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I guess I did it on purpose though...

Up close he saw that there was a faint floral pattern to the dress and she had a small string of pearls around her neck.

"Thank you," Kelly quietly said as she raised her head. Her sparkling blue eyes looked into his for a moment before turning away.
"So what is this party all about?" Greg quickly asked, changing the subject.

"Oh the usual stuff," Kelly replied, scanning the crowds. "People with too much money showing off."

"Wish I had that problem," Greg joked. He stood there, somewhat unsure what to do with his hands since he didn't have a drink. He decided to put one hand in a pocket and let the other hang free.

"Would you like a drink?" Kelly asked. Her voice back to its perky self.

"Sure. Anything good?"

"Let's go see." Without even being asked, Kelly placed her right hand inside the crook of Greg's left arm and led him to the bar. Deciding that prudence was the word of the day, Greg got a glass of ice water while Kelly got a refill on her glass of champagne.

"A lightweight, huh?" Kelly teased.

Greg chuckled before answering. "Sort of, though I've always been told it's bad form to get drunk at a party where your superiors are attending."

"Oh, don't worry about that," Kelly told him. "Come tomorrow, most of these people won't even remember they were here."

Still holding his arm, Kelly guided Greg to several different groups of people, introducing him like it was the most natural thing. Greg didn't protest and rather liked having her at his side.

After making the rounds, the two nibbled on the various food items spread out on several tables, making sure not to miss the table dedicated solely to desserts. Greg, following Kelly's earlier comment, had picked up a Long Island Iced Tea.

Just after the noon hour, Kelly suggested they go inside for a while. Guiding him to the back door, Greg held the door open and waited while she entered first then followed close behind. They were in what looked to be a mud room with the door into the house standing open. He didn't know where she was going but trailed behind like a puppy into what was essentially a hallway. If nothing else, it gave him time to check her out from behind.

Sure, he had seen her around at work but since they worked on vastly different floors those occasions weren't often. Besides, twisting his head to gawk at a coworker wasn't very professional. He contented himself with those quick, furtive glances as she passed him coming and going.

Now, he watched as her hips undulated beneath her dress, the fabric moving rhythmically with each step. Her blonde hair, which fell to below her shoulders and held in place with a clip, swayed to and fro with each step. Her sandals made soft clicks on the tile floor, reminding him of a ticking clock.

She stopped in front of a wooden door and without hesitation, opened it. She stepped into the room and Greg heard her footsteps disappearing as she walked further into the room. He followed and saw that the room was a library. Every wall, except one, had a bookshelf and all were crammed with books. The one wall which didn't have a bookshelf had instead two large windows in front of which sat a large desk.

Greg looked around for a moment at the sheer size of the room, it was twice as big as his living room, before seeing that Kelly was stopping in front of a couch situated parallel to the far wall but further towards the center of the room.

"Why don't we sit down for a while," she said as she turned to face him. As Greg took a few steps towards her, he watched as Kelly held her dress as she began to sit down and in so doing seemed to hold it a bit higher than Greg thought she had to. When she sat down, the light material of the dress captured some air underneath it and for a brief moment Greg caught a glimpse of Kelly's legs before her falling dress cut off his view.

Greg took a position next to her and no sooner was he settled in than Kelly turned to face him, kicking off her shoes and drawi

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