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Son rubs Mom's feet, sucks her toes, & gives her a massage.

He told her he was going to search her luggage. He did this most thoroughly. Removing every item from her rucksack. Flashing through Charlotte's mind was that Jason- the fucking moron, she would never have taken any kind of drug if it weren't for him- might have hidden some more in her rucksack as a surprise goodbye present. However the inspection did not reveal anything that would get her into further trouble.

The officer explained to her that for smuggling a small quantity of cannabis into Salvador the penalty was a $50 fine. He was emphatic that he would give her a receipt for that much. His tone was kindly, although only a couple of years older than her, it was in the manner of a popular teacher explaining to a pupil the need for a deserved punishment. Charlotte almost wanted to hug him she was so relieved. She handed over the money and a stamped form was given to her.

There was however a sting in the tail. He would have to search her before he could release her. Normally that would be done by his female assistant, but she was not on duty for another six hours. So Charlotte would have to stay in the cell here. Infinitely better than forty years in prison though it was, the prospect still did not appeal to Charlotte. Seeing her face fall, the officer continued, saying she could agree to him searching her instead. Charlotte hesitated. She was unsure quite what the search would involve and doubted her Spanish was up to finding out. It would presumably only be a touch down of her body she hoped, or come to think of fit did she hope that.

"Si, usted me busca" she said giving her consent to the search almost involuntarily. He nodded. Rather ominously he locked the door. He ran his hands through Charolotte's straight shoulder length dark hair, somewhat perfunctorily establishing nothing was hidden there. He asked her to raise her arms and ran his finger along her bare arms. Quite how this could locate drugs was beyond Charlotte, but the sensation was pleasant. He wasn't stroking her as a lover might but the gentle tapping was enough to remind her of how aroused she had ben not so long ago.

"Quita su camiseta" he said next pointing to her teeshirt. So, realised Charlotte, the search was to be more intimate than she had expected. A stiffening of her nipples made clear that her body, if not her dignity, had no objections. He walked behind her and explored every inch of her back. Perhaps some smugglers could conceal things under their skin, she thought, or perhaps he is just enjoying a good feel. He then came to the front and did the same to her tummy and shoulders.

Then, giving Charlotte the answer to what she had been wondering, "Su sosten, por favor". Charlotte hoped she gave no sign of eagerness as she took her bra off. Her full breasts dropped a little as they were released. He looked at them and then his eyes met her. She knew from the look that the erect state of her nipples had not been lost on him. He smiled, a smile which seemed to convey both authority and uncertainty. She felt he knew no more than her how this encounter would end.

He applied the same gentle tapping to her breasts as he hd to the rest of her body. He put his hand under each- well maybe a small joint could have been lodged there. The tapping on her nipples made her gasp, "Siento" he apologised. He picked up her teeshirt and bra, quickly inspected them, and indicated that she should put them back on.

"Su zapatas" he ordreed next, and Charlotte took of her sandals. He pointed to a chair and she sat down while he lifted each foot and thoroughly inspected them. She found his fingers gently probing between her toes surprisingly erotic. It had been along time since a man had given such obscure parts of body attention. Jason's sexual repertoire was distinctly limited. She thought of his frank admission- I am a tits and fanny man- and contrasted it with what the customs officer must be like in bed.

Saying nothing he touched the button of her jeans and nodded.

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