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I had to chase after it, I set out to run after it but a heavy boot landed on my back pushing me back into the ground. I had been brave the entire day, but watch as my mother's picture became weightless and flipped and curled in the air, traveling further and further away from me, that I finally released tears and sobbed.

It may have been the fact that my body wracked with tears caused me not to hear a transportation vehicle or it was the fact that the vehicle was so advance it didn't have a loud combustible engine that gobbled up the world's resources.

Two officers grabbed my arms to haul me to my feet, I saw in the distance the picture still floating carefree like a dancer in the air. I know I promised my mom that I would keep a low profile and hide my talents but I didn't want to lose what I had left of my mother, either.

I was quick, relieved that I was able to go unnoticed as the picture shot quickly across the plain and plastered itself to my bag, like a punishing gale of wind was pushing it against my bag. I was escorted into the hovering vehicle surrounded by my six captors and my bag which was dropped in the middle of were we stood as the craft took off.

No one said anything to me, they just stood circling my duffle bag stoically much like I would think caveman did when they first discovered fire. I just reminded myself of my mom's advice to just be as peaceful as possible, don't give them any reason to think I should be an antagonist.

With a large sigh that was as loud as a stone dropping in an empty hallow quarry, one of the officers took off his visor helmet revealing the kind of creatures they were underneath the protective gear.

I held my breath and willed my eyes to not close tightly when my eyes first came in contact of flesh of the officer as if he was removing the offending helmet in slow motion. First neck, then the top of his head crowned with a sweaty mop of rusty red hair and then a sweaty human looking face. I shook my head slightly baffled how human They looked and I think they all seemed to realize what I had feared because a rondo of chuckles skipped over me and circled around my duffle bag.

One by one all of the officers removed their helmets revealing sweaty, blotchy with fatigue faces that were not unusual human faces.

"We are human, Kiowa Walker." The red headed officer said. I crossed my arms protectively across my chest to ease my quivering stomach sparking a lighter of anxiety. I didn't understand why humans were on this side of the realm and why did they attack me as if I were a terrorist.

"What do you know about the war Kiowa Walker?"

I pressed my lips into a tight line knowing better than to tell them what I knew. I knew many versions the school version which I knew was filled with propaganda, my mom's version which was what she knew from what my father had told her and what she suspected the military was hiding before and after my father's death and then there was the version of history that was filled with uneasy truths and possible lies but it was what most in the colonies understood - all humans were exterminated or allowed to live as refugees on their own planet.

"Some humans and Y'vroi are able to happily coexist. It was your kind that revolted against the Y'vroi but perhaps you can join and be one of us."

My mouth dropped in surprise, this is something I had never heard before: humans and Y'vroi living together on this side of the realm. My stomach turned flips, maybe because of surprise but possibly because I had eaten since my mother's meager farewell dinner the night before.

"How?" was all I could muster.

The officer next to me snapped his teeth with his tongue and his lips curled into a wolfish smile showing off his perfect row of white teeth. He had to have been in his mid forties which meant he was my age when everything had changed.

"Sweetheart, it's simple. We decided to join not revolt. Are you planning on revolting?" Perfect Teeth said and I shook my head emphatically.


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