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Valerie knows she isn't hypnotized. She's just...

She didn't stroke it. All she did was hold it for a moment while her eyes traveled its length, etching its image into her mind for a long time to come. She squeezed a little and Jake groaned. It throbbed in her hand and she licked her lips just a bit.

Jake pushes his hips forward just a touch. Maggie squeezes again. She looks up into Jake's eyes. His excitement ripples inside him when her lips part and her tongue emerges. The touch of her tongue against the sensitive tip of his cock forces another groan from Jake which draws a soft moan from Maggie as well. Her eyes close, her lips purse and press against the spot where her tongue just was. She kisses the tip, the shaft. Dragging her lips down its length until they are nestled underneath against his balls.

Maggie keeps the image of Jake looking down at her in her mind as she plays with his cock. She keeps her movements slow. Holding the base with one hand and sliding her lips back to the head again. She's never had one nearly as big and she wanted to experience all of it while she was in control. The feel of the soft flesh against her lips was something she'd always enjoyed but she had the urge to go in a different direction than her usual actions. Instead of opening her mouth, she let the head of his cock slide up along her cheek. She pressed all she could against her face and basked in the feel of the shaft against her. Jake's moans echo in her ears as Maggie rubs him over her face. Holding him delicately and worshiping his cock as if it were the idol to a long lost deity.

Jake couldn't believe what he was seeing. This beautiful woman sitting on her bed and just rubbing his cock over her cheeks and lips. The friction sent chills over his body and the sight sent electricity down to the head of his cock. It swelled in her grasp. Throbbed against her lips. It begged for more attention and soaked up all it could get. One more groan made Jake close his eyes. When he had the power to open them again he was surprised to see Maggie drawing his cock back toward her lips and leaving a streak of his precum along her cheek.

Maggie could almost feel Jake's heartbeat under her hand. Every throb and jerk of his shaft echoed her excitement. When she felt the little wet trail his cock was leaving across her cheek she smiled and opened her mouth. She squeezed his shaft and took him in. She moaned around him and pressed the head against the back of her throat. Her eyes gazed up into his once more. Every ounce of lust and excitement she was feeling was being reflected back at her in the blue of his eyes.

Jake met Maggie's eyes just before she closed them again. A contented moan floating up to him as she begins to suck on his cock. Her hand stays still around the base while her mouth moves along her length. She takes all she can into her mouth with every bob of her head. He's mesmerized by her red curls bouncing around and the look on her face as she opens her mouth a little widen and runs her tongue up his shaft from his balls to the head.

With his cock fully wet and ready now, Maggie was set to really thrill the young man she had in her grasp. Her hands slide to his hips. She closes her mouth around his cock again and pushes her head forward. She takes in a breath as the head crosses over her tongue and pressed to her throat again. Jake moans and Maggie's hands tighten on his hips a little. She pushes more, taking his length and letting him slide down her throat. Jake grabs the back of her head and tangles his fingers in her hair while she deep throats his cock. She pushes toward him. His hips press forward. Her lips meet the base of his shaft and linger a moment. Letting him enjoy the feel of being fully in her mouth before she pulls away again and gasps a bit to catch her breath.

Jake doesn't want the feeling to end, but of course it has to.

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