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Steamy sex and romance with a hot stranger in Paris.

"Oh," she moaned quietly, and I covered her mouth with mine again.

I had to have her, but the Faire site probably wasn't the most ideal place to do it. I was too horny to stop now though – my hand had been my only companion in the months since Tonya had first asked for a divorce; and there was no way in hell that this opportunity was getting away from me!

Her hand hadn't stopped stroking my cock through my clothes, and I could feel a substantial wet spot seeping through from the tip of my erection. I eased over on my side, leaning against one of the pillows, and Donna followed me over, reaching for the knot of the belt she had wrapped around me at the start of the day. She licked her lips as she released the ends of the belt, and pulled the loose waistband out and down as my hard cock popped free.

"Oh, my!" She grinned as she stroked me from bottom to top, and back again. "When word of this monster gets around, you may be beating them off with a stick!" My cock when fully erect is only 7", but is well proportioned and probably looks bigger then it really is on my 5'7" frame. I've certainly only heard good things about it over the years. Her hand was barely touching it as she stroked it slowly up and down. I groaned, and she moved her fingertips softly around my slit, smearing the slick pre-cum around the head.

She looked up at me, delicately holding my cock inches from her mouth. "You really haven't been with anyone since Tonya? And you're clean?"

"No, yes," I gasped. "I mean…"

She must have figured out what I meant, as she silenced me with a slow lick over the head of my dripping cock. "Ummm, tasty." She opened wider, and slid my cock across her tongue as she looked up at me, her eyes almost closed with pleasure.

"Not here," I started; trying to remember where Donna had said she lived, wondering if my roommates were home or not.

She took a firmer grip on me, and drew back her head for a moment. "I want this now – we can take our time later on." Keeping her eyes locked on mine, she slowly took me into her mouth, her tongue dancing around my cock. I moaned, keeping myself still, letting her set her own pace.

"God, yes," I moaned, as my cock touched the top of her throat, and she backed off, humming lightly. My hand twisted in her hair, drawing out of her mouth, and then fucking her mouth with just the first inch or so of my cock, building up the sensation before letting her take the lead once more.

My first blowjob since my separation, and it was one of the best of my life. Donna slowly let me slide out of her mouth, tonguing the slit of my cock. She slid down, licking my balls and drawing them one at a time into her mouth as she continued to stroke my spit slick cock with her hand. Her fingers moved faster as she lowered her mouth to my cock once again, drawing me into her hot, wet mouth.

Donna sucked harder, her cheeks turning concave as her head bobbed up and down, her hand reaching under my balls to cup them and press her fingertip hard on my perineum.

"Holy!" I gasped, my orgasm, which I thought was still minutes away, came boiling up. "I'm cumming!"

I tried to stay quiet as a huge blast of semen shot into her waiting mouth. I felt as if I would never stop cumming, one blast after another jetting out of me. Donna drew back, keeping the head of my cock in her mouth as she continued to pump and suck on my pulsing cock, swallowing to keep her mouth from overfilling with my seed. I pulled her hand away as I became too sensitive, and she let my cock start to soften in her mouth, her tongue gently caressing me as I shrank and became soft.

"There, think that will tide you over for a bit?" She smiled, delicately wiping a line of cum dripping down from her mouth with her finger, and then sucking her finger clean.

"That was incredible!" I leaned down and kissed her, drawing her up against me.

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