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Charlotte gets cornered in the lift.

As you stood naked before me, there was no sense of modesty, no desire to hide. In that moment, I removed that choice from you, and eased you of that burden.

"Come here and kneel for me, pet," and as you have been carefully trained to do, you came forward and knelt before me as we held each other's eyes. "Good girl," the words wrapped around you like a warm bath as I tenderly stroked your hair. "Turn around, pet. Hands behind your back, and spread your knees. I want you to see yourself." And as you turned to face yourself in the mirror, you saw yourself as I always see you. Radiant, submissive, beautiful, and an object of pure desire. Your nipples were hard and dark in the cool air, your pussy already glistening and wet. I leaned close in your ear and, my breath hot against your neck. "Are you ready, pet? Ready to surrender to me?"

And after a moment you found your voice and answered. "Y-yes Sir," you said. Your voice was thick not with uncertainty, but desire. The collar slipped about your neck, and the soft click of the lock shot through you like cannon fire. You shuddered, and in that moment you were mine.

Now your world is dark as you lay on the bed. The soft creak of leather and the gentle rattle of ice in a glass tell you I am sitting close by. Your senses reach out as they probe through your blindfolded world for any other hint of me and your nostrils flare gently as they half-perceive the faint sillage of my cologne, clean and crisp like the fresh linen on which you lay. At first you are gently startled when I finally speak again, but as I continue, my voice wraps around you with as much warmth and force as my body and my arms. "Now my pet, I want you to do exactly as I say," and we begin.

First, pet, I want you to slowly grind your hips in for me. That's right, I want you to feel the desire and the heat build inside you. I want you to show me how wanton, how hungry you can be. Bring one hand up to your mouth and trace your lips, with your other cup one of your tits and let your thumb slide over the nipple coaxing it to pucker and get hard. Feel your breath ragged against your fingertips. Slip the first two fingers of your hand between your lips and gently fuck your mouth. Feel the longing to have those fingers replaced by my cock. You hear the soft click of the ice in my glass and you are once again very aware that I am watching you.

Take your hardened nipple between your fingers squeezing and kneading it roughly, just as I do. Glide your hand down from your mouth over your body and slip it between your legs, let your fingers hover over your clit, don't touch, not yet! I will tell you when. Let the anticipation build. Lift your breast up and take your nipple between your lips. Now gently nip at it with your teeth and flick your tongue across it.

Now, you may lower your hand onto your pussy but don;t dare finger your clit yet. I want you ask my permission. When you ask nicely, when you can say, "please Sir, may I touch my clit", you may do so. Good girl, you may gently touch your clit, rub it lightly for me, not too hard yet. Keep using your free hand to play with your tits, you know I love to watch you fondle them.

Press your fingers more firmly onto your clit now...circles, up and down. IN a moment I'm going to check your pussy and I want it to be wet enough for me to slip inside effortlessly. You know I like my sluts dripping with desire.

Spread your legs wider and let you are wet slip your fingers inside you. I want to hear your moans. I'm so hard watching you. Fuck your pussy and finger your clit...but do not cum.

Beg, me pet. I want to hear you say "come fuck me Sir, please come fuck me."

The gentle creak of the leather chair is almost lost to you, but you hear it. and the sound of my approach stirs the inner exhibitionist in your. You wiggle and squirm and writhe , moaning and spreading yourself displaying the molten core of your sexual desire.

I there is a quick rattle of the ice in my glass.

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