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Leann Wants More.

I press inside from behind.. and she feels....gooey. Really wet, but also very gooey. She clearly didn't clean up after her cheating. I slide easily inside her, and quite honestly don't have much feeling. Fucking Lana's stretched out pussy after Raquel's tight little thing is a real eye-opener.

I begin to fuck her, holding her hips tight. It's like fucking a warm jar of mayonnaise.

"You like that, don't you?" I say, half taunting.

Realizing that she's supposed to like it, even though she probably feels about as much as I do, she starts to halfheartedly moan.

Fucking her hard, listening to her fake moans, was just pissing me off. I needed to cum, but my wife's once-perfect body wasn't doing it for me.

"You're a slut, fucking in your friend's bathroom. Showing everybody your tits in the hot tub. You're a slut, always posing for pictures with a cock in your mouth, or one in your pussy."

"Yeah, I'm a slut" she breathes almost silently

"How should I treat a slut like you?"

"Oh baby, cum inside me, just cum in me."

Gripping her hips tight, I go for the dagger "I can't, Lana, you're not tight enough."

She tries to pull away as she gasps at my remark, but I hold her tight and continue to fuck that loose pussy.

"What the fuck? It's not my fault you have a small dick."

This fucking BITCH. I fuck her harder, not caring if I hurt her.

"You can be a real bitch, you know. That's some bullshit."

Lana is silent, fuming. I continue to fuck her as hard as I can, finally feeling my orgasm building.

She stops struggling and just takes it, until finally I find my release, and add my cum to the load (loads?) already deposited there earlier.

I pull out, dress quickly and then turn to her.

"I'm leaving. Maybe you can ask your fuck buddy for a rid home." Then I slam the door in her face and walk down, out to my car, and drive home alone.

My wife fucking cheated on me. This wasn't like before. It wasn't for pictures. It wasn't at my request. It wasn't on a bet. It was pure lust, and she fucked another man. Fuck her.

Our weekly photo shoots have become a constant in our lives. Once a week, Cliff comes over, and I take a ton of hot photos with he & my wife. Lana schedules everything, and we never miss a week.

Today though, was different, We were going to visit Cliff and Raquel (his wife) as a couple. We hadn't visited in awhile, and it was really awkward last time. I'm nervous, but hoping that it will go a little better this time. Or maybe I want more of the same - it was horrible but fucking wild last time...

Anyway, we're just out of the shower and getting dressed. Lana pulls out her favorite bikini - a black string number. The top is just a pair of tiny triangles that barely cover her tiny nipples. Since her breasts are so tiny, she doesn't really need any support. The bottoms are a half - thong design - they leave the bottom half of her round ass bare.

"Just in case we go for a dip, I don't want any surprises like last time."

Last time, of course, she went in the hot tub quite naked, and I'm sure that was the cause of the rest of our evening.

I keep my (reluctant) disappointment to myself, and hand over my board shorts, and Lana puts both suits in her purse. She then goes off to do her makeup, leaving me to finish dressing.

In a moment of... I don't know. Spite? Stupidity? Horniness? I fish around in her purse, pull out her tiny bikini top... and put it back in her drawer. I left her bottoms and my suit.

In any case, we finish dressing and putting ourselves together, and she looks amazing as usual. She chose a skintight leather miniskirt that barely covered her. She also, the little slut, skipped the panties, and she had no need for a bra under her also-skin tight black tank top. I was rock hard already, and the evening hadn't even started.

Somehow, we make it over to our friends' house without me attacking Lana.

We arrive and are greeted by our longtime friends - Cliff gives Lana a big hug - wrapping his hands around her tiny waist and lifting her in the air.

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