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War orphan makes good.

So, like, all of a sudden I was feeling this sense of dread about the day."

"Just dread?" asks the interviewer.

"I...you know, what I was dreading was astonishing sex with someone I loved, so it was mingled with, um, anticipation, I guess you'd say. Yeah. It was like, 'I want it, I don't want it, I want it, I don't want it.'"

"But you knew it was going to happen?"

"I knew she was gonna try to make it happen. I didn't know if I'd be strong enough to want to stop her."

We now see a series of photographs of a large, elegant house on the shore of a large, gorgeous lake. One photo shows the front of the house, a brick-and-glass wall that speaks of money and class; the next photo shows a gorgeous yard, shaded in parts and including a gazebo; the next is of more of the yard sloping down to the lake shore with the far side dimly visible in the distance and the water littered with brightly-colored sails of white-hulled boats; the last shows a dock with a moored sailboat, a small waterskiing boat, and six jetskis.

"We weren't even close to the first ones to arrive at the park-and-ride where everybody went to get the shuttle they'd hired," Mike tells us as he reappears on screen. "Olivia didn't bother to grab any of the stuff we brought, she just jumped out of the car and started talking to the girl from the next car over. Dad started to reach for stuff, but mom was like, 'Oh, never mind, Mike and I'll get it.' And I was like, OK, here it comes."

"Of course I wanted Bob out of the way," Emily tells us with a shrug and a grin that isn't as guilty as she might hope it is. "I was planning to seduce my son, and having my husband there while I did it would make it exponentially more difficult, wouldn't it?"

"Still no hesitation about the seduction?" the interviewer asks.

"Less than ever. All I'd thought about on the drive to the party how I would convince Mike to be with me again, where we would go, how it would feel -- my entire body was aroused, every nerve alive and humming. I felt like my skin was dancing on my body. I was so excited and aroused that I had insisted we drive with the windows down, even though it was warm enough for air conditioning, simply so my scent wouldn't alert everyone in the car."

"I'd been in the back seat with Olivia," Mike tells us, "and mom had barely even glanced over at me on the way there, but, like...she was staring at me through the back of her head. I'm not shitting you, that was seriously what it felt like. She had her back to me but still, somehow, she was utterly focused on me and I absolutely knew it. It couldn't have been plainer if she'd have turned around and straight-up announced she was gonna fuck me that afternoon."

"What do you --" the interviewer begins.

"I don't know!" Mike cuts her off with a helpless laugh. "I can't explain it, but there was this...connection, this energy just bouncing back and forth between me and her. I can't believe Olivia or dad didn't pick up on it."

"I knew Mike was staring at the back of my head," Emily supplies as we see her again. "I could feel his eyes on me. It simply made me more excited."

Mike reappears to tell us, "We had a bunch of stuff we had to carry, food and stuff, so we were all grabbing what we could. We were all bunched up there at the door, and mom leans over and backs her ass right into me. Like, right into my crotch. I couldn't step back because dad and Olivia were right behind me. And then she starts moving stuff around, making stacks of stuff, all that, and that made her butt wiggle. So, like, yeah, she's just grinding into me. Boing. Fucking hardon right then and there."

Emily once more, a huge and lascivious grin on her face. "Mmmm, I felt Mike go hard against me -- hard as steel. I wiggled a few times, then turned and handed him a large crock pot. He looked...aroused. Very aroused, And aghast. It was delightful!"

Mike reappears, laughing.

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