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He sees his sister-in-law in a new light,

"Well, Abby, let's dance!" Her hands dropped to my waist and I happily obliged. I pulled her in close to me, wrapped my arms around my back and started grinding against her.

I was only half way aware that there was a crowd watching us. But of course they would be. We were two sexy women dancing on top of each other. Who wouldn't be? I felt her face move in closer to mine. I made eye contact with her and she had the same lust written in her eyes that I could feel in mine.

"You up for being a little adventurous?" She asked. Her tongue slid across her full lips. My breath was coming out in shallow intervals as her hand moved from my waist to my thigh.

"Yes," I mouthed. I couldn't say it out loud. I was entirely too horny. Her face got close to mine once more, and she initiated the kiss. Her lips collided with mine in a soft yet firm way. I moaned into her mouth. Good god her lips were soft. I eagerly kissed her back and my one of my hands dropped from her back to her ass and gave her a little squeeze. It was her turn to moan. I felt her tongue nudge into my mouth and accepted it. By this time I was drunk with her kiss and wanted to move off of the dance floor. I broke away from her, "Lets go."

"Okay," her eyes lit up as I grabbed her hand and drug her across the stage area. I ran into Amie as I walked with Anne to the bar. Amie's eyes were lit up with curiosity but I ignored her.

"Do you have anywhere we can go? I live uptown and my friends drove me here," I whispered.

"I live in the financial district, we can walk to my apartment from here." Anne clasped my hand in hers. "Just follow me."

"Okay hold on one second." I said, and looked over to Amie. "Make sure Brenna takes care of my car. I'll see you guys later."

"Alright, Abbs." Amie smiled at me. I nodded and walked out of the club with Anne. The walk was silent for a moment until we reached the curb. I didn't know how to start this conversation. I wasn't used to picking up girls at the club.

"Anne, tell me more about you. I mean, I know this is a hookup, but I don't know how this works." I stuttered.

"Chill. I don't either. I'm Anne Vyalitsyna. I'm a model." She said while squeezing my hand.

"Makes sense. I'm Abby Mitchell. I work at an ad agency." This was getting kind of awkward, but I was going to go with it. Anne smiled at me.

"You're just as nervous as I am, aren't you?" She asked as we rounded another corner. I could see the lights around the financial district coming into view. This made me happy because my feet were beginning to kill me from my poor fashion choice. But hey, I didn't know I was going to walk a mile with a model tonight. Normally I caught a taxi to my destinations.

"Yes," I said. "I can't say I've ever done this before."

"Me either, so don't be worried. I just couldn't let the opportunity go." Her voice dropped and things low in my body started to ache. God, I just wanted to kiss her. Right here in the street against this building, I wanted to kiss her. So I did. I pushed her against the brick walls and practically shoved my tongue down her throat. She melted in my arms and moaned in my mouth. I pulled away from her and saw a wild look in her eyes.

"Fuck." She said, "Lets hurry."

I nodded in agreement and let my hands slide up her body as she pushed herself up off the wall. I gave her boobs a quick squeeze, and her eyes lit up with a mischievous look. I liked that look. We once again set off and didn't stop until we reached her apartment.

"Welcome to my home," She swooped her arm around in a grand gesture. "Would you like to start in here or in the bedroom?"

I grabbed her from behind and kissed her neck. "I don't care." I twisted her around to face me and kissed her.

"Shoes, lets take theses shoes off before someone gets hurt," She said and bent over. I did the same and threw my heels from hell across the room. It was game on when they were off. Anne pulled me back into her arms and covered my mouth with hers. I reached around her back and started tugging on the zipper of her dress.

"I want this off.

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