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They continue playing on a Saturday night.

"Yes, but that's not the point. I find Mike attractive too. I can fuck any guy I find attractive. It's more than that. When you're here, I feel good. I don't feel like I have to be someone or behave a certain way. When we have our evenings together alone, those are the most special nights of my life. Whether we're watching television or just sitting in the same room. I've never had that with a man before. I am more comfortable with my own son, than I've been with any man and before last night I thought it was just about being family. But it's obviously not."

"So what do we do?"

"I don't know."

"Are you asking me to be your boyfriend?"

Mom laughed. "I don't know. I am in love with you. I think."

I leaned over and kissed her gently. Our lips were dry from the tension and we each ran our tongues simultaneously over our own to moisten them. When we realized we were doing this, we laughed.

"This feels right for me. Does it for you?" She asked smiling, her eyes lighting up as though being given a gift she only hoped for. I knew that look because it was most likely what I reflected.

"Yes. It does feel right. In an illegal sort of way."

She laughed and grabbed the back of my head, bringing me to her hungry and diligent tongue. Our mouths pressed against each other as our tongues swirled. Each of us discovering the other's rhythm. We lay on my bed kissing deeply for minutes on end before she broke from me.

"Your bed is a joke. Let's go to my room." She got up and turned around. "Are you a virgin, by the way?"

"No." I replied.

"Neither am I." We laughed and entered her room. She took her robe off and was completely naked. "Will it bother you that we're going to be in the same bed that I fucked Mike in not more than twelve hours ago?"

My cock began to rise. My mother looked at me, her lips beginning to redden and become engorged. Her cheeks starting to flush and her eyelids lower to half mast. "I'm asking because I think watching your mother get fucked excites you, doesn't it?"

I could do nothing but pant. Her talking was pushing my buttons. Suddenly, as though becoming a completely different person before my eyes she snapped out of her sexual delirium and asked. "Do you mind that I play head games? I love sex when you push emotional boundaries. It's not personal and if I ever hurt your feelings, tell me. But I love getting my men angry or jealous or even hurting their feelings. If that's not your thing, tell me. I am your mother, after all."

I was so startled with sexual arousal and now complete confusion, my mind didn't know how to react. "I don't know how I feel right now. I'm hard, that's what I do know."

"Well, go with it. We'll find out what you like in time." She suddenly became that siren again and moved closer to me. She removed my shirt and gently ran her hands over my shoulders and on my back. I did the same in an effort to appear confident. Our lips met again gently and she started her way down my neck. Biting sensually and with a delicate insistency that made my head swim.

"Lie down, baby." She whispered. I lay upon her bad and she kneeled between my legs. "Let's get these sweatpants off." She tugged them off and felt the encrusted semen in the crotch from last evening's episode. "You came a lot. What got you off? When I told him to cum? Or was it when I took control? Probably both." She looked at my straining cock dancing against my stomach. "You've got a good cock. Nice. A good size."

"Really?" I asked with genuine interest.

"Yeah. It's good." She reached out and grasped it with her hand and began to stroke it with an easy pace. "So hot. I love cocks. They're like hot, fleshy poles that dance in your hand. It's so gratifying to make a man cum. To watch it all pour out." My penis throbbed with her ministrations and her continual dialogue.

My mother then lay next to me, our eyes gazing into each other as she pulled rhythmically on my cock, her face a mask; without any emotion.

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