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You take me deeper still into the sissy life.

He removes the panty hose and stands up to remove my bra. As he unhooks my bra from behind he is slowly kissing my neck again. Running his tongue over my chest he lets the bra fall to the floor. He begins to kiss my breast. He takes one nipple into his mouth and begins to suckle as if he were nursing my breast for milk.

He then begins to nibble my breast with his teeth. Slowly he is biting and tugging at my nipples. He knows that this makes my pussy hot and wet. My body begins to shake nervously anticipating his next touch. I feel my back arching to push my breast harder and closer to his mouth.

"Now" he says, as he takes my hand and begins to lead me out of the living room. It is now time for you to begin with your surprise.

Master leads me around and seems to be moving down the hall.

"Stop" he says, this is far enough. He reaches up and removes my blindfold. The room is filled with candles. Big candles and little candles are all over the room. The room is lit up and the aroma is amazing. I gaze over to see the bathtub full of bubbles.

"Climb in" he says and I will do the rest.

I climb into the warm bubble bath and Master begins to remove his clothing. I turn my head to watch him remove them in the candlelight. His body appears to be glowing. He slowly steps into the bathtub and sits between my legs. He takes a cloth and holds it under the water and as he removes the cloth he holds it over my breast and lets the water run over the nipples. He then takes the cloth and begins to run it over my neck and shoulders. As he runs the cloth down my shoulders and across my chest and makes his way down my stomach my body begins to lose its strength.

I am so totally relaxed and never want this moment to end. I am thinking to myself what a caring and loving Master that I have. He pays special attention to my pussy. He takes the cloth and rubs lightly at first and then he begins to squeeze the cloth into my pussy. My pussy begins to throb and desires to have Master's hard cock buried deep inside my wet pussy.

As my mind is drifting away thinking of nothing but cock and bubbles Master says, "Ok my Pet it is time to get out".

He climbs out of the tub first and then reaches to help me out. He takes a towel and gently rubs me dry. He tells me that I will have to put the blindfold back on and he places it back over my eyes. He takes my hand and leads me out of the bathroom.

He does not say a word to indicate where we are going or what we will be doing. As we enter another room he tells me to climb onto the bed and lie down on my back. He takes my arm and kisses softly as I feel the leather straps being placed around my wrist. He ties both of my hands and moves down to my legs and feet. As he takes my leg into his hands he again begins to kiss and caress my legs as he places the straps around my ankles. I feel him climbing off the bed and there is silence. I hear him walking out of the bedroom and he is gone for what seems like an hour although it was a very short time. I can hear his footsteps as he enters back into the room.

He does not say a word. I have a strange feeling that comes over my body and I feel the presence of someone else in the room. I do not know who it is. Is it a woman or a man? I can feel them coming closer and my body begins to shake with excitement. I feel a hand on my foot. It is a soft hand and I know that this has to be a woman. She slowly and softly strokes my feet and ankles. She does not say a word. She begins to caress my legs and gently stroke the insides of my thighs. I feel her climb onto the bed. As she climbs onto the bed I can smell a sweet floral scent that she brings with her. She positions herself in the middle of my legs. She begins to slowly caress the insides of my thighs again. Her touch is soft and gentle. I am not scared yet I am shaking.

I feel her soft lips gently kissing my stomach. Slowly she moves up my stomach and begins to kiss my breast.

I can feel her tongue as she begins to make little circular licks all around my nipples.

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