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Movie fun turns into fun at the park.

She was the most sexual person Candie had ever encountered in all her 21 years.

Madelyn reached the bed before Lance and pulled the petite blonde into her arms. "If he hadn't found you tonight, I probably would have. I always seem to find the prettiest girl in the room. I'd like to kiss you; I've been dying to since I laid eyes on you."

"Oh, yes please," Candie panted, eager for the new experience. "I think you're beautiful and I love your sexy lingerie." Under her riding gear, Madelyn had worn a sexy patterned bra, matching thong and stockings and garters.

"I always dress for sex because I often go looking for it," Madelyn smiled as her lips brushed Candie's. The kiss intensified as she opened Candie's vest and saw the perfect treasures underneath. "Oh God, you're a perfect little angel. I can't believe I get to be your first girl," she sighed.

"You are and I can't wait for that, my first threesome, too," Candie breathed. Her senses were alive and she smiled as Lance joined them on the bed. He had muscles like cords of wood and was lightly scarred in a few places.

"My two cowgirls," he teased and they smiled at each other. Neither of them had thought of the comparison until now.

Candie ran her nails across his chest while she kissed him. He then turned to Madelyn and kissed her. "How did you get the scars?" Candie asked him.

"I'm an athlete, they are an occupational hazard," Lance said, trying not to shudder as the two beauties sharing the bed aroused his mind.

"Hey, that's cheating, you're not supposed to wear your real uniform, you're supposed to wear a costume," Candie pouted.

"He is, he's really a football player for the Denver Broncos," Madelyn laughed as she tugged the remainder of Lance's clothes off. His cock was now fully exposed. "I didn't lie, did I?"

"Oh no, you sure didn't," Candie gasped. She told herself that tonight she had to be the most daring Candie she had ever been, so she reached out and took his cock in her tiny hand. She moved down and rested on her stomach while she started to suck his massive prick. Madelyn joined him and the two beauties were off and running.

Lance looked down at the petite blonde who was sucking him off and then over at Maddy with a grateful smile. She was always right and it drove him crazy! Meeting someone like Candie was just the tonic he had needed. Her mouth was as warm as anything he had ever felt and she was enthusiastically sucking him off. It likely was a strain for her because of his girth, yet he heard no complaints.

"I have got to taste your gorgeous little body," Lance groaned as the two women moved away from him.

"Me first, handsome," Madelyn interjected. She whispered in Candie's ear "Nothing gets a guy hard and keeps him hard like watching two hot women doing the lesbian bit with each other. Are you up for it?"

Candie reached out and fondled Madelyn's tits through her sexy bra. "I've been up for it since we walked in here. You're so beautiful, I'm so glad it's going to be you who is my first girl."

"I'm enormously flattered, you're a perfect little doll," Madelyn smiled as she and Candie kissed.

"I've always wanted to be tall, like you," Candie sighed.

"You are a sexy, petite little angel and your boyfriend -- likely your ex, am I right? -- is an idiot," Madelyn smiled as she lowered the little sweetheart to the bed. Lifting Candie's fringed skirt, she smiled. "Okay, now I know what Lance was laughing about. You're a little sexpot!"

"Guilty as charged," Candie smiled as Madelyn's perfect hands and mouth kissed down her body. "Who says that the cute girl can't be the naughty one?"

"That is exactly the right attitude Candie, good for you," Madelyn smiled as her lips trailed down Candie's tanned, perfumed flesh towards the sweet pussy she wanted.

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