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A lacrosse player comes off the bench and scores.

There was a lot I had to learn about life. The girl flashed another grin at me.

We spent the next half-hour just watching the people walking past. I lusted after the men - anything between 15 and 55 that was halfway decent seemed like a sex god to me just then - but Teri told me to concentrate on the women.

'Here's one,' she whispered, 'Coming from the left.' She was 35ish, business type, smartly dressed, short skirt. But yes, her walk was just a little too slow and swinging, her breasts held a little too proudly, her mouth open slightly, her misty eyes focused inwards on her bodily sensations. 'She's wearing, I'll bet you. Look at the eyes, they're the key.'

By the end of the half-hour I could identify them with reasonable accuracy - probably about 1 in 20. Of course, we had no way of knowing whether we were right, although Teri said that we could always ask. I thought she was joking, but she reckoned that they would be pleased to meet a fellow wearer. There was a sort of freemasonry at work here. Certainly I hadn't been offended by the coffee stall girl - in a way I had felt closer to her.

But the purpose of our visit had after all been some serious shopping. We browsed around the clothes shops, not finding anything that we liked much. I must admit that my mind wasn't totally on the task in hand - every so often a too sudden movement would send a bigger than normal wave of pleasure through me, and I would have to suppress a whimper. One time, I was squatting down looking at shoes, and it was too much. I clutched Teri's arm. 'Teri, I've got to cum!' I whispered.

She smiled at me. 'Me too,' she said, 'Cmon, let's go outside.' We staggered to the bench out in the mall and sat. I was shaking with the climax that hovered just under the surface.

'Cross your legs,' whispered Teri. I pressed my thighs together and squeezed my internal muscles, knowing instinctively what to do. Teri and I gripped hands and I felt her trembling. The climax burned through me like a hot wind, I felt myself flushing and my vision went misty for a moment. Faintly I heard Teri moaning beside me. I came down from the heights very slowly - it hadn't been like a normal orgasm I get with a man, more of a great heat filling my body.

'Wow,' I breathed, and Teri looked at me and grinned. I could see her lips moist and her eyes smoky with the afterglow of her own climax. We sat there gathering strength - I for one felt as horny as before.

A woman came out of the shop opposite and approached us. She was in her thirties, attractive and well-dressed. I though I could detect in her movements and demeanour the signs of a fellow wearer.

'Hi,' she said, 'Do you want to use one of our changing rooms? You're welcome, you know.'

I was taken aback, but Teri said, 'OK, I guess we need that. Lisa here's not used to it.'

The shop woman smiled at me. 'Quite a buzz, isn't it?' she said. 'Took me weeks to act normal.'

'You're . . . wearing?' I asked, using the accepted phrase.

'Sure,' she said, 'Wouldn't be without them. Helps pass the time. Couldn't stand this job otherwise.'

We got up shakily and went into the shop. She handed us some dresses. 'Here, pretend you're trying these on. Changing rooms are through the back.'

Teri and I got into the small mirrored room and shut the door. I clung to her, feeling another climax welling up in me. She helped me off with my dress and took her own off. I was shocked to see the large damp patch in the crotch of her panties, but I realised that I was just as wet. She slipped them off and leaned back against the wall, sliding her fingers down between her legs. In a few seconds she was shuddering and gasping her way through an orgasm, rubbing her hard nipples with her other hand. I felt more juice spill into my panties, and slipped them off, unable to take my eyes off Teri. My hand found its way to my clit of its own volition and with shocking suddenness I came powerfully. The balls held in my spasming vagina pressed against my sensitive places and renewed my climax again and again.

Eventually Teri and I came d

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