind a front of teasing banter and mild insults. I had found it hard to understand Stephen's fierce jealousy until now, but seeing him with Simon had aroused the same feelings in me and I was finding it hard to cope with them.

Rashiv turned to look at me, his head cocked to one side like some exotic bird of prey. Although we had hardly spoken since his arrival, he seemed to be able to read my mood perfectly.

"You look like you need a little consolation." He said softly and I felt his hand gently stroke my shoulder before moving sensuously down my naked back. Despite my lingering resentment, I felt my cock beginning to stir and thrust against the lining of my shorts.

"Yeah, why not?" I said ungraciously. "Why should they have all the fun?"

I glanced towards the cockpit and added quietly.

"Only, I don't want to watch them. I'm not ready for that."

He smiled understandingly.

"No problem: Come with me."

He led me down the narrow companionway that Stephen had used earlier and I saw that we were in a small lobby flanked by lockers and two heavily varnished doors. He slid one of these open and we stepped into a spacious bedroom furnished with a large double bed.

"This is the 'big boy's room'" He explained.

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