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Michelle gets ready for her second night as a whore.

I traced her lips with my thumb and kissed her lightly on the lips.

We stared into each other's eyes...I grabbed both sides of her face and forced my kiss on her.

I probed my tongue through her mouth and began kissing her passionately.

I felt a tingling in my pussy and moaned when I felt the moisture wetting my lace thong.

I grabbed her back pulling her closer to me. Kissing her for what seemed like hours.

I grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom.

Jasmine sat on the edge of the bed as I removed my clothing piece by piece in front of her.

She looked wide-eyed watching my every move.

She watched with her mouth slightly open observing my large full breast with its large dark nipples.

I was tall but shapely. My body was tone but feminine. My stomach was tight as a washboard and I had thighs of an athlete.

After I removed all the clothing from my body I stood directly in front of her.

My neatly trimmed pussy was inches away from her face.

I slightly parted my legs letting the sweet smell of my sex arouse her.

I put my finger inside my pussy and slowly pulled it out. I went to put my finger in Jasmine's mouth and she grabbed it and sucked it as if sucking a little penis.

She was breathing hard now and so was I.

She let her hands roam my body. She started at my stomach then she went up to my breast. She rubbed my breast and let out a deep moan. She closed her eyes and begin sucking on my breast.

I did everything I could to keep from wildly attacking her.

I let her explore my body.

She let her hands continue down my hips to my ass.

I stopped her. I turned around walked over to the vanity table bent over so she could get a good view of my ass as well as a good view of my pussy from behind.

Without looking at her I asked her to remove her clothing.

I sat on the ottoman with my legs parted wide and masturbated while she removed her clothing.

I watched her slowly pull the halter top over her head exposing her nice firm breast.

She then pulled down her skirt to her feet showing black lace panties. She stood there waiting for her next command.

"Remove the panties baby" I said softly.

She obeyed.

She was so pretty. Her pussy was nearly bare and it drove me crazy.

Her boobs stood straight up and her lightly tanned skin gave her a nice golden glow.

I rushed over to her grabbing her and kissing her passionately.

I laid her down on her back, kissing her neck. She grabbed my back pulling my head into her.

She was now giving off small little whimpering sounds that drove me crazy.

I sucked on her nipples like a wild woman.

I licked my way down to her pussy. Then I stopped.

She looked at me with a "please don't stop" look.

I spreaded her legs and licked her inner thighs.

Ahhh! She smelled so good.

I opened her pussy and exposed the moist pink tender flesh inside that awaited for my mouth to explore.

I started drinking in her wetness. She let out a faint cry.

I slowly began licking her cunt. I let my tongue plunge deep inside her causing her to wildly thrust her pelvic back and forth.

At this point I was crazy about this girl and I wanted to please her in every way that I could.

I sucked on her clit while I jammed my fingers in her pussy.

She continued thrusting her hips back and forth. I stuck my tongue in her as far as I could. Jamming my tongue in and out of her. I sucked on her clit while jamming my fingers into her. Her pussy was so wet and so good. When she came I greedily swallowed her in. I wanted all of the sweet honey from her pussy.

My sweet Jasmine.

I buried my face in her pussy. She grabbed my head and was screaming at the top of her voice.

I lifted myself up. I wanted to feel her wet pussy against mine. I spread her legs as far apart as I could. I opened my pussy with my two fingers and laid my open pussy directly atop her open pussy.


I straddled her pussy as tight as I could with my strong thighs. Then I began to grind my hips in circles into her pussy. I thrust my hips back and forth, faster, and faster into her pussy.

Jasmine was lovi

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