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She wakes to find she's entertaining a guest.

.. hmmm similar tastes I thought.

'I will put the kettle on'

"Yes that will be nice"

As the kettle boiled I offered to show Kaylee around. A quick tour of the kitchen followed by a tour of the bath room and the living room. Then finally the large bedroom. I showed Kaylee the wardrobe space and draws within. She looked impressed. We then went across to the window to look across the sea front. The view from up here was the selling point of this flat. I loved to stand in the window dreaming about life with a glass of wine in my hand on a hot summers evening, listening to the people and the waves crashing on to the shingle beach.

I was aware that I had been doing all the talking and Kaylee hadn't said much, so we stood quietly for a moment looking out of the window. I was lost in the sights outside.

I could feel the warmth of Kaylee's body as she stood looking over my shoulder. Her hands suddenly moved around my body and hugged me tightly. I turned and our lips touched.

Kaylee kissed me softly on the lips, tasting me, her tongue tracing the line of my lips.

She looked deep in to my eyes and I melted under her spell, I closed my eyes and relaxed in her arms. She kissed my eye lids softly. Her long soft eye lashes brushed my cheeks slowly.

Kaylee used her soft finger tips to discover every part of my face and neck, softly caressing it, kissing it as well. I threw my head back and her lips kissed my neck, working around it to the soft skin below my long hair. My body tembled under her touch.

"You have lovely soft and smooth skin Adele"

I just purred 'Hmmmm yes, don't stop Kaylee, I love what you are doing'

I felt her lips touch mine again, soft and sensual.

I opened my eyes, she was looking at me, her lips parted and her tongue slid across her red lipstick in a slow and sensual manner. I put my hands softly on her shoulders and drew her body close to mine. I could feel her body heat radiating on to mine.

The soft touch of her lips transformed as she parted my lips with her tongue, seeking out my tongue, Kaylee's lips devoured me, wanting me, loving me.

Her hands where holding me tight, but they were not still, her fingers caressed by shoulders through my silky blouse, discovering my curves and feeling my breasts.

Kaylee's fingers slid over my erect nipples, teasing them through the thin fabric, flicking them with her thumbs, watching my reactions. My body trembled I moved my feet apart to maintain my balance. Kaylee noticed my change in stance. Her leg went between mine and I moved forward to hold her and ride my pussy on her thigh.

I wanted fulfilment, relief from the sexual tension building up inside of me and Kaylee sensed this. Her fingers squeezed my breasts, then the started descending down my blouse, using the buttons as stepping stones, but with a little flick after each step, undoing each button in turn.

My blouse now hung loosely on my shoulders, Kaylee's cool hands touched my stomach and travelled upwards opening my blouse, revealing my pert breasts to her gaze. Her fingers caressed the underneath side of each breast, her thumbs circled each erect nipple. As she pushed my blouse off my shoulders and removed it from my arms, she planted kisses around my nipples

The coolness of the air close to the window on the moistness on my breasts aroused my nipples even more. Her lips parted and she sucked me in to her mouth. Tonguing my nipple at first before rolling it lightly between the sharp edges of her teeth. I cried out with each flick of her tongue.

Kaylee's fingers travelled down to my waist, I bucked my hips back and forth trying to arouse myself on the firm muscles of her upper thigh. My moist pussy was causing my panties to become very wet, leaving a damp spot on Kaylee's thigh which I knew she had noticed. My orgasm was starting to build, my body was trembling, I let my head go backwards and Kaylee kissed my neck, using her teeth, biting my ear lobes, sucking them.

I groaned as Kaylee played with my body, her fingers never still, but always touching me lightly, sensually.

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