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Karen is becoming more liberated.

"Me too mom..damn close", Gary said as he screwed his mothers tight hole.

"Pull out..both of you..I want you to do something."

Both men reluctanly pulled out of the tight holes they were pumelling and Dana instructed Sandra to lay on her back.

"Cum on her..Cum on your slut sisters tits.", Dana instructed. Give mother something to lick up.

The boys knelt on either side of thier sibling. Dana knelt between her daughters legs and her own hunger for pussy took over. Leaning in she began licking her daughters pussy.

"Fuck mom....yess..yess..eat it you bitch.", the excited woman called out.

The sight of their mother eating there sisther was more then Gary and Robby could take.

Both mens cocks began to spurt at the same time. Load after load of cock cream began splashing on Sandras tits and belly. Gary could not resist aiming his cock toward his mother and cum landed on his sisters cunt busy.

Dana rapidly moved up licking the cream away then up on her dauther. Her tongue scooping up ounce after hot ounce of her both sons cock offerings.

Her tits coated Sandra lay there enjoying the feel of her sexy mothers tongue as she licked the cum from her tits.

Sandra moaned under her mothers oral loving and Dana moved up and began to share a deep wet cum kiss with her.

Finally mother and dauhter broke apart and the family lay on the bed panting.

"Mom..I can't believe you aren't upset about this", Sandra said rolling over pinching her mothers nipples.Dana O'Dell returned from lunch that Friday about 1 PM. She pulled the chair out from her desk and was surprised to see a note from her employer.

"Dana you work hard for me. It's really appreciated. Take the rest of the day off and go spend it with your kids..with pay. Thanks. Tom."

Dana smiled. It was very considerate of her boss to let her off early to spend time with her three children home from college.

As she drove home she thought about how fast they had grown. Sandra was the oldest. A junior in college she was 20. Like her mother she had long sandy blonde hair and green eyes. She had been blessed with 36D breasts as well and stood 5'6".

The twins Gary and Robby were 22. She had noticed when they came in yesterday that they were no longer boys but men. Handsome young muscular men. She was certain they had no trouble getting girls and as she drove down the freeway she suddenly had a mental image of kneeling between them both cocks shoot cum all over her.

"What the hell is wrong with you", she laughed to herself feeling her pussy tingle. "Those are your kids." , she reasoned with herself. No one did that. That does not happen in respectable families.

Danna pulled the car into the driveway and turned the engine off. She glanced up and looked at herself in the mirror.

"Not bad for 43", she thought. Her body was not quite as in shape as her daughters but the years had been kind and even after bearing three children thousands of Kiegel exercises had kept her pussy very tight.

If only her late husband were here to see them she thought to herself. A plane crash had taken him a number of years earlier. Dana did not have to work. He had left her well off but with the kids in college and as a widow she had to have something to keep her mind occupied.

Opening the front door she noticed the house to be a bit quite.

"Where could they be?", she thought as she sat her purse down.

Walking up stairs she stopped as she heard the squeaking of bed springs.

"What the hell is that?", she said to herself as she eased up closer.

Lightly walking down the hallway she discovered the sound to be coming from her bedroom.

"Fuck me...damn it..yes...both of you fuck me hard damn it..hard."

Dana stopped in her tracks. The voice was her daughters.

Easing closer she lightly pushed the door open and got the shock of her life.

Her daughter was sitting on one brother his cock buried deep in her young pussy. Behind her her other brother was sliding his fuck meat in and out of her asshole. Sandra O'Donell was being double penetrated by her own brothers!

Sandra leaned a

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