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He catches fiancée with her ex-lover & enjoys the show.


We walked back outside and Steve asked me to turn the ignition key. Sitting in my seat, the short denim skirt rode up high on my long, toned thighs. A flash of my white g-string was clearly visible below the hem of the skirt. Steve fumbled with the bonnet release latch in the foot well, his face only inches away from my naked legs as he crouched down. I spread my legs slightly, hoping he'd catch more of a glimpse of my panties as he stood up. His gaze lingered for a second as he turned to ask, "Keep the car in neutral, and gently press down on the accelerator for me please."

He stood at the front of the car, listening while I revved the engine. The regular knocking noise soon started up. Over the noise of the engine he shouted, "That'll do now, come round and I'll show you the problem." I got out and walked round to stand next to him. Pointing towards a black plastic cylinder with six black leads coming out of it, he said, "The distributor seems to be a bit cock-eyed. It shouldn't be sitting like that. Just look under there and you'll see it's not been screwed in properly." I bent over to look under the cylinder to where he was pointing. My chest pressed against the dirty, oily engine and I knew that my next flashing episode could begin!

As I stood up, I looked down at my once-clean yellow boob-tube and gasped, "Oh no - this top's ruined - look at me!" Steve obliged and stared at my breasts. The material was filthy with thick black smudges all over it. I was surprised to see how erect my nipples were, clearly straining outwards against the tight confines of the top. I tried rubbing at the stains, but they only smudged more. I blurted out, "I'm going out for lunch in an hour - I've got to get this top clean somehow."

Steve thought for a second and offered, "We've got a washroom out in the back. You could use some of the cleaner we use - that usually gets the oil out."

"I'll give it a go, where is it?"

He led me through the workshop, past two other mechanics working under an old Volvo car. I pretended not to notice as their gazes followed me. Steve pointed to the washbasin on the back wall and took down a jar of thick-looking cleaning jelly and a nail brush from a shelf above. "This should do the trick Miss Lethem, but I'm afraid it does smell rather a lot. If you rub the jelly into the stains and then use the brush to take it off, then the oil should vanish."

With Steve standing next to me I took a small handful of the jelly and tried rubbing it into the stains. He stared at my jiggling breasts as I rubbed the top roughly to try and clean it. The jelly was working slowly, but I decided to take things further. "This is no good. Excuse me for a second Steve." I gripped the elasticised hem of my top, took a deep breath, and pulled it over my head. My large breasts burst free, accompanied by a gasp from Steve and the two other mechanics. I bent over the basin and poured more of the jelly into the bowl. As I rubbed at the material my breasts swung freely from side to side, giving Steve a clear view. The other mechanics, still behind me in the workshop, both let out a wolf whistle.

I turned to face them and joked, "Can't you help a lady in distress? I need this top cleaned quickly." Without a second's thought they both dropped their tools and ran over to help. As the three men stood over me, offering advice I could feel the wetness between my legs as I quickly became aroused. My juices were dripping down my thighs.

One of the mechanics, Tom, offered, "Let me have a go miss, maybe you're not rubbing hard enough." I stood up, letting him take over. Despite the fact I was topless I made no effort to cover my breasts, pretending to be too intent on what Tom was doing to notice. Steve and my other helper, Ged, both kept their eyes firmly on my nakedness. Their gaze seemed to burn through me, and I teased them, absent-mindedly rubbing my breasts as they stared.

Within minutes of Tom's exertions my top was clean, but it stank to high heaven of the cleaning jelly.

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