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Benefits from the Council Tax Lady.

"Fuck off," I shouted, forgetting who was in the car.

"That's enough of that," dad asserted.

I turned away from Anna for the rest of the trip, so I wouldn't know if she shot me any more looks. What was that kiss even for if she was just going to betray me after? I'll never understand her.

We arrived at our hotel and discovered we were going to be in separate rooms. Mum and dad would take one, Anna and I in the other. Our room had three beds as mum thought Sara was coming, so she ordered a three-bed room. It was more like, one queen bed, and one single bed. I hurled my one suit case onto the single bed while my sister dragged her luggage to the other bed.

"Alex," she called, her eyes glued to the floor.

"Yes?" I stared at her, my eyes traveling from her dark hair to her brown eyes, down to her petite tits, and her long silky legs.

"About that kiss."

"Don't worry, I understand."

Her eyes then left the floor and stared into mine, she shook her head and started toward me. My eyes widened as her arms wrapped around my neck, and her lips pressed against mine. My arms proceeded to wrap around her lower back, without my brain ordering it. I fell backwards onto the bed, taking her with me.

"We shouldn't be doing this," she mumbled in between kisses.

"Does that matter?"

"I hope not."

Her fingers began fumbling the buttons on my shirt, almost tearing them out to get my shirt open. As she undid the bottom and final button, her hand traced along my waist, her eyes on me the whole time. She then broke our kiss and positioned her head so my cock would be in her face if it wasn't restrained by my jeans.

Just as she began to undo my jeans, a knock on the door echoed through the room, ringing in my ears. Anna's eyes fixated on the door, as did mine. Just short of being frozen, her hand began redoing my pants and shirt. Once finished she jumped up and fixed her hair.

"Come on guys, we're going down to dinner," a voice outside said, recognisably dad. Footsteps then faded into the distance.

Anna froze, locked in a gaze at me. The ceiling light reflected off her emerald eyes, giving them a sparkle. She was still wearing the same shorts, the same skimpy top revealing much of her flawless body. Her eyes then left me and found the floor, and her top teeth bit against her bottom lip.

"Don't worry about it," I said, trying to hide the shakiness of my voice.

"I'm worrying, Alex!" She snapped.

"They wouldn't have heard, we weren't even making noise."

"It's not that! I want to kiss you again, but if we get caught, or even suspected, we will be in the shit," her hand clutching her forehead as she spoke.

"Look, let's get down there, and discuss this later."

Anna nodded in my general direction, her eyes not daring to look into mine again. I paced back and forth in the bathroom for a few minutes, straightened my clothes, and removed any remnants of my sister's lipstick and smell. Her silence nerved me, I peeked out the door to see her sitting on the very edge of the bed, biting her fingernails. Nail biting always was a bad habit of hers.

Dinner was awkward, the four of us were sat at an ordinary table. Mum and dad were next to each other, and Anna sat beside me. We exchanged small talk, Anna barely said a word, just toyed with her food with her fork. The lights were dimly lit as some mediocre band played up on the stage.

As I ate, my leg constantly twitched. A hand then pressed down on it, and began to gently rub it. I looked over, and my sister was smiling largely at me. I knew mum was looking, so I rolled my eyes and went back to my dinner. Her hand remained around my knee for a while, before gradually moving further up my leg. My eyes widened and I softly gasped when her hand firmly gripped the bulge in my pants.

I tightened my grip on my knife and fork to the point where my hands ached as my sister rubbed my cock.

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