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Marie turns a boy into a man and runs into an old flame.

If I hear a sound from you again I will have to shut you up."

Her harsh words stung as much the crop. I fearfully nodded, still facing the ground.

"Raise that ass nice and high again, I've only just started."

The blows that followed came in quick succession, and I bit my lip to stay quiet. I shut my eyes tight. It hurt, it hurt so much. I wanted to beg, please I'll do anything, I'll do anything, but I knew it would only lead to more pain. My fingers curled up and clenched and I gasped and wriggled and my ass felt so hot, so red.

A soft sob escaped my mouth and it had no sooner done so than her hand swooped down and caught me by the neck. "I told you to be quiet," she whispered. "Hand me your panties."

Shaking, I took my panties from around my legs and gave them to her obediently. "Open your mouth." She forced my head to make me look at her and my mouth opened almost automatically for her to stuff my underwear in, and I only felt gratitude. I knew that I needed to be gagged to save me from embarrassing myself further with obscene sounds.

My head was pushed down to the ground and I tensed, waiting for the next onslaught. Instead, I felt her hand on my inner thigh, and she ordered me to spread my knees further apart. I heard a soft, mocking laugh and to my horror I realised the source of her amusement. Even through all this agony, my pussy was soaking wet, of course it was, I couldn't help myself. And she had a perfect view. I was powerless to hide my shameful reaction to being beaten; I continued to expose myself and patiently await the next strike.

She hit me one more, but right between my legs, striking my pussy! I wasn't expecting that and my pants muffled my moan of pain. Again and again, she struck my cunt and ass and legs and back, my whole self lit up in ecstatic agony and I wholly forgot about the ritual and the hall and the crowd watching my suffering. There was only me and her and her beautiful attack, it was all I wanted and I was so thankful.

The blows suddenly ceased and I remembered where I was, and opened my eyes. The concept of shame crept back into my mind and I felt so small and lost, what do I do now? Number Two cut my thoughts short, "Turn back to me. Show the congregation your ass. Let them see how red it is, and how much you liked it. That's right, ass in the air, spread legs. Good girl. Now ask me."

She took my panties from my mouth and dropped them on the floor, and I tried not to sound like I was tearful and begging. "Please, M-master, please may I be accepted?"

She granted me her approval and I was given no time to calm down before she was replaced by not just one robed figure, but three. Numbers Three, Four and Five had a joint test for me, and I needed to please all of them. My first test was a simple oath of commitment, my second was in enduring pain, now I was to be tested in service. Number Three explained my task:

"The three of us will test you together, as Service is such an important part of your membership. You can be called on to be used by any one of us, however we wish. Being the perfect pleasure slave is your highest priority, it is what you are for. We are going to use you now, slave. Do not resist. Your body is not your own anymore."

I could only stare as Three took his position in front of me, Four went behind and Five simply pleasured himself at the sight. Three roughly shoved my cock in my mouth first, then Four grabbed my hips and penetrated me from behind and filled my pussy. My mouth and pussy were used to pleasure my Masters, I was never as whole as when I was fucked, my only need was cock. I alternated between the total gratitude of being filled with cock and the overwhelming need to be filled once more. Please, thank you, please, thank you. Please never stop...

My back felt warm as I realised Five was covering me in his cum, marking me as a slut.

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