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Donny and Jane share a trip down Mammary Lane.

People are milling around everywhere and there's constant movement of vehicles. The reality of our highly public meeting place is a shock to the system. We'll get precious little privacy.

"Relax, no-one here knows me," I remind myself but my actions are going to be witnessed by someone, it's inevitable, and even my 'slut' persona baulks at exhibitionism. "Here we go," I breathe.

Smiling bravely, I smooth down my tousled hair, slip my stilettoes on, and step out into the sunshine. The searing midday rays beat down on me as I strike a pose for my approaching lover.

His smile widens. "You're beautiful," he declares, looking me up and down, "stunning."

Those make my whole body tingle. "So are you."

Stepping towards me he takes me into his arms, enveloping me in our first ever embrace. I've longed for this moment and dissolve into him, my face resting upon his broad shoulders. Heat radiates from his skin and my nostrils are filled with the intoxicating scent of testosterone.


My breath escapes in a satisfied sigh as he takes my face in his hands and kisses me. The first kiss is tender; the second not so as physical contact ignites his hunger for carnal pleasures. His lips press down hard upon mine and his tongue probes my mouth.

Every nerve tingling with excitement, my hands wander inside his shirt. I feel the softness of his skin, the coarseness of his hair and the sticky sweat beading upon him. I crave the taste of his salty flesh and, as I'm here to be a slut, I don't hold back. Breaking our kiss, I sink my lips into his neck and suck greedily. He's delicious, every bit as mouth-watering as I'd imagined.

"Easy, no marks," he breathes nervously.


No marks, of course. His words are a cold reminder that our rendezvous is illicit. My mask slips and guilt hammers at my conscience. It bangs loudly, threatening to overpower me, but I won't let it. I'm determined to get what I came for.

"Shall we?" I purr opening the rear door of my car.

"Oh yes."

My lover clambers onto the back seat, trousers already unbuckled. He settles back, frees his cock and strokes it expectantly.

Time is restricted, limited by alibis that will crumble if not rigidly kept. Foreplay is a luxury we can't afford and, besides, I want the main course. My lover's cock is magnificent - long, thick and purple with blood. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Quivering with excitement I dive into the car and throw myself upon him. God I fucking want him!

There's precious little room in my car but we find a way to grope each other and fondle as much bare flesh as we dare expose. The buttons on my dress are soon undone, exposing my lace clad breasts.

"Oh Babe, that's sexy," he groans.

I knew he'd be impressed. Our bodies lock together and perspiration pours off us as the temperature rises. Key still in the ignition, I contemplate climbing over the seats to activate the air-conditioning but I can't tear myself away from my lover, not even for a moment. Heat be dammed, all I care about is taking my fill of carnal delights.

The hot, musky scent of pre-cum fills my nostrils. How I'm missed that aroma, I've craved it. Heart hammering in my chest, I manoeuvre my body, wriggling downwards until I can suck his swollen cockhead into my scorching mouth.

Mmm...he tastes exquisite. His cock pulsates, the throbbing veins pressing against my tongue. I taste his skin, the flavour of soap faintly discernible amidst the sticky sweetness of pre-cum. The flavours drive me wild. Lips sealing around his tip I suck down hard, licking and slurping, my scorching body writhing.

Groans rumble in my lover's throat. "Fuck, if you keep doing that I'm going to come."

"Not yet," I gasp releasing him.

It's too soon. I want to feel him inside me, I'm desperate for it. Wriggling my ass I sit astride him, my dress hitched up round my waist. I want to slide my pussy down over that thick cock of his, feel the friction as it strokes my slick tunnel. I try to manoeuvre into position but can't get close enough.

"Sweetheart, you need to..."

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