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Anne graduates, with honours!

It just had to!

An orgy erupted around them as they coupled with unabashed zeal. Jack fucked her soft and wet pussy like he was never going to get enough, so hard and rough that he couldn't hold back on the first shot, not with her screaming and driven to a hard climax on his cock. They let go in each other's arms, and he shot his semen deep inside.

Once Jack's cock softened in her cunt, he gathered her limp body in his arms and held her close.

"How was it, Nida? Did you enjoy your mate's cock?" His lips fell to her neck and planted kisses along her skin.

"So much, Jack," she answered. "By the moons we've missed our species' greatest bonding experience. I felt like my body was dissolving all over you."

"I felt how hot and aroused you were, my love." He kissed her again. "Will I have to go and seed others now?" She nodded, stroking his hair.

"You've been assigned to a share of our factions. Those who wear green are your chosen mates. And now that you've spent in me, I must fit you with a device that will boost your pleasure and fertility. You will be able to enjoy countless orgasms, as we do."

"How does it work?" he asked, cocking his head. Nida grinned.

"It's fitted around your cock and into your..." her eyes flitted over his backside as she searched for an apt phrase. "Deepest, strongest point of arousal. The device stimulates your prostate, boosts production of semen and reduces the time you need to recover. It can be easily put in and taken out, but you will need to consume more calories and protein as well as water as you use it." The young man took a breath.

"Are you saying... you have to put something... in my ass?" He reddened, not having expected this outcome.

"If you truly protest, I will ensure that you have all you need to perform at your natural pace," she said, rubbing his chest with one hand. "You may change your mind when you see those in your company try it. It is something we created to boost our chances of conceiving, much as we did our own devices." Nida flashed him her cunt, still accented by the gleaming silver orb that was affixed to her clitoris. It buzzed away happily, creating multiple orgasmic contractions in her pussy and helping her ripen the fruit in her ovaries. Jack nibbled his lower lip.

"I guess... you should show me, before I decide." Nida nodded. She twisted herself to one side and gathered up a small box. When she lifted its lid, Jack beheld, on one end, a flexible loop made of clear, light material that had a soft surface when touched. Just visible, if held up to the light, was a transparent, pliable cord of sorts that barely felt of anything, and on the opposite end of the ring was another small silvery device, no bigger than the tip of his smallest finger.

"You will barely feel it as you wear it," she said, moving in to show him its different components. "The ring and cord are made of gossamer nervewire, and will increase pleasure through your perineum, ballocks, and cock as it channels the stimulation of your prostate. You will stay harder and your body will produce incredible amounts of seed to fill us with. You will experience pleasure as you've never known." Jack swallowed. Something he'd never done before.

"Will you get to fuck me while I wear it?" he queried, half nervous and half excited. Nida smiled.

"Many, many times. You will not be content with less. But, mind that when you begin to feel hungry and thirsty, you must eat and drink. It is vital to your health." Finally, the man sighed and kissed his lover.

"It's really kind of hard to turn down the promise of multiple orgasms." Nida moaned in pleasure and nuzzled him affectionately.

"You will be well rewarded with pleasure," she told him, touching him everywhere.

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