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How to train a man to love cunnilingus.

She sucked that little bit of my head through my wet shorts until-

"Time." Mona got up and walked back to her spot. My cock strained against my boxers, which now sported a giant spot that was a mix of saliva and precum. God, I needed more. On my next turn, I was asking for a handjob or a blowjob and I didn't care who or how, as long as I got off. But now it was Mona's turn, and she picked Meg.

"Dare," replied Meg.

"Hmm, why don't you get..." she paused, "No, I've got an even better idea! Why don't you and your brother jerk off and stop when somebody cums, so whoever gets off first wins!"

"Great idea!" said Meg knowingly.

"Hey, hey, this was Meg's dare," I said.

"Our game, our rules, bro. Besides, it'll be so fun, won't it?" She walked toward me, pulling her shorts down. "Now off with your boxers."

"That wasn't part of the dare either," I said, standing up to walk over to the wall so I could lean my back against it.

"We wanna see you stroke it!" Mona cried.

"Yeah, we'll do it for you if you don't wanna, bro." Elise and Meg already had their thumbs hooked around either side of my waistband. Before I knew it, my cock had sprung free as the boxers hit the floor. Now they saw their creation in all of its glory. Well, it wasn't like they didn't know I was completely hard before. I sighed and sat down against the wall and Meg joined me.

I resignedly squeezed my cock, still apprehensive despite my inebriation. I started stroking, stealing glances at Elise and Mona who were transfixed by my performance. But I tried to keep my gaze downward. Meg started to moan. I looked over and saw her -- shorts bunched around her knees, hand down her panties. Her nipples were poking through her light t-shirt. She looked so strange, sitting there fingering herself. No, I didn't want to know what my sister looked like when she masturbated. I tried instead to concentrate on Mona and Elise's cleavage, but I couldn't help looking over at Meg every so often.

I was so horny. This was it, this was my chance for relief. Instead of stroking myself timidly, I should try to get off. I mean, I would have liked to get one of the girls to do it for me, but I needed to cum. I had to beat Meg, so I started beating myself off like mad. The other two began to run their hands over their shorts now. Yes, that got me even closer. My balls tightened -- it wouldn't be long.

"Oh, I'm cumming!" shouted Meg with the worst timing possible. She writhed in pleasure and closed her eyes as her orgasm took hold. It was so hot, but she was my sister. God, I was grossing myself out, especially because I was right on edge now watching her cum. Fuck it, I had to blow. I kept stroking despite the rule, but the other two yelled "Stop!"

"Just lemme go a little more," I said.

"They said 'stop!'" Meg had woken from her orgasm and slapped my hand away from my dick. I grumbled. "Our game, our rules." ---

After we cooled down for a bit, we tried to work out whose turn it was now. Elise suggested we do rock paper scissors and Meg won, so she picked Mona and dared her to give me lapdance.

I sat in the chair Meg brought over to me as Mona approached. She planted herself right in my lap, pushing against my exposed hardness. I felt her lips pucker against my chest, making soft little popping noises until she reached my nipple and played with it using her tongue. Then, the real thing started. She began by slowly rocking back and forth on my lap, steadily increasing in speed until she was thrusting her hips in and out at a quick tempo. My cock was all over the place. It slapped against her stomach, it was pressed on by her panty-covered lips, it was rubbed by her soft, round ass. She put her arms around my neck and leaned further into me, so now her overflowing bosom was pressing right against my chest on every forward thrust. I couldn't help but look down to see both what she was doing to my member and to take advantage of the incredible view of her cleavage.

"I can feel how much you like that.

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