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Girlfriend surprises him with a new toy.

His hands clinched her firm ass as he popped a rigid nipple between his lips and sucked the whole areola into his open mouth. After several seconds of hard sucking she tore it from his mouth and presented the other in it's place. Her nipples exchanged places several times before she grabbed the back of his head and buried his face in her ample cleavage. He never flinched. Nor did he try to pull away. She held his face tight to her bosom until she was sure he would smother before he'd deny her this moment of pleasure.

As she released her hold he took a deep breath and laid back using his elbows for support. She had a fine body and her hands danced over her hips up under her breasts, behind her neck then raked through her short hair. First she raised one knee to the bed then leaning forward she raked the nipples of her luscious breasts over his chest while she straddled his hips. With her knees sinking into the soft mattress she raised straight up and pulled herself forward sliding his cock though her moist lips and letting it spring backup to slap her ass.

He laid back and gazed into her gaping womanhood as she positioned herself directly above his face. He raised his head and took a long lap sliding his tongue from her ass to her clit before she cupped his head in her hands and pulled his mouth to her hot meat. She cradled his head supporting it's weight and let him tongue her to euphoria.

She loved his tongue. It made her whole body tingle with excitement. Diving deep then slipping back out to flick her clit. Then he'd ram it back in. Some times it seamed as if her whole pussy was inside his mouth. She wanted to hold back - make it last longer - but then he took a little nibble on her clit and the edge of climax was simply too much to resist. She was going to cum! He could fell her hands start to shake. He rammed his tung all the way in just as she pulled his face tight to her convulsing cunt. Seconds later her whole body erupted in a wonderful orgasm.

Before the orgasm finished she dropped his head and slid back. He pulled his cock through her legs and positioned it's pulsing head at the door to heaven. The convulsions pumped her cum out and it slid down his cock drenching his best assets.

His baseball sized balls were what she loved about him and now she would take everything they had. She lowered herself and let him slide into her pussy. He didn't have any more than six inches and taking him this way was a little like invading a basketball court with a basketball but what was going to happen in a few minutes would make up for the lack of size. She reached back and took one of his balls in her expert hand.

For 5 minutes or so her fingers danced over his balls. Every few seconds she gave one of them a light squeeze. Each time she could fell his cock shutter, deep inside her. He could hold it no longer! His cock was pulsing like a pump and he knew the next time she squeezed, he would explode. This time he would fire the load deep into her pussy! Except for those periods when he was on the road she had never missed the excitement of watching old faithful spray it's load and this morning wouldn't be any different.

His cock grew a knot at it's base and slowly it rose up the shaft. She waited until that split second when the knot hit her sweet spot and then slid straight back. Even though he tried to keep it inside by grabbing her ass at the last second, it popped out and slapped her belly before she grabbed it by the root. With one very slow and very tight upward stroke she amplified the magnitude of the inevitable. It fired a thick rope of sticky white cream up over her right shoulder, draping it over her right breast, down into her cleavage like angel hair on a Christmas tree.

When she lessened grip, the rest flowed down over her fingers and hand. Now that's why she loved him! 33 years and not only could he still fire a load 3 feet in the air, he could do it every morning and even when they made love the night before. "Ok baby time to get a shower and get off to work".


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