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She hires a handy man to fix some things.

"Hi Honey. I have been missing you today. I'm horny and I want you to fuck me right after dinner. I want dinner out of the way because I think we are going to fuck all night."

Wow, what a greeting! I asked if there was anything I could do to help get dinner on the table. She said dinner was ready... just sit down and wait as she would serve me. She disappeared into the kitchen as I sat down at the table.

I looked down and on my plate was a picture. It was a picture of my Mother. My Mother was NUDE! She was posing on all fours with her beautiful ass pointing at the camera and her little titties hanging down. She was looking back over her shoulder at the camera with a grin that said I'm ready to be fucked! I recognized the picture immediately as one of my favorite jack off pictures.

Then Stacey came back into the dining room carrying a tray. She reached up to the tray and brought down another picture of my Mother. Then another and another and another...

"So, Patrick... is there anything you need to tell me about your Mother?"

"I... she... we... I..." I could only stutter.

"It's OK. I'm not mad. Looking at these pictures all afternoon made me horny as hell. Your Mother is gorgeous! And she is almost as kinky as I am! How did you get these pictures? Why haven't you shown them to me before? Have you ever fucked her?"

Wow! What could I tell her? What should I tell her? I wanted to tell her everything, but I was afraid that she would think I was a pervert for wanting to make love to my own mother. But she knew I had the pictures... How much more of a pervert could I be?

I took a deep breath and began telling Stacey the story that I have just related to you. As I spoke, Stacey was clicking through the pictures on the computer. The more I talked and the more she clicked, the hornier we both became.

Soon we were in the bed, my hard dick buried in Stacey's drooling cunt. "God, your Mother makes me hot. Do you think she would let me lick that hairy red pussy? I really want to suck her huge clit. It looks like a miniature of your dick! FUCK ME!"

Suddenly, my fantasy had become Stacey's fantasy. She was on board and wanting my Mother as much as I did.

"Her little titties are so cute. I want to rub my big rack against those little tits and make both our big nipples hard. I bet I could get ALL of her tit meat in my mouth at once. Would you like to see me rub my blond pussy against her red haired cunt?"

My imagination was going a mile a minute as Stacey's monologue about playing with my Mother pushed us both to the pinnacle of our orgasms. Oh how I wanted to see my wife with my Mother... as long as she let me play, too!

After that evening, talking about my Mother became a regular part of our fantasy sex time. Stacey was the one who usually instigated the dirty talk about her. Her favorite way to begin was to say, "Do you want to play nasty with your whore of a Mother?"

We even had many 'serious' talks about actually approaching my Mother about sex with us? We plotted and planned our strategy to get Mom's clothes off of her. Then we were both so turned on that we would fuck like rabbits, bantering back and forth about what we wanted to do with my Mother and what we wanted her to do to us, until we were exhausted.

We planned our vacation that summer as a trip to my parents' home in New York. It would be a two-day drive each way and we planned to stay five to ten days depending on how things went.

The closer we got to vacation time, the more active our fantasies about my mother became. We came up with so many scenarios for bringing my mother into our bed and doing every nasty act that our over active imaginations could conjure up.

Would we have the courage to approach my mother? How would my mother react to our advances? Should I make the initial proposal or should Stacey; or should it be both of us together? What would we do if she said 'NO!'? I was worried that we were both so excited and wound up about sex with my mother that we might rape her if she said n

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