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Dustin enjoys his wife and stepson, Margaret finds out.

You seem to be spending the most time looking at skimpy little lace things, so I'll focus my search on those type items.

Within half an hour we each pick out a dozen or so of our favorite items and meet in front of the dressing rooms. I hand you what I have and sit down in the small waiting area as you head into one of the cubicles, but you stop and stare at me.

"What the heck are you doing? You've got to help me pick! Come on!"

Shocked to be getting this lucky, I follow you into the tiny room obediently. I sit on a small bench attached to the wall, grinning very widely as your shirt comes over your head and lands in my lap along with your bra. Jeans and panties fall to the floor quickly thereafter, making me even happier.

I have but a moment to admire your lovely body before you order me to start handing you items to try on. The first thing you put on is a definite keeper, a red mesh thong with cabbaging along all the edges. You go through at least thirty things, from gowns to teddies to barely there lacy g-strings. After almost an hour, we picked out the ten or so items to actually get. I gather everything together as you put your clothes back on and we head to the checkout girl.

Maxing out my credit card becomes worth it the second we walk out of the store, when you turn around, drop your bags, and kiss me. There's incredible passion in your touch; I actually get excited as you kiss me. You notice it against your stomach and give me a naughty look.

"Wow. We're going to have to do something about that" you whisper with a grin.

I grab your bags and you and drag you around to the back of the building, an isolated service alley. I push you against the back of the building and kiss you again. I tug and pull and unbutton as we kiss and in moments you're naked. Now my kisses begin to move over your chin and neck and down your body.

Knowing how much you like it, I pay special attention to your nipples. I suck one into my mouth and apply some pressure while I alternate between licking it softly and flicking it with a stiff tongue. I go back and forth between them for several minutes before I decide to let my kisses move lower.

I kiss every inch of you, working my way lower and lower, until I stop at your knees. From there I slow down and work my way gradually back up your inner thigh and down the other, just to tease you. Once you're sufficiently warmed up, I finally lick your pussy tentatively. I lick all the way from top to bottom and back up a few times to make sure you're wet, then turn my attention to your clit. My mouth surrounds it and applies some suction as I tease you gently with the tip of my tongue. I slide a finger inside you, pumping you gently as my main focus remains on your clit. As you start to loosen up and get into it, I slide another finger in. Simultaneously I start sucking harder on your clit and only moments more go by before you explode.

You moan and convulse for half a minute before your orgasm subsides and you collapse back against the building. I get back to my feet and pull my shirt off as you pull my belt away. After nearly tripping me a few times, you have me as naked as you. I push myself against you and kiss you again, staring deeply into your eyes as I enter you. We stand there motionless, staring into each other's eyes, for a moment or two. Then slowly I begin pumping myself into you. We alternate between passionate kissing and deep, meaningful stares into each others eyes as I make love to you.

We go at this pace for a long while, savoring the moment as much as possible.

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