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Where she rescues the monster... monsters... OMG Twins!

"Pull your panties away from your pussy."

"What are you going to do?" I asked like a twit.

She didn't have to tell me again just that look demanded compliance.

We stared at each other. She was focused and confident. I was trembling and panting unable to keep my legs still.

I felt the rush of liquid pour over my pussy. I came immediately quivering and jerking as she just stood there grinning.

The tea flowed for ages trickling all over my fanny and soaking my panties. I could feel it dribbling down the insides of my thighs, onto my knees, and then over my ankles, a warm wet stream of tea. I pulled myself away clamping my legs together as my orgasm washed through me. I clung to the sink whimpering, with my legs almost collapsing.

"See you Wednesday night," she whispered.

I turned to watch her leave. She looked back at me with a big grin.

"Cunt!" she spat.

I whimpered at the very sound of my nickname.

I spent ages trying to work it all out. But every time I thought I had an answer, two more questions came up. Maybe the money wasn't the only reason, but that would be my excuse in case anyone found out. All I could really understand at the end was I liked to be dominated. I had never had these feelings before, I hadn't even thought about it until now. But how had this woman (my mother in law) seen all this in me? She must have found it sexual too. Or was the real thrill for her punishing me? Did she hate me that much?

I tried to stop remembering the smell of her feet, or the way I hated her so much. Was this a love hate relationship? But this was my bitch of a mother in law! I hated the cow but why the fucking hell did it turn me on!

Wednesday night I went to her house. My head was full of doubt, but my pussy was full of excitement. Stupid I know because she was hardily likely to pour tea in my panties with a room full of people, was she?

Now I had dressed quite sexily in a low cut yellow top, black miniskirt 6 inches off my knee, black tights, and black high heels. Two reasons for this, the first was to attract my husband, the second was to attract my mother in law!

I suppose you think I'm mad, but I couldn't get either of them out of my head.

I stood at the front door and rang the bell. I tried to calm myself down but I felt flushed and horny.

"Well it looks like you made an effort. Cheap and tacky but then that's you," she said with a sneer.

I followed her into the house. Any sane person would have fled but not me. Her words made me feel so small and her eyes shot lasers into my head. Both of which had my pussy tingling.

I watched her swaying hips in the plum coloured dress. The hem was just off her knees and swirled around elegantly with every step. I watched her plum coloured high heels and the black tights she wore, they were far more expensive than what I had ever worn.

I'm sure she noticed my eyes drop to her cleavage when she opened the door to the living room; she gave me one of those almost undetectable grins. Her breasts were pushed together and filled the top of her dress, hanging slightly due to the weight and her being braless.

"Ah Harriet this is Nigel's wife, on paper only of course," she said with a titter.

OK Harriet suited her, stuck up bitch, but then she had the money to be stuck up. She seemed quite odd a little childish perhaps. Mummy and daddy spoilt her rotten by the look of her. She wore nice clothes, expensive but what I would consider dull, an ankle length flowery print dress and a white pearl necklace. Her ginger hair was a scraped back in a bun. How the fuck Nigel could fancy this thing was beyond me! Mind you his mother would probably tell him he did, and he wouldn't argue with her, none of us did.

I tried to smile at her but my eyes were drawn to Nigel. She must have noticed because she slipped her hand through his.

"Hello Harriet," I said.

God she looked straight down her nose at me, "are you a waitress or something?"

Her question was lost on me, and she must have noticed my mystified expression.

"Didn't you have time to change?" she asked, as she looked

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