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The pleasure fair in cyberspace.

..well it becomes a chore not a pleasure. You made the last four a real pleasure. I'd go as far as to say they weren't all strictly necessary. "

Kelly looked at him in shock. She couldn't think of a thing to say. Craig had just admitted..what exactly? That he has brought himself to orgasm four times in a day and she was some sort of muse? Had fantasied about her while masturbating? Used a recent memory involving her to help his pain avoidance program? All of the above and she wasn't sure exactly how she should feel about it. Whether she should be outraged or not, however there was no doubt she felt aroused. She pictured him naked and stroking his dribbling cock. He mutters her name and his orgasm begins as he lets loose. Spunk fires through the air, jet after jet after jet. What is he seeing behind those closed lids? She has to know.

"What do you think? What do you imagine about me?" She is so hushed as to be almost inaudible even at their close range. Her voice has a husky quality to it.

"I hear your words, 'I'm going to fuck you till you spray me like a fire hose' something like that, that's my favourite because I think that's about me. I imagine you riding me waiting for me to flood you. I imagine you going wild as I make you orgasm over and over. I did myself twice last night to that. Felt so good I didn't go soft in between. "

"You can cum twice?" She was stunned, part of her refused to believe it, part of her just wanted it to be true.

"Yeah I've cum four times in an hour. That was with help, I had someone with me."

Kelly actually felt a pang of jealousy, she wanted it to be her that made him cum.

"What did she do? Was it a she? I mean, well you, never mind"

"It was a she yeah. She was on so all I got was oral and hand jobs. But she loved licking up my precum and when I came it was over her face and tits. She loved being coated in my cum, rubbing it in groaning. She came just from watching it coming out of me."

Kelly's ears buzzed. She felt flushed and confused. She knew she ought to be outraged, but it was all so matter of fact and besides, the time for outrage had long passed. She had engaged in this conversation, she had wanted to know more and now she felt she knew too much to allow for an appropriate response. She had asked for specifics! And now she had them, now she saw them all too clearly. Absentmindedly the fingers of one hand caressed the gap of her cleavage until she realised she was thinking of rubbing his cum into her chest. Both were silent for a while, Kelly cried out when she realised she was down to the cigarette filter and inhaling burnt her fingers. She dropped the remains of her cigarette into the floor and ran her foot over it. Her face was shrouded in blackness so Craig couldn't see her expression as she wished him a good night and left him standing in the darkness alone.

The light came on in the bedroom and a silhouette of Nigel stood behind the curtains. Craig saw Kelly's outline draw up next to her husband and turn him to face her. She reached up and pulled his face to hers. Kissing him deeply and passionately she ran her hands down his back and cupped his buttocks. A hand moved round to the front to cup his balls through his pyjama bottoms. She took both his hands and placed then where her upper button fastening her top. She helped him undo the first and moved him on to the second. He continued his way down till it was end all the way. She shrugged it off and removed her bra. Sinking to her knees Kelly pulled down his pyjamas and sucked his soft cock into her mouth. Using suction she forced him in and out over her taught lips. It was having the desired affect and Nigel grew hard quickly.

Kelly licked and sucked and stroked her husband's hard cock coaxing him ever closer. Long firm strokes and she began to encourage him verbally. " Cum on Baby. Cum in my round tits. Cum for me. Spray me with your wonderful spunk. Cover me in your jizz. That's it baby cum for me now."


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