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Mom didn't want her sisters to know so she sent them over to her friend's house while they went to the hospital.

Patrick pushed out of the chair pacing the room, millions of thoughts storming his mind. Pregnant? She was pregnant with his child? And he wasn't there. He remembered he thought he lost that phone and had to get a new one. Who would have had the phone? Who would have talked to her? Someone knew and he didn't do anything about it. She went through it alone. His child; the child he always envisioned having with her.

She said someone told her to stay away, who did she talk to? He bit down on his lip as the redness clouded his vision. He couldn't help but see her crying all alone as she realized the baby was gone, crying at the thought that he didn't love her anymore. He did this, it really was all his fault.

"FUCK!" he shouted and before he could stop himself he punched at the wall.

Gale's mouth dropped at the outburst. She never saw Patrick lose his cool, he always tried to be so in control. He slumped down to the floor not saying a word. It wasn't till she saw the red liquid on his knuckles that she snapped out of her haze. She rushed to the bathroom, wet a towel, and return back to him. He didn't look at her as she gently grabbed his hand dabbing at it.

"I should have been there." He finally said, his voice shaky, "I shouldn't have left you. I could have..." he trailed off, "Everything that happened it really is my fault."

Gale sighed wiping away the tears, "I didn't tell you this to make you feel guilty."

"Well too late for that."

"Patrick, I held on to that anger and with everything that happened the other night and then hearing about your dad; I can't be like that anymore. I think our paths crossed again to finally get over this and move on."

"I see why you hate me."

"I didn't hate you. I was disappointed in you, but I could never hate you and you shouldn't hate yourself." She lifted his head looking into his red eyes.

"Easier said than done right now. God, Gailyn; I'm so sorry. If I would have know I would have came back here no matter what."

"With no regrets?"

"No regrets what so ever. I wish I could have been more of the man that I should have been for you."

Gale sighed and she felt like a huge boulder was lifted off her body giving her the opportunity to stand up a little stronger. She dabbed at Patrick's hand feeling him flinch a little but his face didn't show any signs of the pain.

"Well, I hope it's not broken. I think you should go down to the emergency room and let them look at it."

"I don't really feel up to it."

"Patrick, don't play this macho man bullshit. You need to have that looked at, now either you do it willingly or I will drag you by your ear." She said looking into his eyes but he saw the hidden smile in them. She always threatened him with that when she wanted him to do something.

"Alright then, you are coming right?"

"I suppose so." She shrugged, "Just in case I need to witness you crying like a baby when the doctor wraps you up."

He chuckled lightly, relishing in her banter. His girl was coming back. This was the Gale he remembered. He didn't care how long it took but he was going to make it up to her and win her back.

She couldn't believe after telling him everything how much she was really enjoying this job. Patrick made it easier without the constant flirting just more of him being himself; which was still a little flirty but not as extreme.

She did enjoy the nice little flowers that he would send her even after she assured him that he didn't have to go to this extreme. The supplies were coming in so fast that they were thinking that it could open ahead of schedule.

Since then, Gale has been talking to Gianni more lately.

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