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Beginnings of an affair

"Such a beautiful pussy," he said. The fingers of his other hand began playing with her labia, teasing them open. He ran the ice cube along her beautiful pussy lips. Her back arched driving her hips and ass into the bed. The view and aroma was overpowering and he buried his face between her legs. Her juices covered his face as he licked at her clit and sucked her lips. Her pelvis rocked against him as she moved closer and closer to orgasm. He paused, sat up, and took a pair of vibrators from the side table. Her hips squirmed, screaming for him to touch her again. He watched her for a few moments and then kissed his way down across her stomach and into the carefully cropped muff of pubic hair. He began licking at her pussy as he toyed with the end of one vibrator around her vaginal opening. Her moans were louder than ever. He let the vibrator enter her and she gasped. She must do her kegel exercises regularly, he thought because her pussy grabbed at vibrator like a body builder. After a few strokes he knew she would disobey. Her moans were such a turn on and she tasted so good that he decided to let her orgasm. Time enough for punishment later. With one final hip thrust, she came, arching her back off the bed and against his face.

As she collapsed onto the bed, he sat up and began to untie her legs. From the bedside table, he took out a long strap. "You disobeyed me and orgasmed," he told her sternly. "I have to punish you now." He attached the Velcro strap to her right thigh just above her knee, ran it behind her neck and secured it to her left thigh. He adjusted it so that her knees were pointing toward the ceiling. Then, from under the bed, he pulled a spreader bar that he tied to her ankles. "I enjoyed watching and listening to you cum but you still disobeyed me. That puts me in the awkward position of having to discipline you." Again he reached over to the bedside table. He took out a bottle of lubricant, several condoms, and a pair of latex gloves. "I would have preferred to skip this part," he said as he pulled the gloves on. He squirted some of the lube very matter-of-factly onto the tips of his fingers. "You have such a beautiful ass," he said as his lubed fingers began tracing the edges of her anus. Slowly, he let his index finger explore, probing her deeper and deeper. The fingers of his other were busy playing with her pussy. He removed his finger from her ass and added more lube. He finger again found her asshole and after a few moments, he slowly added another finger to open her wider.

"Remember, this is because you disobeyed me," he said after several minutes. He removed his fingers and took off the gloves. He then picked up one of the condoms. He tore the package open with his teeth and placed the condom on his cock, rolling it slowly down the shaft. He added lube and then climbed onto the bed, crouching in front of her.

"This is for you own good," he said thrusting his cock suddenly into her anus. His hands found her pussy. The fingers of his right hand played with her clit as his left, probed for her G-spot. With each thrust, his fingers could feel his cock through the back wall of her pussy. He wasn't sure whether her moans were from pleasure or pain. With her fucked up brain, it could be either. There was no telling what the psych researchers had done to her. Some of the experimental subjects had been completely rewired for pain, their brain dumping huge amounts of dopamine in response to pain stimuli. This was what he thought as he pumped her tight ass. It wasn't because he was a cold impersonal bastard. In fact, he was not. It was just that he was about to cum and was doing everything he could to hold himself back. A few more thrusts and even the science wasn't enough. He pulled himself out, leaving her sweaty and panting.

"Let that be a lesson to you" he said out of breath.

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