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When I was younger I went travelling around the states...

Shock waves went down her legs; unable to remain standing Ella sat down. She rested her head on the back of the tub with the water pounding on her chest. Her hands continued right where they left off. Once again her body was filled with a rush she hadn't felt in a long time. Ella's heart raced, and her leg muscles tensed up as she became closer and closer to orgasm. She arched her back as her orgasm hit her. Feeling her clit pulse so hard and her kegel muscles tighten around her fingers as she finally felt release was such an amazing feeling.

As Ella slid her fingers out from inside her she saw them coated in her sweet cum. She quickly brought them up to her mouth for a taste before the hot water washed it away. Yummm. Unable to move just yet Ella sat there enjoying the hot water fall on her now very sensitive naked body. All her senses had become heightened and she loved it.

Steven was in a daze most of the day; he couldn't wait to see Ella tonight. He had a slight panic mid afternoon at the thought that she might not show up. To keep his mind busy he spent most of the afternoon cleaning up the hotel room. He wasn't expecting anything to happen tonight; after all they were both married to other people. Still he couldn't help to think, what if.

It was going to be dinner time soon and Ella still had no idea how she was going to get away tonight. She hated the idea of telling Kevin a lie, but time was running out and she couldn't accept the idea of standing Steven up.

All of Ella's worries were washed away with the sound of the phone ringing. "Hey Hun, that was work. Tom can't make it in tonight so I have to cover for him. Sorry, but it's going to be a late night." Stifling a smile she assured Kevin that it was ok. Problem was solved. Kevin's work was a good 45 min drive away, in the opposite direction to where Steven was staying. He would be working until 1 am, leaving her plenty of time to see Steven and get home before Kevin returned from work.

Steven walked into the bar at 9:15, he wanted to be early. After a quick look around he was relieved that he had indeed arrived before Ella. The bar wasn't overly crowded, but he grabbed a table near the door to be sure he could see Ella when she arrived. Despite his earlier fears, he was confident she would come.

Walking into the bar her heart pounded. She couldn't believe he was really here; she couldn't believe she was here. Steven was at a loss for words at the sight of her. Ella was wearing an amazing pair of black dress pants, they were elegant and hugged her just enough to show off her incredible form. She wore a flattering red v-neck shirt that took his breath away. Time had been good to her. As she walked towards him her smile grew bigger with each step. She held herself with such confidence; it was almost as if the past 4 years had been a dream, and that they were still together.

Steven stood up, and slid out her chair for her to sit down.

"I'm glad you could make it" he said "But how... I mean what did you..."

"He got called into work." Ella said before he could finish.

They ordered drinks and spent the next hour talking, laughing, and remembering days they had spent together. At one point she ever so slightly brushed her hand up against his arm and they both fell silent. Steven was suddenly filled with a rush of emotions, his heart raced again, his palms become sweaty, and the urge to kiss her was stronger than before. Ella felt it too, the incredible connection they had was still there.

"Sorry" she said as she withdrew her hand.

"No, don't be. I like it."

Steven smiled at her "I miss us."

After a slight pause he asked her if she wanted to go somewhere a little quieter. Ella agreed without hesitation.

Unable to find any words they just stood in the elevator staring at each other, smiling.

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