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She meets a mysterious stranger in the night.

And then, she realized she could wrap her hand around my thickness! She did, and squeezed, relaxed and squeezed again, making me groan and pull my mouth from hers. And slowly, she started to stroke me, her fingers making a tunnel which slid up and down. When she touched the tip I jumped and sighed, and she kissed me again, harder, her other hand squeezing my arm to tell me she knew.

But she quickly realized her movement was restricted by the briefs; I felt her hand clawing at the waist band, trying to push it down. And I reached down and helped her until it was around my thighs. My erection had popped free and slapped against my stomach, but now it stood tall and proud and she quickly regained her grip on me. And unrestrained, she began to stroke, harder, faster, testing her grip, gauging my reactions.

But then she released me, and I felt her hand fumbling its way, until it closed, gently, around my balls. She sighed and explored, feeling their weight and size and shape, learning what would make me gasp. But even though my focus was now centered on one eight inch section of my body, I dimly realized that she was still rocking against my thigh, and I could feel her soft skin, the bulging mound, and soft curly ringlets moving against me.

And most of all, the wetness. She was dripping, and it slowly oozed its way down over my skin. But of course it was lubrication, and it made us smooth and slippery so she could move easier, harder, faster. Now she was groaning, more loudly than I was, her breath coming in gasps, and the movements of her hand on me became uneven, out of rhythm. We moved together, my hips pumping, hers pressing her legs tightly against mine, her hand now tight around me but still moving, pulling, tugging, and finally, just hanging on.

The word barely made it past her lips. "Daddy!" And suddenly, she convulsed, her body twisting and turning as it ground hard back and forth against my leg, bucking, and her fingers dug into my arm as she mewed, then cried then growled as another orgasm smashed through her. And her grip on me tightened unbearably. And suddenly, I exploded in her hand! My hot seed shot up and showered us both, then ran down, over her hand, coating her fingers. My hips bucked in slow motion, rising and falling, and I groaned and grunted, barely able to breath.

Somehow my life changed in that moment. I couldn't bear not to touch her now, and I reached down and grabbed her, pulling her on top of me. And as we kissed, lips slowly grinding, moans filling each other's mouths, my arms held her tight and my hands were everywhere, up and down her back, over her sweet cheeks, squeezing, grinding, caressing.

When the heat of our conflagration finally lessened I felt it in the pit of my stomach; the guilt, the feeling of being so wrong. I whispered, "God, Kitten, what have we done?" But my grip on her never lessened.

"Daddy, please. That was the most wonderful moment of my life! Enjoy it with me. Enjoy me! Be happy for us both. Oh daddy, I love you!"

"I love you, Kitten." And in that moment, I felt it was true, and not just in the way it was supposed to be.

We lay still for a long time, and I began to relax, even feel drowsy in the aftermath of my lust. She slid off of me, then put an arm across and put her head on my chest and sighed. I put an arm around her to hold her there. What was done was done. We slept.

But not for too long, of course. When she stirred, I was instantly awake, senses on full alert. And the memories, vivid now, came flashing back in an instant! She sighed, still asleep, but I tightened my grip on her instinctively, now needing her touch, the feel of her body on mine. I lay still and my mind churned. The guilt, the recriminations, all the things I should be feeling were there somewhere, but I just couldn't find them, bring them into sharp agonizing focus.

Instead I kissed her forehead and ran my hands slowly over her back, luxuriating in the feel of her smooth, soft skin.

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