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Sex starved Indian mother seduces her son.

I'll bet she enjoyed every minute of it though, didn't ya, Kat?"

"That wasn't how that happened at at all!"

"Wooh boy, sounds like we missed quite the event, eh Edgar?"

"For sure!"

"Not quite! I'm certain I saw a news camera there, and they'll play that footage for sure on tonights segment! This plane can probably play it on the screens."

On cue, several large, hi def tvs slowly lowered; All eyes again watched, from the perfect vantage point, as she received orgasm after orgasm. Exhausted, Kat fell asleep as her own loud moans and piercing cries echoing through the plane.

As she drifted into sleep, she heard the two men conversing; she was too exhausted to care. She should have. Soon after, men began giggling and implemented their plan. They, ever so softly, removed her blanket. She shivered slightly; her nipples stood out like erasers beneath the thin dress. They stealthily shifted her top to be a little more revealing, moved her skirt down a little. In short order, they had exposed her hard nipples and full bosom for all to see once more. About two hours after they had started, they had worked her tattered clothing down to her ankles, leaving her naked for their feasting eyes. One wordlessly handed the other a 20 dollar bill as they began lecherously exploring her body.

A young women across the aisle gave Kat dirty looks as her husband stared, mouth agape, at Kat's perfect figure. The intensity of these glares did not decrease as the two men began to rub her nipples, and to delicately probe her shaved pussy.

An hour later, well into the flight, Kat woke up, feeling somewhat cold, to a voice asking her whether she would like a drink. She sleepily mumbled, "coke...", and rubbed her eyes. It was then that she felt the soft fabric nestled around her feet, the wet spot on the seat under her. She glanced down, shockingly realizing that she was bare-assed naked! She looked around once more, noticing that the two men were both gone, and that her old boyfriend was pouring her a coke. Watching her massive cans instead of his hand, he mistakenly set the cup down on the edge of the tray. I fell, and spilled it all over her dress. She nearly jumped to her feet, ready to explode at him, but thought better of it due to her nudity. She glared at him icily as he moved on, sniggering.

Kat looked around for something to cover herself with, besides her soaked dress. For some reason, there were no blankets nearby; she figured it was her ex- that did it. Looking behind her, she saw the two old men approaching down the aisles. She panicked, and quickly threw on her drenched dress. Kat instantly regretted it, as her meager white dress was now almost wholly transparent. Her erect nipples were clearly visible, and her pussy lips were practically on display.

The men sat down, "My my, what have we here, Miss Kat?"

"Erm... Um... I don't suppose either of you gentlemen would have a blanket or some spare clothes?" "No, sorry. You could ask the flight attendant, though." With this, he pushed the call button, and within a few minutes her ex-boyfriend was there. She stammered, "Um... Can I get a few spare blankets, please?"

He replied, "We're out, sorry. I think the captain has a spare outfit; he was visiting his wife or something. You could ask him... Just walk to the front of the plane and knock!"

She decided to try it.

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