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A woman streaker misses her ride home.

It was certainly a mixture of feelings that it brought out in Sian. But mostly there was the warmth caused by hearing the last four words. This time when they walked through the restaurant, they were clearly together.

After the movie, Sian drove Bridget home. They both talked about the movie and what they liked and didn't like. Finally Bridget said, "What I liked best was you having your arm around me and holding my hand. That made the movie for me." She had that same shy face that Sian had thought was so cute.

"I liked that best too, Bridge," Sian said as she reached up and stroked Bridget's face. It was soft and felt so good to Sian. It even got better when Bridget turned to kiss her fingers.

"Sian, would you pull in here please?" Bridget asked as they passed a park that was only a couple of blocks from her house. It was quite dark now and with the cold and now rainy weather, it was abandoned. Sian nodded and turned in to find a parking spot.

"What's up, Bridge?" Sian asked.

"You've been so wonderful about this weird situation. I want to let you know that I really thank you for that. I know some of this is hard for you, and I don't want to make it harder," Bridget said. She took Sian's hand in both of hers and held it. "If you want, we can say our real goodnight here where we have a bit of privacy. At home, I am pretty sure Don is going to be someplace where he can see us. I don't know how much that would bother you. It's your choice, my darling Sian."

At first when Sian leaned forward and softly kissed her, Bridget thought that was the answer. But Sian pulled back and looked at her. "Are you going to tell him what we do?" she asked.

Because of the kiss, Bridget felt like Sian was okay with what she knew Bridget's answer was. It removed any nervousness she might have felt. "Yes, I will. It's our agreement to let me do this."

Bridget was right. In the back of her mind, Sian had been thinking about the whole situation during the movie and the car ride. Unless things didn't go the way she felt they would, Sian was fairly sure she would not be able to help falling in love with Bridget. While she wasn't completely the same as Bridget, Sian had always found it hard to separate making love and being in love. She still wasn't sure this was the wisest thing she had ever done, but she was in it now. And Don's involvement was part of that.

But she wasn't going to play the role that Don was imagining. Sian still couldn't believe that he would push his wife to fall in love with someone else, male or female, so that he could watch them together. Did he really think that once emotions were involved that it wouldn't have consequences? If someone was going to have their heart broken, Sian was determined it wasn't going to be her. Don was her rival now. He might not understand this and she hoped that he wouldn't before it was too late.

It had also crossed her mind that Don's obsession was part of the key. Already Sian could tell that Bridget felt pushed to do something against her will. While a part of her wanted it, the more rational side feared what would happen. Despite her resistance, Don kept pushing and pushing. Each push caused a little fracture in their relationship. "Perhaps the more the fantasy seemed to be coming true," Sian thought, "the harder he would push." And kissing Bridget where he could see would be just the thing to excite him.

Knowing that this could hurt Don was an aspect of this whole thing that distressed her. Sian hated ever hurting anyone. Sian felt sorry that it had to be this way, but he was the one who created it. She only hoped that she could protect Bridget as well.

"We can do it there, Bridge. As you said, you aren't going to hide anything from him. Neither will I," Sian told her.

Bridget nodded at her.

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