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Jasmine learns a new role.

She was dying now; this was too much. As Tony's tongue snaked between her pussy lips, his nose brushed her clit. She pressed her pussy harder against his face, pinched her nipples so hard it hurt, causing her ass to pound enthusiastically against the desk. The judge pumped the gavel in and out of Tony's ass faster, urging him to pick up his pace by the action. He twisted the gavel and Tony bit down hard on Angela's clit. Poor Angela saw sparks, bucked hard against Tony's mouth, and opened her mouth in a silent scream as she flooded Tony's mouth and covered his face with warm sticky pussy juice. Her body moved in wavelike motions as she came, grasping at his tongue and squeezing tightly.

The judge, hard again, shoved Tony aside and plunged his cock into her clutching pussy. Angela's legs scissored around his waist, held him tight, as he pounded into her. Her vision blurred as he fucked her harder - she could feel her pussy walls stretching, straining from his girth. Her breasts heaved as she pulled and slapped at her own nipples. She still had no voice, no ability to make sound, and her body was over sensitized, on fire.

The judge braced one hand on the desk and reached down with the other and thumbed her clit, rubbing it as hard and fast as he could as he pumped his cock into her. Her pussy juiced, providing much needed lubrication, as she lay on the desk whimpering. He slapped her clit hard and an explosion ignited. Her legs snapped shut, her pussy clutching him hard, and she overflowed, juice running out of her pussy and pooling on the desk. A low, deep groan bubbled out of her throat as she slumped against the desk, spent.

Judge Evers withdrew his cock, still rock hard, and looked over at Tony. He lay sprawled on the floor, the gavel still buried in his ass.

"Get over there!" he gestured toward his big leather desk chair.

Tony rose shakily to his feet and walked to it gingerly.

"Put your hands on its arms and bend your head."

Tony felt the gavel yanked out of his abused ass. His legs wobbled, almost buckled, but he managed to stay standing.

"Mr. Linn, do you WANT to make me happy?" Judge Evers asked in a soothing, understanding tone.

"Yes," Tony mumbled almost incoherently.

"Say it like you mean it," the judge said in the same tone, slapping Tony's ass sharply.

"Yes," Tony said again, trembling this time.

"I asked if you wanted to make me HAPPY, Mr. Linn," Judge Evers demanded, slapping Tony's ass several more times.

"Oh God, yes. Please stop!" Tony pleaded.

The judge placed his cock head at Tony's asshole. "Do you really want to please me?"

"Yes, I do. I really do," Tony assured him.

"And what do you think would do that?" he taunted.

"Y-your cock in my ass. You want to fuck me," Tony whined.

The judge slapped him harder. "Exactly! Beg me to let you please me."

"P-p-p-p-please sir, put your cock in my ass..."

Judge Evers slapped him mercilessly until Tony's ass was bright red and throbbing."

"Are you sure?" he asked pleasantly.

"Oh god, please fuck me, please let me bring you pleasure," Tony babbled. "Just don't hit me again, plea...ughhhhhh!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely," the judge said smiling, leaning forward until his thick cock head popped in. Tony's head slumped against the seat of the big leather chair and a moan, half pain/half pleasure, erupted out of him. The judge slowly worked all seven inches into his ass. Tony writhed as the swollen cock parted him, his ass gobbling it hungrily. When the judge's pubic hair rubbed his tender ass he winced. Judge Evers pulled all the way out and slammed back in, all the way to the base. Tony groaned.

The judge turned to Angela, stirring on the desk. "Help our friend out here honey; make it a little easier for him."

Angela slid off the desk and crawled under the two men, her breasts swaying heavy and pendulous as she got between Tony and the chair.

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