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Sold into a sex ring, she meets the gaze of a blue-eyed man.

"She sucked me like that for about ten minutes, just slowly building the tension. My dick was as long and hard as it had ever been. Finally, she lifted her head up from my lap and looked me in the eyes. She told me to lay all the way down on my back." At this point, I reclined back onto the dorm bed, just like I'd done in the Jacuzzi suite that night. Jane was also on her back by now, with her feet up on the wall and her legs spread wide.

"She got out of the water and came around to straddle my head. She lowered her pussy to my mouth, and I started slurping it right away." I remembered the fresh smell of her pussy, clean and moist from the bubbly water, but still with its normal delicious taste. "Then she leaned forward and got her mouth wrapped back around my cock. But now that she was coming from above, so to speak, it curved much more easily down her throat!"

I held my cock in my reversed fist, thumb down, and remembered the awesome feeling of being deep-throated on the side of the Jacuzzi. I started pumping for all I was worth, my other hand polishing the knob in time with my strokes. My hips were starting to leave the bed as my back arched. I could hear Jane's breathing becoming ragged on the other bed.

"She gobbled me and sucked me and played with my balls. She took me out of her mouth and sucked me back in, over and over. She teased my slit with her tongue and lightly scraped her teeth over my rim. She pulled out all the stops, giving me the most erotic blowjob she could offer up, all the while grinding her sweet pussy on my face."

I felt my orgasm ready to begin, so I quickly stopped pumping and squeezed my shaft tight. The story wasn't ready to end yet! Jane looked at me expectantly.

"She could tell I was almost ready to cum, just like I am now, so she stopped and squeezed my cock until things calmed down a bit. Then she got off of my face and stood up and motioned me toward the bed. She laid me down on my back and straddled me, sinking down onto my cock, cowgirl style. Her pussy was dripping wet from all my licking, and my cock was on fire. I almost blew a load just sliding into her! But I held on and let her work up a rocking rhythm on me."

I was again pumping my cock with both fists, my back arching and hips humping the air. Jane was sawing three fingers in and out of her pussy, her feet still on the wall and pointing toward the ceiling.

"Then she reached behind her with one hand and started massaging my balls. It felt incredible. She reached her other hand forward and started pinching my nipples at the same time, one after another. At first she pinched them gently, but then she started squeezing tighter and tighter."

I only had one hand to spare, so I couldn't massage my balls and pinch my nipples at the same time. So I opted for the nipples; while my right hand continued to pound my pud, I grabbed my right nipple with my left thumb and forefinger and squeezed for all I was worth. I actually made myself scream out, just like I had done that night in the hotel room.

It was getting hard to talk. "She... she... she kept rocking on my cock.... and squeezing my nipples... my entire body was on fire... I was so close to the edge... and then, uh... "

I was really close to spraying a load all over the dorm room, with my fist flying on my cock and my nipple raging in delicious pain. But I had to finish the story!

"And then... she flung herself forward and attacked my mouth with hers. When her tongue invaded my mouth, it was just the final sensation. I came like a mother fucker as her hips kept bucking!" And with that, I screamed and launched a giant rope of cum straight up over the dorm bed. It came straight back down onto my cock, which continued to squirt. I took my other hand away from my nipple and used both hands to keep massaging my cock; it kept oozing cum for several minutes, and then finally stopped twitching.

I looked over at Jane.

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