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Pair of hot tales to warm up the winter months.

Your payback was coming.

I sat down and welcomed my new cold drink. "Your turn," I said. "And it's nothing so nice." You looked at me expectantly. "I want you to pull off the bottom bikini and touch yourself for three minutes. And I mean really touch yourself."

"No way," you said immediately, the reality of where we were finally shining bright. "That's too crazy."

"C'mon," I said, half-heatedly. I didn't think you'd do it, but I was sure I could come up with something else. I looked around, thinking, when I noticed the brunette was moving to lay on her back. After she undid her top, and surprisingly, her bottom, she struggled to put lotion on her back. "Okay, it's that, or go over there and rub lotion on that girl's back."

You didn't like the idea, but you had no choice. You knew you couldn't turn down two. "I'll touch myself," you said, picking the lesser of the two evils.

So you slowly removed your bikini bottoms and rubbed around your pussy, moaning ever so gently. I could tell you were wet. Your finger glistened as you brought it to you mouth. But before you could move your hand back to your crotch, the couple began making their way back toward us.

After you put on your bikini again, we argued about whether you had fulfilled your agreement, but by the time the couple had moved on, I had convinced you to go talk to the girl. Watching you walk over was the most exciting thing. The anticipation was killing me. Luckily, you didn't waste any time. You were talking for maybe two minutes when you both looked up and waved at me. I waved back, wondering what you were saying.

Later, you admitted that all you did was tell her that we were playing a game of dares, and that I dared you to go rub lotion on her back. Lucky for you, or lucky for us, she accepted, more than willing to let your hands roam over her warm skin.

Watching you, my cock got so hard I thought I was going to explode without a single touch. Your hands ran over her back in small circles before moving down to her curved ass. Your back arched, showing the fun you were having. When you bent closer to kiss her neck, her shoulder, her back, I couldn't resist anymore.

I walked as casually as I could to the big blanket. You both looked up with smiles. "He likes what he saw," she said peering up at me, squinting away the sun. I realized you were both looking at the bulge in my trunks.

"If you saw what was in there, you'd like it to," you said.

"Ooh, then I have to see," your new friend said, rolling over and sitting up, not bothering to put on her top. Her breasts were small, but perky. Her nipples hard and pointy. She had a tight, hard body with smooth, dark skin. I looked at you, expecting you to be looking at me in anger for staring at her, but you were staring at her too, your eyes moving all over her body enjoying the view.

"Brad," you said, turning back to me after a moment or two. "I dare you to take off your shorts."

"Really? Are you sure?" I asked, hesitant.

But I shouldn't have worried. Still on your knees, you moved to me and removed them yourself. My cock was standing straight up. I had never been so hard. My heart was beating so fast. Two women. On a beach. Oh my god.

She popped up onto her knees. "Oh god, it's huge," she said. In other situations, it would have been funny. But there, on that day, it was so erotic and sexy. You began to stroke me, very slowly. When you turned, she was on her feet, moving toward me, her eyes on my cock.

Then you gasped. We both looked at you, only to see you staring at her midsection. "What?" she asked, pausing just in front of us. When I saw what you were staring at, my mouth dropped. Her pussy was completely shaved. It looked perfectly smooth. No stubble. Nothing.

"Can I see how smooth it is?" you asked, reaching out your hand.

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