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Sis reels in her big brother.

She squeezed my ass and when I withdrew, it was her that pulled me in. Or pulled herself onto me. I began a slow steady rhythm, pressing into her until I was completely buried, the head of my prick just entering her throat. On occasion her eyes would squeeze shut for a moment as I bumped in the back, but she never backed off and never pushed me away. Her lips formed a loose wet seal around my shaft and I would withdraw until just the head remained before pushing back in again.

I could feel her hands squeeze at my ass, but as I gained a little speed she stopped pulling me forward or moving. She just let me use her. I knew I wasn't going to last long and she wasn't going to want me to. I remembered our conversation in the car and again felt my surge bump to the next level. I picked up speed again, this time quickly and steadily thrusting into her. She quickly moved her right hand off my ass and planted it back between her legs. Just as she had said, she fingered herself while her brother skull-fucked her.

That was it. There was barely time to react as my orgasm finally leapt from my balls like a jack-in-the-box after being wound slowly for a time. I had to let go of her head with one hand just to brace myself on the corner of the dresser, grabbing it like I was falling from a high perch. I stood silently as my whole body contracted, preventing me from making a noise. I felt the blaze of my climax burst out the angry head, feeling it pinch the underside of my shaft as it forced stream after stream into my sister's mouth.

Stacy lurched a little at the first blast, but immediately recovered after a quick "Mm!" She worked to swallow all I was giving her, but she must have underestimated herself because she had worked out far more than she had ever pulled from me before, and with more force. Each stream was long and forceful, bursting out as from a rifle. She did well, swallowing as much as she could, but she just couldn't keep up. After a few shots, I saw some trickle out the corner of her mouth before being forced out by another blast, this time rolling down her chin to splatter on her black stockings.

When she had pulled the last of it from me, she rested back on her heels, panting heavily, and looked up at me with a smile. "Wow," she breathed. "That..." she emphasized "was a lot of cum."

I collapsed against the dresser at my hip and nodded emphatically, still unable to speak as I tried to catch my breath. Not surprisingly I was still erect, as often happened after a long time of teasing and powerful orgasm. It just took a little longer to go down, is all.

My sister reached up for me and I extended my free hand, taking hers in mine as she helped herself up with minimal effort from me. "Why don't you rest?" she giggled, patting me on the chest. "I'll be right back." I watched as she sashayed out the door, her hips still exaggerating her movement, swinging the hem of her robe side to side. As soon as she turned the corner I gathered enough strength to make it to the bed, which was nearly four feet away. I crawled onto the bed and propped myself against a couple of pillows against the headboard.

In the distance I heard the refrigerator door close and a few seconds later, Stacy re-entered our room carrying two cold bottles of water. "Drink this," she said, tossing me one. "We're going to want to stay hydrated." She winked at me as she took a sip from her own bottle, leaving a pink tinted ring around the mouth of the bottle when she withdrew it. I opened my own and drank about half the bottle before replacing the cap and letting my arm flop down onto the bed beside me.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, stepping onto the bed on her knees.

"You wore me out," I replied with a snicker.

"The hell I did," she smiled. "That's one. I said I wanted three." She took my bottle away as I stared at her in disbelief and she placed it on the nightstand next to hers. "Make sure you keep track of which bottle is yours," she said. "I don't want to get any of your germs."

I just smile

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