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Feeling the soft skin of her thighs, I grabbed the elastic waistband on her panties and pulled downward. She continued kissing me as she wiggled her hips helping me with the panties. Finally I worked them past her knees and then slid them down to her ankles where she lifted her legs, letting the lace and frills fall to the floor.

Pushing her dress up above her hips, I dropped down to kneel on the floor as she opened her legs for me. I paused a moment to just look at the dark mass of hair just about the delicate slit and lips. The musty scent made me pause a moment, but with another breath I was mesmerized and leaned forward, feeling the soft, curly hair tickle my nose as my tongue gently opened her and slipping inside.

The immediate tangy taste of her sent a shiver through me and I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her feeling her soft warmth, tasting her very essence. I let my tongue explore her for some time before I eased out of her and then following her unfurling lips I slid up to her clit. It just poked from between her swollen lips so my tongue separated the folds and I sucked the nub in between my lips, letting my tongue lightly tease it.

I felt her fingers run through my hair and then she grabbed my head in her hands and pulled me tight against her, grinding her pussy onto my face. Continuing to suck on her clit, I moved my face from side to side, burrowing my chin between her lips, feeling her wetness flow down my neck. She then lifted her hips up in the air and held them, her pussy firmly on my face as she trembled for a few moments and the collapsed back onto the couch, her whole body seeming to pulse in the pleasure.

I rested my head on her thigh as she caught her breath. It was blissful with my head between her legs, breathing her scent, watching her pussy slowly fold back in on itself, finally leaving just the slit with a few hints of the pink lips beneath. Suddenly, without a word she grabbed my hand and stood up, pulling me up. With both of us standing, she pulled her dress over her head and slipped off her bra, exposing her breasts. I quickly pulled off my shirt, pants and underwear and then looked back to her breasts.

They were small, just a slight angle out from her chest and a slight curve underneath. I opened my hands and placed my palms over them, letting the nipple slid out between my palm and thumb. I moved my hands in a gentle circular motion, pulling on the nipples as I did. The nipples hardened a bit more, but I was then distracted as I felt her hand slide down the length of my cock. She wrapped her hand over it and moved it back and forth, letting it slide over my skin.

It slid easily and I realized she had coated it with some lubricant. When she was finished she looked at me and asked, "The bedroom?"

I nodded to the left and still holding my cock, she led me around the couch and toward my bedroom. Once inside, she moved to the bed, turned and sat down at the edge. I was about to dive on top of her when she held up her hand and said, "Wait, I must tell you one thing."

Pausing, I stood and faced her. She continued moving her hands up and down on my well lubricated cock for a moment. Then she looked up into my eyes and said, "I must tell you that we cannot do exactly what you want. You see our culture is very different and while I enjoy being touched by a man as I enjoy touching him, there is one thing I cannot do, not until I am married."

She paused again, letting one hand drop down and gently knead my balls before she continued, "And even though I am, what you call practiced... no, experienced, while I am experienced I am still intact."


"My maidenhead, I am a virgin."

"So we can't..."

"But we can, only I will kneel for you and you will love my other place," she said, standing and turning, letting her ass brush against my cock.

"I understand," I replied, "but I have never..."

"Don't worry, we have lubricant and I have done this before, I am ready for you," she said, crawling up on the

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