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The girls' early night disturbed by sounds next door.

It was an image and images couldn't be traced. He tried to pull away but the sender held him grounded. The girl in the picture was lying unconscious under the pier. The one only meters away from where he stood. Using his power he tried to push the image away only to be rewarded with the taste of blood and dirt, and the sound of labored breathing. He pushed harder and fell back from his mind.

Seere's eyes snapped open on their own accord betraying nothing of his experience beyond a slight glow. He didn't know what to do. There hadn't been a call to help someone in a long time. Turning towards the pier he let her heartbeat fill his senses. The pain was unbearable. Inside he could hear a voice screaming help her! While he struggled against the onslaught, his body took a instinctual step towards.

"No" he growled stepping back. He'd been down that road before. Death paid better than life ever would.

He started walking up the beach his ears still attuned to the figure under the pier. Drawn to the slow unsteady rhythm of her heartbeat which was only getting slower with every step. He cursed himself for caring. Compassion was just an emotion and like all emotions, controlled by the mind. And no one had control over the mind like he did. She whimpered.

"Oh for fucks sake" he muttered and ran towards the pier.

Seere drew her body towards him and peeled the long brown hair away from her face. Her lips had turned blue in the cold and her eyelids were sealed shut; but it was her legs that concerned him. The skin was shredded and her left leg lay badly broken against the rocks. Her clothes, or what was left of them were crusted in dirt and salt, and he could feel several broken ribs under the shirt.

"Come on beautiful, let me see those eyes" he whispered swiping at the dirt.

Her heart stopped. Cursing again, he tore off the remains of her shirt and placed his hands across her chest. Heat flowed through him and into her body causing the damaged organs to pulse under his touch. Too many. He was going to be sore in the morning. Reaching for the knife on his belt he cut; once across her chest, and once across his hand. With one last glance towards the ocean he shot a glare at the rising sun. So much for getting paid he thought. Then paired his wound with hers and let the power take him.


When April opened her eyes the last thing she expected to see was the sky. Maybe some clouds, a golden gate and an angel but definitely not the sky. She groaned at the pain and groaned again when she tried to roll over in the bed. Bed? Fighting the pain she maneuvered herself so that she sat against the headboard. Squinting she took a glance at her surroundings. Through the blur it looked like a sunroom. The roof was transparent leaving nothing between her and the dreaded light.

She closed her eyes as the pain pulsed through her body "I must be in Hell" she muttered.

Blinking she forced her eyes open once more. Her jaw dropped. If this was hell she should have come sooner. The devil was loaded. Her pale green eyes swept over the designer furniture and the entertainment system that put the 'state of the art' to shame. She closed her mouth and leaned back a smile on her lips. Worse places to wake up in.

"So you're awake then"

Maybe not. She tried to summon a hello from the garbled mess in her head only managing to gasp as the owner of the voice came into view. His skin was so pale it looked almost translucent against the black of his shirt and jeans. Her eyes moved over his body with unguarded appreciation, wondering if he was more lifeguard or dancer. Cursing inwardly she realized she was staring and forced herself to meet his eyes. Well, that didn't help. Violet accentuated by the ash blonde hair falling lazily across his face. A face that looked rather amused at her examination.

"Hello?" He tilted his head to the side and waved his hand in front of her face.

"Uh, yeah?"

"Oh good I thought I might be dealing with brain damage for a moment there" he handed her a glass o

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