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Mature lady meets old flame and his wife.

She smiled, gave me a kiss and just nodded her head.

"You guys better get out of here she whispered, we'll make sure everything gets cleaned up."

"Jean let's get the heck out of here shall we? I'm tired and need to unwind, how about you?"

"I absolutely agree with you. I'm just glad it's all over."

We walked out of the hall and I directed her to a limo just off to the left.

"I wasn't sure what condition we'd be in after the reception so I rented this," I told her.

"Boy, you sure did think of everything didn't you? It was a nice wedding wasn't it?" my wife inquired leaning back against the seat. "Our little girl is now a married woman," which I think brought a tear to her eye. "Well, it'll be just the two of us now, do you think you'll be able to handle it?"

"I'll try my best," I said opening up a bottle of our favorite wine and pouring us each a glass. "To us," I said touching her wine glass to mine.

"This is nice and I had such a great time even though I was worried something was going to go wrong. I should have known you wouldn't have let that happen."

We had two more glasses each before Jean realized we'd been on the road for about a half hour.

"Boy, it's sure taking a long time to get home, what are you paying him by the mile?" she snickered. With blackened windows Jean didn't have a clue what was going on but when she heard the planes overhead she gave me that look I'd recognize anywhere.

"Here, let's finish this bottle," I said pouring the last drops into her glass. "To our new life." She chugged down the last of it just as the limo stopped.

"Mr. Moore, we're here," he said stepping out of the car.

The driver had all ready gotten the bags out of the trunk and was checking them in with the porter by the time we were out of the back seat.

"We'll take that one with us," I said grabbing a leather backpack and slipping everyone a few twenties.

"Steve, we're at the airport," said a surprised Jean.

"Good, you're still sober. Now lets get a move on, our flight leaves in a half hour and although we're checked in, we still need to get to the gate," I said grabbing her hand.

How often do you see a man and in a tux and a woman in a formal gown scurrying through the airport? I guess we made an impression as most people gave a more than a second glance. Jean kept pelting me with question after question and my only response was I'd tell her everything once we were on the plane.

"To where?" she wanted to know.

"You'll see, but for right now lets get a move on."

We made it through security and to the gate just as they were starting to board the plane. I handed the agent at the gate our two tickets, our driver's licenses and we walked down the corridor on to the plane.

We were in the third row of seats in first class. I helped her into the seat by the window, threw our backpack in the overhead and sat down next to a woman whose eyes were the size of dinner plates.

"Better buckle up we're going to be taking off soon," I said pulling out my own seat belt adjusting it and then clicking it into place. "Wow, we just made it."

"Made it to where? Steve, you're starting to scare me, where are we headed?"

"We're going on our honeymoon silly," I said maybe a little too loudly because the older couple across the aisle was now looking at us. "It's been a hectic day for us, as you can probably imagine," I explained, and the gentleman relayed to his wife that we were newlyweds.

"That is so special. And the two of you look so elegant," his wife told us.

"We just left the reception and are on our way to our honeymoon cottage. I wanted to go on a cruise, but she insisted that she wanted me all to herself. Who am I to disagree with my new bride," I said smiling.

"Sweetheart, remember, don't try to wear him out the first night," she said elbowing her husband.

"Oh my God," Jean said sinking down into her seat trying to hide.

When the cabin steward came by and the older couple said we had just gotten married and were going on our honeymoon, she brought us out

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