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Sex on campus, 1970s.

"Do you greet all your guests that way?"

"Nope just you baby." Katy said with a smile and grabbing his hand led him into the family room where Mel lounged watching TV and working on her laptop. "Mel hon, look who's here." Katy said as they entered.

Mel looked up and saw Brandon as she did an odd look almost of joy appeared when she did, but it faded quickly and she said, "Oh it's you."

"Yes, it's him." She said directing Brandon to a seat on the couch near Mel, "Ashley's out of town tonight so I asked him to stay here with us tonight."

"Uh-huh and that would have nothing to do with the large storm that is coming?"

"No it wouldn't!" Katy said a little too quickly Brandon and Mel exchanged glances, "Now if you two will excuse me I got a few things to finish up," Katy said and she left the room. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her wiggle her cute ass a bit as she walked away something Katy always did when she was horny.

The odd thing was that Mel did not seem to notice it. Now there were many things he and Mel disagreed on but Katy's cute butt and body, and Ashley's for that matter, was not one of them. For her to not check Katy out as she left the room told Brandon something was seriously amiss. Thinking back on conversations with Katy and Ashley that week he thought of something and playing a hunch he slid next to the red-head and looked at her screen.

"What are you working on?"

"Just a boring report I would have finished earlier but my condition is not exactly making work easy these days." The 'condition' of which she referred to was that she was six months pregnant. This was also the reason she needed cheering up the past few weeks. As Mel had begun to show she had taken it hard. Mel had always kept her body in almost perfect shape. Now through the natural process of pregnancy, it was well, less than perfect in her mind.

Brandon marveled at the woman carrying his baby. In his mind she was immensely beautiful. If anything the pregnancy had added to her femininity and for someone six months pregnant she looked really good. She had hardly gained any extra weight except where it was supposed to be added. Namely her tits had increased several cups sizes and were getting close to rivaling Katy's each day. Then there was of course her swollen belly.

Brandon rubbed it gently and looked at Mel before softly speaking to the baby, "Mommy didn't mean that Leah. She and Daddy love you very much." Mel looked angry and he said, "I don't care what you think of me at the moment Mel you will not speak about our daughter that way. You chose to have her, so stop being all pissy about this."

To his surprise she just nodded then said, "Sorry, you're right I didn't mean to get upset it's just this is making things hard and I feel like a blimp..."

"You're beautiful." Brandon said cutting her off.

"I am not, look at me!" she said incredulously indicating her mid section.

"Hey, that is my baby in there and if I want to think its mother is beautiful then I will, okay. As for the other region I dare say I'm not alone in thinking those make you more attractive. Face it Melissa you are one hot mom-to-be."

Brandon then leaned in and kissed the unsuspecting red-head on the lips and found her more responsive than would be expected. Mel then broke the kiss in anger and pushed him away. She then shut her laptop and rose quickly and started to storm off saying, "Oh no buddy not today I maybe carrying your baby but..."

"Missy stop." Brandon said cutting her rant off. He did not say it loud, but he did say it firm. Immediately Mel stopped talking and froze in her tracks. Brandon smiled to himself. All of it now made sense to him he had been right about her foul mood. It seemed that Mel's submissive persona, Missy, had been behind Mel's recent disgruntled behavior. "Just as I suspected. Missy, come here." Obediently the red-head walked back to the couch and when Brandon patted his lap she sat down on it.

"Yes Master?" she asked timidly.

"You've been a naughty girl haven't you Missy?" h

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