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Nye finds out he has more friends than he thinks.

His touch was firm and strong, but it did not hurt. It did not feel demanding or violent. It simply felt like he knew what he wanted, and what he wanted was her.

So far he did not seem even slightly disappointed.

Lindsey groaned and arched her back under him, reaching down to unzip his pants and return the favor.

She didn't get a chance to rub at his boxers for long, though. Almost as soon as she started to, Devin scooted down and removed her shoes and then her jeans. The entire time, his eyes were locked on hers. There were silent flames in their gaze.

Once she was down to socks and panties, though, Lindsey suddenly felt very vulnerable and nervous again. She knew he could see the shadow of her bush, the outline of her vulva, the wetness of her arousal. She knew he could probably smell her arousal, too. She felt terrifyingly exposed.

That terror vanished quickly, though, as Devin pulled her left sock off and began kissing the top of her foot very gently. He then swirled his tongue around and between her toes. Then he did the same for the other foot. Then, he took her big toe in his mouth, closed his wet lips around it and sucked ever-so gently, swishing his tongue about.

Lindsey groaned and arched her back again. She cupped the tops of her own breasts and kneaded them. It was not as good as his mouth, but it was surprisingly satisfying in this stage of arousal.

Devin did not linger for long on her feet. Once her nervousness was clearly gone again, he slid his mouth down the inside her right leg, all the way up to her inner thigh. He kissed her flesh there and then bit gently at it. Lindsey gasped as he then rotated his head and placed his open mouth against the crotch of her panties and sucked.

There was no more groaning or back-arching. This time she cried out and lunged for him. She had never imagined anything feeling like that. The pleasure was so sharp and so intense, it almost hurt. She pushed him away.

Devin kissed the top of her thigh and rolled the top of her panties down a couple inches, revealing the start of her bush. "It's okay," he assured her. "Just relax, love."

He kissed the top of her other thigh and rolled the panties a little bit further down. "It's okay," he said again. "I just want to see how beautiful you are down there."

Wordlessly, Lindsey lifted her backside from the bed and let him pull her panties the rest of the way off. She bit her lip nervously, waiting for his response.

"So beautiful," he gushed, starting between her legs.

In a flash, his mouth was back at her crotch, this time with no panties intervening. The pleasure was even sharper, even more intense. The intimacy of feeling her boyfriend's mouth on her sex was something she had not been prepared for. She knew people did this. She had not expected to do it and had not anticipated what it would feel like to look down and see the gorgeous man she loved tasting the most secret part of her.

His tongue worked her lips apart with firm strokes. He hummed and breathed and cooed. He told her how good she tasted. How wonderful she smelled. How beautiful she was. He sucked and licked and stabbed with his tongue. Lindsey wanted to push him away, wanted to tell him she couldn't handle this, but she was too lightheaded to do anything more than lay back and squirm. Besides, she was almost as scared of him stopping as she was of him continuing.

The longer his mouth remained active on her, the amore aggressive he became and the more she was reduced to simply thrashing, side to side, up and down, helpless in the clutches of a new pleasure so warm and over-powering that she didn't know how to understand it, let alone control it.

Devin knew, though. He knew how to control her pleasure, and he knew how to read her body's responses. He proved it when he started her by suddenly pulling his mouth off her saying, "Get ready to lose your mind."

"I already have," she assured him, her voice thin and high-pitched.

"No," he said, almost laughing. "You haven't."

And he was right.

For in the next few moments

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