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That's true Islam. Hope my explanation was sufficient.

The more I learned about the Islamic faith, the more fascinated I became. You see, in the Haitian church where I was raised, I always found it odd that God was considered an old white man in the sky while the Devil was a black guy with horns, a furry body and cloven hooves. What the hell? Good is considered white and black is considered evil. As a black man, that stung me to the depths of my soul. Christianity wasn't for me.

My fellow Haitians, sons and daughters of Africans who were the first to overthrow white oppression, continue to be mentally enslaved. Every weekend they bow down before the white male image. What Europeans told them God is. Doesn't make sense to me. Also, I've met middle-eastern Jews from places like Morocco and Syria. Those guys look like Arabs. Jesus Christ probably looked like them. He wasn't a white guy. Europeans hijacked and white-washed Christianity and used it to mentally enslave black folks.

In Islam, no race is elevated above the others. It is true that the Prophet Mohammed came from the Arab world, and the Koran was first written in Arabic but the Word of God says that men of all races are equal in Islam. An Arab guy isn't better than an African guy or better than a white guy. All Muslims regardless of color are equal. Of course, there's a lot of racist dudes found in predominantly Muslim parts of the Old World like Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Kuwait and Chechnya, but they're wrong. Dead wrong. The holy book itself repudiates racism. Read it and weep.

In Christianity, the white race is exalted while all others are kept down. God is a white man. Jesus Christ is a blond-haired and blue-eyed Aryan. In every movie shown about the life of Christ, they use white actors to portray him instead of a brown-skinned, dark-haired middle-easterner. I think Europeans would reject Christianity wholesale if the Savior, as they call Jesus Christ, was revealed to be someone who doesn't look like them. The white man can keep his religion. My people have suffered from it long enough.

As a Haitian-Canadian Muslim man, and a proud and strong brother, I only bow down before Allah, the one true God. Allah is not a white guy. Allah is not Aryan. Allah is not male or female, pale or dark, old or young. God is eternal, everlasting and all-powerful, and He is not a material being. As a Muslim, I acknowledge the oneness of God, and follow the teachings of our Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. I bow down before God, whom we Muslims call Allah, not before Arab culture, or anything man-made.

Now, as much as I love my new Islamic faith, I find many of the cultural mores woven into it to be ridiculous. Women in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can't drive or leave the house without a male chaperone. Women in the predominantly Muslim nation of Turkey can be police officers, airplane pilots, soldiers and politicians. See the vast difference?

Culture is important, folks. A Turkish policewoman and a Saudi Arabian housewife are both Muslims. Same Islamic faith but vastly different cultures. I'm a Muslim man but I'm not an Arab. I love dogs. They're man's best friends. I have Christian friends and Jewish friends. I have no problem wishing you a wonderful Christmas or a happy Hanukkah. God is simply limitless, and we should all bow before His greatness.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, I don't hate the State of Israel. I pray for peace between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews. I don't hate gay people. I don't go around telling women what to wear. I don't believe in female genital mutilation. Hell, I don't believe in circumcision, period. I am a Sunni Muslim but I don't go around hassling Muslims from other sects. Leave the Shiites alone. I simply pray to Allah and live my life.

I am focusing on my accounting studies at the University of Quebec, and life has been lonely for me lately.

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