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She said I had to open them in order. They were even labeled 'Leanne 1, 2 and 3.' The first turned out to be the red "outfit" you saw. It was pretty minimal as you saw, not even any panties! I was only wearing a robe, so it didn't take me long to "dress." I told her that this didn't seem very suitable for going out in. She said not to worry as lunch was arriving later. Special delivery. She then put my hair up into a high ponytail, like she had, as she ran her fingers up my thigh and tickled my clit. Maybe lunch can wait I thought at the time. The second present didn't need Sherlock Holmes to work out what it was, the only question really was what color. It turned out to be a ten inch purple strap-on, and the irony was that I didn't know if it was a present for me or for Cathy! She told me to put it on and model it. By now she had slipped two fingers up my very wet cunt and was tickling the pucker of my ass with the other hand. I made some lame joke about it being my present and she should be wearing the strap-on, which she had no objection to either. I was about to take out the third present from the bag when she told me that that would have to wait until we had tested the strap-on. She removed her short black skirt and blouse to reveal her pantiless pussy and firm tits, both of which she made a point of caressing erotically before she put on the strap-on. She came over and started to kiss me deeply, sliding her tongue into my mouth as I reciprocated. She had adjusted the strap-on so it was sliding between my legs, stimulating my now burning pussy. She was fingering herself with her right hand and using her left to tease my ass, before gently slipping a finger up it. I moved myself back and sat on the couch spreading my legs as wide as they'd go before demanding Cathy to lick my cunt and stick a finger up my ass. She proceeded to attack my clit and fuck my ass with two fingers. I was getting really into it then. I can't remember what I was saying, just nasty, unabated slutty talk. The kind you usually don't want your daughter to hear, I might add, young lady. But it seems we have a somewhat new Mother Daughter relationship now-or at least the beginnings of. And if you carry on rubbing that pussy of yours any longer, I'm gonna have to lose this dress and give my pussy a good fingering. I was so caught up with the story I didn't notice you'd taken your shorts off. As there don't appear to be any panties on the floor I assume you weren't wearing any in the first place. Mmm, I can see now what got you going so much when you saw me at it. You're turning me on as well Crystal."

"Stop digressing Mother, get on with the story. We can get down to business later, if that's OK with you. Yes, I wanna fuck my mother, but for now just finish the story. I'll take care of my cunt for now while I listen."

"So, Cathy had her tongue up my cunt while she was fingering my ass.

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