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Chatters consummate their lust.

Mmmmm, I hear you moan and feel your breath on my shoulders. You softly kiss my back, the nape of my neck, running your tongue up to and around my ear. Ohhhhhhh, that feels so good. I push my ass back further as your fingers gently and easily glide over and between my petal soft warm pussy lips...Oh yes! It feels like heaven as one finger enters my hungry wet hole, my hips gyrate as you slowly build the pressure inside me with your fingers, slowly, deeply.

You whisper in my ear under a hot breath, "C'mon, baby, I want you to cum for me."

With that your hand slowly caresses my warm big breasts, feeling my hard erect nipples, pulling on them. You can hear my soft moans. I join you...with one hand I slide it down my body to my neatly shaved pussy until our fingers meet in the wetness flowing from my body...mmmmmmmm...

"You're so damn sexy, baby. You're definitely all woman." You tell me as you nip my ear with your teeth and continue pumping your fingers into me.

I start to rub my swollen aching clit, moaning loudly. My body starts shaking, jolting, squirming, my breathing deepens, my sighs and moans become louder.

"Oh yes, darlin', harder, faster, yes oh yes! YES! YES! YES! Oh yes! I'm cumming! Baby, yes! I'm cummmmmming! Don't stop! Ohhhhhhh, god, I'm gonna cum again! YES! YES! YES! Oh yeeeeessssssssss, I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmming! YES!"

We're both moaning louder! I LOVE IT! Our hot talk is driving us both crazy. And as my 4th orgasm rocks my body, my other hand reaches back and wraps around your thick cock that's been rubbing against my hot ass and within the first few strokes, your excitement starts to leak. I feel the warm sticky slippery precum seep through my fingers into my hand as I lubricate your cock.

With each stroke, I get you to grow thicker, longer, and hotter. And I don't neglect your balls as I gently play, fondle, and caress them then going back up to the long fast stroking of your cock. Your fingers diddle my swollen clit. I cry out in pleasure as your fingers impale my hot cunt.

"God baby, I wanna eat your beautiful pussy," you whisper in my ear, your voice low and sexy. You press me flat, and pull my legs apart wide as you rise above me. You kiss every inch of my body, my large breasts. You gently nip and tease my hard nipples, sucking each with much pleasure. You leave a trail of kisses down my body until you come to the soft wet muff and dark pink slit and drive your tongue as far up inside me as it will go. I moan and scream, "Eat me, baby...feels so good."

You noisily suck at my clit and shove several twined fingers into my dripping wet cunt. I begin to writhe under you wildly, bucking as my hands thrust into your hair, pressing your face further into my wet snatch. You grasp my lush thighs for support and continue running over and into every slick fold of my overheated coochie. My legs tremble against your shoulders and you hear my moaning cry of ecstasy. My cunt feels like it's in the throes of an earthquake, registering 10+ on the Richter scale, gyrating under your probing tongue and fingers.

I begin to cum hard, screaming your name..."YES! YES! YES! I'm cummmmming! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!"

And I beg you not to stop! You continue to eat me out as I cum 2, 3, 4 more times! You rise above me and I feel your stiff 10 inch cock poking against my stomach, begging to be encased in my hot slick cunt. I feel your fingers spread the soft petals of my pussy lips and I guide you inside. I moan deep as I feel it stretch my pussy as the first six inches push inside me.

"Oh yes," I moan and clutch your shoulders as I move along with you as you slowly fill me with your entire cock. I begin to cum again, my juices surging lavishly over your cock.

"YES! YES! YES! YES!" I scream from unspeakable pleasure as your cock hits my G-Spot.

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