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Ember shares another's punishment.

"Come in," the voice said. "Leave your shoes in the foyer and come up to the second floor."

The speaker buzzed and the lock clicked open. The large wooden door swung easily on its hinges and we stepped into the warmly lit lobby. Music quietly filtered down from the floor above, and after slipping off our shoes and hanging up our jackets we headed up to where the muffled notes were coming from carrying the chubby lynx coat.

The space on the second floor was mainly white and had been decorated quite sparingly. The main living room was at the front of the building and had floor-to-ceiling windows which were covered in patterned semi-transparent drapes. The kitchen was towards the back of the house and was partially separated from the living room by a narrow partition wall. As we looked around we saw her pouring some sparkling water into the last of three glasses.

"I'm so glad you decided to drop by," she said as she walked to the living room carrying the drinks. "I didn't know if you would find my note or not." She smiled at both of us as she put down the tray on the glass-topped coffee table.

"Is that getting heavy?," she asked, nodding at the fur.

"I'm okay," my girlfriend said. We both looked for a place to hang it up. "Would you like us to put it somewhere?"

"Let's go put it in my closet," she said as she walked over to us. Touching my shoulder she gave us both a once-over with her eyes. "But only if you think you're finished with it."

I felt myself blush, and before I could think of anything to say I heard my girlfriend say: "I don't think he would ever be finished with it."

"I'm actually surprised he let you out of it having watched you perform in my sable." She put her hand in the small of my friend's back and gently turned her towards the stairs. "Let's go find a good home for this, shall we."

They headed up to the third floor leaving me in the living room by myself. A few car horns beeped on the street below as I looked around the room, finally settling on the couch, skimming over the covers of the various magazines that were on the glass table where she had put the tray with our drinks. The fall editions always had the best photos and I could see that this pile of magazines would definitely have something to keep me occupied while they were upstairs.

I had flipped through at least four or five tantalizing issues when I heard my girlfriend call my name from the third floor. I closed the magazine and walked to the base of the stairs.

"Yes?" Are we getting in trouble?, I thought. I made sure we didn't get any cum stains on this coat.

"Could you come upstairs? We're having a bit of a debate and need another opinion."

I walked up the stairs and could see that the entire top floor was her bedroom. It was decorated as simply and tastefully as the rest of the house and as I walked towards the voices at the end of the room I just had to run my hand over the incredibly plush mohair throw that was draped across the back of a lounger. I had never seen or felt mohair that thick.

As I walked past the chair I looked back to make sure that I didn't leave any finger tracks in the pile and also just to stare at the lush grey wool. I lifted my hand to my face and tried to smell any scent I might have brushed off the mohair. It would not have taken me long to cum jerking off with that fuzzy blanket wrapped loosely surrounding my cock. If I had been alone I am sure I would have had it coiled around me, the soft folds of mohair draped around my neck and spilling over my belly and between my fingers.

"Where are you?," I called out.

Our hostess popped her head out of a doorway at the back of the room on the left. "We're down here in my closet talking girl-talk." She raised her hand and motioned with her index finger for me to walk to her. "Don't be shy, we won't bite." She winked and retreated back through the doorway.

As I walked through the door I saw the lynx belly fur swaddling an easy chair, embracing it with its thick sumptuous arms,

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