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An online D/s relationship becomes reality.

quiet because of next door hearing he have my orgasm?

"Hmmm!" I say, well I am struggling to speak, I can only dribble! But yes her sex last week was good!

"Tough!" she says "I see you are salivating, because you like what you see in front of you, don't you, because you love a petite little missy, you dirty boy! Dirty little fuck toy" I nod and smirk a little, I can't do much more.

"Unlucky!" She says, grabbing a length of white rope off the table, she hooks it through the little chain links in the cuffs, giving each cuff another click while she's there, just to make them slightly tighter again, I told her I like cuffs which are gradually tightened. My dick is hard wet and I'm totally horny, dripping my pre-cum in ribbons of lace.

She grabs the end of the rope and stands on the dining chair, reaching up and looping the rope to a hook in the ceiling. My arms are raised high above my head, she pulls my clothing apart to expose me as much of me as possible, dropping my shorts to the ground. My shirt is open and my trousers and underwear against the ground. She's hot! She stands in front of me and starts to strip her clothes, first her skinny jeans showing me her body, gorgeous milky white smooth legs, frilly black lacy panties cover her, she takes off her top, bra and socks, just standing there in panties! I'm quite unable to do anything, damn she looks too hot, plus I want to fuck her NOW! But instead she reaches up and clicks at both my bracelets again, they are getting tighter!

She slaps the palm of her hand against my erect and happy cock, slapping me a few more times and having a squeeze too, as if I'm not hard enough already! Pulls out a piano black glossy vibrator and starts to rub it over the front of her panties. Then she switches it on and I hear the buzz, I think I smell her bonbon pussy too, the fruity lady odour I tasted and lapped my tongue at last week! She's rubbing the toy up and down into the crease, then she gives it a little go against her nipples. Taking off all her clothing, I can see her totally nude, gorgeous creamy body right there.

"James" she calls, "James!"... What? I think to myself? Who's this James?? Suddenly a 'random' man walks into the room, "this is James" she says looking directly at me. "He's an awesome lover, and he's going to fuck me tonight!" "That's right, lover-boy and you will be helpless and hard!" She leads him by the hand to the rug in the centre and undoes and slides off his belt buckle. "Hahaha" she exclaimed naughtily, pulling this man by his denim loops up toward her lips and against her hips, kissing him full on the face, kissing him hard in front of me, with tongues, ravenously with her ambitious passion! His crutch is against her tiny form.

"James has waited a month to fuck me, this is the first time he gets to fuck me, I've teased him for a month for a jungle fuck on my rug, he's been ordered not to masturbate; so he's got lots of sperm to shoot into me."

She pulls her panties right over to one side and James gets down and starts kissing and licking at her cute little shaved silky pussy, I see her gorgeous folds pulled wide apart and stretched for his pleasure, I see that gorgeous pink webbed labia all lubricated for this man. She is fucking hot!

"But you can't watch!" she exclaims, pausing a second! Reaching over to the table again she passes a patterned silk scarf to this man, "cover his eyes completely" she says, he reaches up and obeys her, wraps the scarf around my head a few times, covering my eyes completely, I'm just standing there exposed and blindfolded.

"Click his cuffs!" she says, and then they click and go even tighter, quite tight not against my wrist bone, a little uncomfortable. Someone smacks my cock but a bit harder this time.

"Keep it hard loverboy!" she jests. I feel another belt, this man's belt being placed around my legs, just above the knee, buckled tightly! I feel soft and warm lips at the tip of my penis, someone is going to suck me off! A little kiss then that's it!

They start kissing full on again; I can hear.


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