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Sherri, Don & Robbie leave on honeymoon

Her pussy became soaked and she paused to lick it up and then continued sucking on it. Steph now saw Torrie naked and bent over my hunched body and probing where she could, began to lick Torrie's skin. Torrie increased her moaning and came with a semi spurt upward onto her body, which carried to Steph who lapped it up, who came in my mouth her body shaking, then collapsed on top of me, legs sprawled pussy wide open, collapsed over my shoulder, who at seeing the women going at it, and having Torrie on my dick, came into her mouth, who came onto her boobs, I layed Steph down on the couch, went onto the floor where Torrie was, and shoved my dick into Torrie wet, tight box, then pushed my upper body up , raising Torrie slightly off the floor, and brought my mouth to her, where we tasted all our 3 juices. I started shaking my penis from side to side my, body swaying and my arms crushing Torrie inside them. She moved her own hands around me at first, but then moved one hand down to her pussy lips where she started trying to shove a finger in, and swivel her pussy lips. The finger went in and She came onto my dick, as she moved her other hand to massage her breasts.

The red head then walked through the door. "Steph need a ride?" She was wearing see though legs shorts, leaving visible high panties and a thin T-Shirt. She saw Torrie and myself on the floor in a sex embrace, and Steph on the couch sprawled over, and called down the hallway, "Here, Stacey!"

A blonde ran down the corridor and into the room. Lita pointed at me. "See him? Do what you can" Stacey was the only one with a long flowing skirt, she had long blonde hair, and looked slightly over the British legal drinking age. Lita didn't have much to do, she whipped off her top, for a second it looked as though she had no tits, but they levelled out again to show fair sized jugs. She also pulled down her panties showing a non-shaven pussy, and raid hair everywhere. She walked over to Stephanie and gingerly pulled her up, laid herself down where Steph had been, and laid Steph on top of her, moving slowly and rhythmically at first but then with glowing pace as Steph's pussy lips became entwined with Lita's. Their hair blended together, and Lita put Steph's hands on top of her breasts, which were slightly smaller than Steph's. Lita did the same to Steph, and it wasn't long before their pussies became gushy with cum, yet Lita kept at it, reviving Steph.

Torrie and I were still at it, but we paused to both admire Stacey stepping out of here panties, and high heels which crumpled to the floor. She slipped on side strap, than the other of her top off. It too slipped off. I grabbed her, and sat her onto my dick, she had to be prodded a few times before she finally got the length of it in her. I started bouncing her up and down and kissing her tits, grabbing each nipple in between my teeth and biting as Torrie, moved her mouth to Stacey's and her hands to her pussy. Stacey also grabbed an ass cheek of both of us and squeezed. She came quickly, and I in her too, as it had been a while.

Steph groggily sat up, and got Lita off her.

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