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Maryam suffers the fate of a captured foe.

" She said when I entered to see what she was doing.

I laid on her bed listening to the soft music she had on her stereo. I was still wrapped in the towel around my waist. Listening to the music I fell a sleep with the decision I had to take and how I was going to handle in general the entire situation.

I woke up after a while with Daphne's mouth sucking my cock that was hard and ready to explode. She was completely naked and on her knees.

"Will you make me come like you did yesterday when you took me from behind? I cleaned myself and am ready for you. I want you so bad in me Alex."

I got her on her back and then got down on her and started licking her pussy lips and her little butt hole that I was going to enter in a while. She was holding my head and moaning and saying all the time "I love you Alex".

When I was ready and cooled off from my near orgasm she just gave me with her mouth, I brought her pussy in front of my cock pulling her from her legs. She was so light. That is one thing I liked about her. She was so petite.

Then I entered her so fast and started moving really fast in her pussy that she was getting so loud and her hands were moving violently on my back and ass.

"I'm coming Alex, I'm com..."

I stopped the moment she was coming and pulled my cock out and while she was coming I slid my cock in her little but hole that was wet from my saliva and her juices that were running out of her pussy.

"Alex yessss, aaah!"

She wasn't able to make out clearly any word and was moving with me, meeting me cause I was ready to explode. I was plucking her ass in and out completely and she was still continuing her orgasms until it was my turn.

"I love you Daphne" I said and shot my load in her ass. I rested on her chest and kissing her nipples at the same time. Then I looked at her eyes and reached for her lips and kissed her for a long time.

When our lips parted, I took her by the hand and went to the shower once again but this time together. We were kissing each other the entire time and when we were done I picked her up in her towel and took her to her room with my eyes on hers all the time.

I helped her change her sheets that were full of aroma of our past passionate days. We didn't want to give any evidence to my aunt Anna. We put them in the washing machine and then back to our separate rooms for the rest of the night. I was soon sleeping.

Now what happened next was the next weird thing that happened and that for a moment made me think if I was cursed or something like that. When I sleep as I said in the beginning of my story I wear only my underwear.

I felt a hand that I thought was Daphne's at the beginning. It was rubbing the tip of my cock that had slipped or was pulled out of my boxer opening. I then felt her lips and tongue on my cock. I thought she came back for one last one. But when she started moving her head up and down on my cock I opened my eyes and to my surprise, who do you think it was? Yes it was Angela.

"What are you doing?" I pulled my self back.

"Didn't you like it Alex? I thought you liked it. You sounded as if you were enjoying it," she said.

"Of course I was enjoying it but I was in my sleep and didn't know who it was. What would you do if you woke up with me raping you?" I thought she was going to say sorry but to my surprise, her reaction was different.

"I wouldn't mind at all. In fact I would love it."

"!!!??? Angela, are you crazy. I am your cousin. And you are sixteen. I could get in serious trouble."

"I wont tell Alex, please let me finish what I was doing?"

"I will tell your mother this minute what you did while I was sleeping." Angela was a beautiful girl as her sister, but she was less social. And I wasn't attracted to her.

"Please Alex, don't say anything to my parents cause they will kill me."

The little brat got away with it but she was still not going to give up. She had her own plans for the future. I was not going to give in but she was going to make her move a few times before she realized that she wasn't going to get anything.

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