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Two men have to pass some time in an inn.

"Your very welcome sweetheart" I repeated this time my voice nearly back to normal, "now, shall we go" leaning forward, motioning to get up as I said, "no, just wait a while daddy I want to look at you", I leant back down and sunk into the chair, what ever was she doing I thought, my mind a race of excitement and anticipation at the same time, "I've never really looked at you before daddy" she said, turning her head from side to side looking at every feature of my face, "oh I wish I could say the same thing" I thought, and as if she read my mind she said "I've seen you looking at me though, haven't I daddy" I felt my face explode as the blood rushed to every vein and capillary, I must have looked like a beetroot, not only that, the sensation that was now turning in my stomach was developing into a bulge between my legs,

"Well daddy, what have you to say" Lucy looked directly into my eyes, nearing her face as she spoke, her mouth now less than 6 inches away from mine, I could feel the heat building up under my lap as Lucy sat there, staring right at me.

I was lost for words, it was all I could do to say "your very attractive my darling" the words coming out in almost inaudible tones, "and what does that mean" Lucy replied in a sexy school girl type voice, and pouting her bottom lip as she spoke, what was happening, what was going to happen, what if something happens, I couldn't stop going over these questions in my head, never before had I ever been stuck for words, I was always pretty good at thinking on my feet, but somehow my little Lucy had me, and she knew it.

"What is it you like about me daddy, uh," Lucy waited for a reply but then almost immediately said, "Is it my white cotton panties?" I didn't know where to look, what to say or what the hell to do; my cock was definitely getting bigger and I was sure she could feel it poking out of my pants and prodding her ass, I decided to be honest and finally admit to my daughter that I have a white cotton panty fetish and that I have been watching her for years, "Yes sweetheart" I said finally, "the sight of you in your white cotton panties, makes me want to do things to you that I should only keep as fantasies" "and what things do you fantasise about doing to me daddy?" the sexual tension was becoming unbearable, I wanted to tell her that I want to feel her panty covered pussy and ass and then do other things with her, but I just bit my tongue and shock my head.

Lucy saw that it was impossible for me to tell her, she put her mouth to my ear and whispered, "I'll lie down and pretend to be asleep for you daddy" and with that she got up off my lap and lay face down on the carpet, my cock now unrestricted by her ass, sprang up pulsating painfully inside my pants.

I sat there for a minute thinking, what on earth is happening, here I am looking at my daughters body lustfully, being given the opportunity to carry out my fantasies on her with her consent.

I poised for a moment before standing up and pushing the chair away from the narrow space Lucy had left for me to kneel down next to her, my breathing was all over the place, my heart was pounding like a huge drum being beaten by one of those Japanese drummers, and my hands were starting to shake a little.

Lucy lay motionless, her head turned away from me resting on her hands, her breathing was steady, unlike min

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