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A new beginning knocks on the door for two lonely souls...

A big, hot, luscious, jiggling piece of ass. I want to touch you so much! You are such a beautiful minx. I can't control myself!" The old elf exclaimed while pawing Meg's tits.

Startled, Meg pushed herself away from him and stepped out of the workshop into an adjoining storeroom.

At first confused, Meg then managed to regain her composure. Meg covered her large tits with her hands. It was then that Meg realized that as the only female in this land, she would be able to negotiate a number of situations to her advantage. "No, I want a better one than this" she said stuttering softly.

Heartened, the crafty old elf grabbed a better one. "This is much better. Here take it," he said and looked at Meg anxiously.

Meg studied the bracelet and nodded.

The shopkeeper immediately unlaced the front of Meg's soft black leather dress. Her large gazoongas popped out.

The shopkeeper licked his lips. "Your breasts are so beautiful. Round and plump" he said fervently. He placed both of his tiny hands under Meg's breasts and pinched and pushed them up. His hands then slid up to her shoulders so he could slip the dress straps off.

Meg's breasts bounced free. The old shopkeeper immediately collected a nipple in his mouth.

"Your breasts really are a natural wonder. Even as a woman I would've enjoyed fondling them," said the old elf between licking, sucking and massaging. The force of which had pressed Meg against the wall of that small room.

The world went quiet. "mmm..mmm...mmm...mmm...swosh..swish..slorp" the only sounds were those of the old elf enjoying Meg's bosoms.

Patiently, Meg allowed him to grope and lick her breasts. His saliva was now dripping down her body. Meg looked down and noticed the old elf had lowered his trousers and was masturbating. She looked curiously at how he spat on his hand and pumped his dick. It made a similar sound to the one sucking her breasts did.

Meg's breasts had swelled up and her nipples were erect but she felt she had given him enough of her boobs to fulfill the deal. Meg gently pushed the old elf away "that's enough now. I think I have allowed you your little touch."

The shopkeeper sighed.

"Miss, you are the most magnificent woman I have ever seen. I have an even better bracelet than that, here look at this one. Just play with my manhood until I come. It would be lovely to have a beautiful woman touch it. Here, here, take it." The owner picked another bracelet out of a case and put it on Meg's wrist. He then took her hand and placed it on his hard little dick.

Meg examined the new bracelet before she wrapped her hand around that slippery cock. She tugged it like she would a ram in preparation for breeding. His penis was small but very hard. She liked the look of the bracelet on her wrist as she pulled on his cock. Precum was now leaking on her hand, making it slide easily along the shaft. The owner continued kissing and sucking her tits. Meg did not think it would take long for the old elf to cum.

The shop owner suddenly stopped and looked at Meg pleadingly. "You can have my best bracelet, you will not find a better bracelet in the land. Just let me have you completely as a man. I am not big, it would not inconvenience you. You could sell this bracelet for enough to put a roof over your head. You are so wonderful."

The shopkeeper went quickly to a small cupboard and pulled out a display case. In the case was a fabulous bracelet. "Look at this, it is art for you to enjoy for a lifetime."

Meg was sorely tempted by the offer. This bracelet was dazzling in its beauty. She would have to marry some fat pig or work a lifetime in the fields to get something as fine as this.

Meg felt adept fingers on the laces holding her dress to her waist. Her dress fell to the floor, then her panties followed the dress to the floor. While she was considering the offer, the decision was made for her.

The old elf got on his knees and pressed his sloppy mouth against Meg's hairy pussy.

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