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Jack was looking forward to his interviewing Kerry the following morning, but for now all he could think of was penetrating Dolores. Dolores knew none of the decisions that had already been made as she approached Jack's room and feared for her continuing employment.

Her knock on his door was hesitant, so he pretended not to hear it. It was then repeated a bit louder and he opened the door smiling at his guest. Dolores looked nervous. Jack was dressed in a tracksuit which would be easy for him to strip off for his sex session, but Dolores just saw him as a busy executive who was about to go to the gym. She believed that he saw her as a very minor cog in a big machine.

As she came into his room he walked back to his bed and turned around facing her. He didn't ask her to sit down, that would have put her more at her ease. He started as usual with his memorized script.

"Firstly, Dolores, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your commitment and service to the Estoria Hotel Group. Your contract of employment sets out quite clearly your right to severance pay and I am pleased to confirm that there is no complication at all to you receiving ---."

But he got no further. He was interrupted by a wail from Dolores who put her hand to her mouth. He tried to sound concerned, "Dolores, are you OK? As you probably guessed we only need one singer and Kerry is better placed to bring in a younger audience."

Dolores was still shaking. "I don't know what I'll do," she gasped. "My husband doesn't earn much and I have a child who depends on me."
He tried to look horrified. "Dolores, you have a daughter?"

She nodded her head as she wept, her face in her hands.

Jack tried to sound concerned, "Really Dolores, I had no idea you were a mother. If I had known I could have gone with my other option."

Her crying had stopped momentarily as she looked questioningly, hopefully at him to explain the other option.

Jack sighed, as if in regret, "Well the other option was to transfer Kerry to the Astral Club, where she would have a younger audience. This would have meant that you would have had to extend your act by another forty minutes, but of course you would have had a twenty percent salary increase to recognize that."

Dolores gasped as she considered what might have been. Jack knew that the longer singing time would have been no problem for her whatsoever. In fact she loved being on the stage. The thought that she could have had an increase in salary instead of losing her job was painful for her.

She paused for a moment before whispering a hopeful question, "Surely Mr. Payne, you could change your mind and move Kerry. I would be pleased to extend my act to whatever you require."

Jack looked sympathetic as he said in a kindly voice, "That would be so difficult now. The paperwork alone would take me hours, let alone the embarrassing necessary phone calls I'd have to make to Head Office to explain the change of plan."

Dolores looked downcast until Jack changed his voice to a harder tone and said, "Of course, there is something you can do to help me change my mind."

Jack smiled to himself as he saw the look in Dolores' eyes. It was a look of seeing a ray of hope instead of a black cloud of disaster.

His voice was now very low. "You are a beautiful woman Dolores. If you could agree to stay in my room for an hour, I will see that you keep your job and get the pay rise. Why don't you take your dress off and walk over towards me."

Dolores eyes opened wide in shock.

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