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" My use of "girl" or "sweet girl" was quite deliberate, denoting whether I was pleased with her or not. She flinched at the change in my tone.

I waited, giving her a chance to voice a protest or plea, but she remained silent. I smiled. "The offense was small, so a small punishment," I assured her. "I will offer you a choice. I can leave you as you are, unrestrained, and deliver only ten with the paddle to your buttocks, but you must keep still throughout. If you move or attempt to evade a strike, I will add another, continuing until you reach the end without additional movement or when the total reaches thirty, whichever comes first. Or, you may instead request to be restrained, in which case I will administer exactly twenty."

She whimpered. Neither option was pleasant, of course, but requiring such a decision brought the terror I sought. My cock twitched, swelled. "If you do not choose," I continued, "I will do both." The incentive. I started a slow countdown from ten.

When I reached three, she blurted, "I wish to be restrained, Master!"

"A wise choice." First, I drew a discipline mark on the back of her neck. Then, I attached her ankles at once to the rings in the table and guided her arms up and out and connected her wrist cuffs as well so that she was spread-eagle. She would be feeling quite helpless. She whimpered again, tested her bonds. I then selected a wooden paddle, longer and wider than my hand and polished to a shiny finish, with a comfortable, leather-wrapped grip. I tapped her buttocks lightly, drew my arm back, and struck fairly hard on her right buttock. She wailed, and a lovely red splotch appeared. A second strike, this time to the left buttock, with similar results. I continued at a steady pace, alternating buttocks, keeping a silent count. Her cries melded together into one long scream of pain, and her hips rose up as she fought her bonds. She would not have been able to keep still, and by the time I reached the final strike, she must have known she'd made the right choice.

Not once did she plead for mercy or beg me to stop.

"All done, sweet girl," I murmured, rubbing her hot flesh with the palm of my hand. She shuddered, sweating, trying in vain to calm her sobs. Perhaps I had been too harsh. "Now I shall release you, and when you are free, you will move backward until your feet touch the floor, then stand up." I gave her another minute to collect herself. I started with her right wrist and made my way around the table, unhooking her cuffs. When her final limb was freed, she began to slide backward, rather tentatively. Her feet reached the end and she grew more confident, though she had no idea how high the table was. I had carried her from it last night.

Her feet reached the floor sooner than she expected, and she pushed herself to standing, legs trembling, holding the table for support.

"As before, we'll begin with the mouth," I said. "Kneel up."

She wrinkled her brow. Perhaps she did not understand the term? She lowered herself to her knees, feeling for the rugs with her hands, waiting for further instructions.

I took pity on her. "Kneel up. Up. Do not sit on your heels."

Finally, understanding dawned, and she straightened her body and let her arms hang at her sides.

"Good." I stepped close enough that her nose nearly brushed my belt buckle. "I am wearing a belt with a simple buckle. Open it."

Confusion again. Her responsibilities last night had been largely passive, and she had spent a great deal of time restrained. Now, though, she had to be an active participant in her own torment. But, she should be aware that she was also to be an active participant in her own pleasure, if she was cooperative. She felt for me, and her touch was like a bolt of energy, stiffening my cock further as her fingers skimmed over the growing bulge. She found the buckle and opened it with a deft hand. I began unbuttoning my own shirt and let it fall from my arms while she awaited my next command.

"Now my trousers. Find the buttons."

Delicate fingers teased my cock again as she searched

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