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Max comes closer to Cassidy than expected.

Instead of jellies Emma had a pile of Eton mess on her flat belly. The rest of their bodies were covered in either more chocolate sauce or cream.

Nigel looked at Lou and said "oh my word, where do I start?"

"Anywhere you want Nigel," Lou said handing him a dish, before handing out others to everyone else who had come in. Nigel was joined by Mary, Monica, Juanita, Steve and Bill at the table and they each selected what they wanted from off the young bodies. Monica was the first to forgo the use of a spoon and used her finger to scrape some of the chocolate sauce that was liberally spread over John's cock, before dipping it in some of the cream that was covering Emma's nipple and licking the combination off her finger.

This started everyone else off using their fingers more, the laughter that was coming from the dining room was making the others wonder what was happening and slowly the room filled up as even those who did not like sweet things came in to watch or just have a quick lick of something. When finally there was no desserts left on either John or Emma they were left with cream and chocolate sauce smeared over their bodies. Without a word they shifted down the table until they were lying next to each other and could begin to lick the remains off each other. Emma took John's cock in her mouth and licked off any chocolate that reminded there whilst his head was between her thighs cleaning out any cream or sauce that had been pushed into her pussy by the various fingers that had been on her.

Everyone agreed that it was the most unique dessert any of them had ever had, as they thanked John and Emma for their participation. For their part the two young people went to the bathroom to shower each other off before returning back downstairs, Emma back in her nun outfit, but John staying naked now.

When they walked out onto the patio they could see that the party was now in full swing. There were plenty of couples dancing now, and on closer inspection not one of those couples were married and yet there were plenty of hands running over bodies and fondling of tits and asses. Costumes had become quite dishevelled in some cases but John was still the only one who was totally nude. They walked to the bar and took a couple of bottles of beer and were about to sit down when John's dad came over.

"Well you two certainly made an impression earlier, that was some dessert."

"We enjoyed it too, didn't we Emma?"


"Whilst you were cleaning up I have been passing the word around about Diane. You know Kev's mum?"

"Yes I told Emma she wants to 'pull a train' today," John said.

"Everyone is up for it, and we drew lots for an order and it looks like you are number 5, right after Simon."

"Hell dad how did you convince Simon to fuck a woman?"

"Two things there son, I am not sure he will be fucking her pussy, and secondly I kind of said you would probably be available soon after again if he was interested."

"So basically you are pimping your son out for gay sex now dad?"

Steven laughed and said, "I guess so. But you don't mind do you?"

"No I don't, but I think he may have other ideas," John said as he nodded to where Simon was sat next to Joe and they could all see that he had his hand inside Joe's panties and was stroking his cock whilst Joe did the same to him.

"Don't think that will stop Simon, knowing him he will have you both together," Steven said as he left John and Emma and pulled Lisa onto the dance floor and began kissing her as they danced. John and Emma looked around them as they drank beers. Bob was sat with Monica on a sun lounger deep in conversation, although as they talked Monica took Bob's hand and placed it between her legs and allowed him to feel her pussy whilst she took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it doing her best to get it up.

On another lounger sat Kev and his mum Diane.

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