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Short Story.

Although I had some pretty impressive dildos at home I had never had anything that big trying to enter me. I stopped sucking Robert's balls and concentrated on the pain and the pleasure I was feeling in my rear end.

Finally my sphincter gave way and I felt Jose's well-lubricated cock slowly slide deeper and deeper into me until he bottomed out, the tip of his dick grazing my prostate.

Robert got up and I saw my intruder for the first time. Jose was a muscular Latino, his chiseled chest was are and glistening with sweat from the work in the garden. His features were handsome, yet very masculine and he grinned at me when he said with only a hint of an accent:

"I hope your ass-pussy can take my cock. I'm gonna fuck you good!"

True to his word he began to fuck my, slowly at first but he soon picked up the speed. His thick cock had the perfect length and curve and so he pummeled my sweet spot mercilessly with every stroke which put me on a slow but sure way to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Robert meanwhile, had changed his position again and was slowly fucking my mouth. He was taking his time, which led me to believe that he wanted to get a piece of my ass before he came.

Jose's strokes soon became faster and harder. He was nearing orgasm, but so was I. Robert, sensing that, removed his dick from his mouth and stood next to the couch to enjoy the show. Jose was sweating profusely now, thick drops splashing on my stomach and groin. He was panting through gritted teeth and was pounding his cock furiously into me. His relentless assault of my prostate had my head spinning. Deep inside me an orgasm of epic proportions was building when Jose bellowed like a wounded animal and began to hose my insides with thick sprays of seed, all the while keeping up a steady fucking of my butt, although it wasn't as fierce as before.

Robert knelt down next to the sofa, his head only inches from my cock which was close to bursting. In his hand he was holding an empty champagne glass that he brought close to my cockhead, the other hand took hold of my cock. Just then one final push put me over the edge and I came with a scream. Cum shot from my purple cockhead and landed on my face and chest, my asshole spasmed around Jose's still spurting cock. Robert managed to catch some of the next spurts but there was enough semen to wet my stomach and even Robert's cheek.

After what seemed like minutes I stopped cumming and the three of us looked at each other, Jose and I smiling in post-orgasmic bliss, Robert looking hornily from my dick to my cum in the glass to Jose's cock which was still buried in my ass.

"You want a piece of this?" Jose grunted and slowly withdrew his fuckmeat from my cum-soaked ass.

"Oh yeah," Robert said, licking his lips, "nothing like sloppy seconds."

Jose got up and stood next to the couch. His dick, although slowly flagging, was still massive. It was glistening with cum and a big drop was still hanging from its tip. I licked my lips.

"Come on, Joe, let him clean your dick." Robert urged Jose.

Jose stepped up to my head and offered me his fuckstick. Without hesitation I opened my mouth and slurped his massive tool into my mouth. Although I had just come I was still so horny that I craved cock and cum and Jose's meat was just too tasty a morsel to pass up on. His cum tasted sweet I found enough of it under his foreskin to make me happy.

Meanwhile, Robert had got onto the couch and was kneeling between my legs. He was stroking his cock with one hand, while holding the glass with my cum in the other.

"Man, what a mess. It's a shame you can't see it, Frank, your asshole is wide open and the cum is everywhere."

He let go of his cock and stuck three fingers into my well-used ass.

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