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Julie and Sangitta go shopping.

Now that everything was ready the tension of the evening began to drain out of me. In its place, as always, came my usual, almost uncontrollable, sexual urge. I walked around to the side of the bed unzipping my pants as I went. She wasn't yet fully awake but to me that didn't matter. I wasn't in the mood for a long drawn out session, just a short release of tension was all I needed and cared about. My cock was hot, rock hard and ready to spurt. I stood for a second masturbating myself then taking her head in my two hands I turned it to face me. There wasn't any resistance. There never was. I placed the end of my now aching cock on her lips and then slid the length into her mouth along the top of her tongue. She was becoming fully aware by the second and as I began my pumping action she began, fruitlessly, writhing against her restraints. A slight movement behind me, and an even slighter upward shift of her body, told me that Toby was taking his pleasure in one of the other two holes that were exposed. The end came quickly and as I withdrew my penis some of the sperm dribbled over her lips to rest on her upper chin. It didn't matter. By the time the night was over her chin would be caked with the stuff. Tidying myself up I went to the door as Toby finished his own pleasure.

Outside sitting at the small card table were the two usual bouncers, only tonight they weren't there to bounce. In the beginning when we had first started, Alice my wife, Toby and myself had left the behaviour of the then very few invited guests, to trust, after all they were cultured and educated. But we hadn't realised what drink, numbers and a highly charged sexual atmosphere could do. After that first time we went searching for suitable men to keep a semblance of order and in the two sitting at the table we had found them. The money they were paid ensured their loyalty and discretion and, if they felt like it, they could have their fun as well at the end of the session. They almost always did.

It had all been Alice's idea. After five years of marriage our sex life was as superb as ever but we both felt that we were ready for something else. We tried various swingers groups and fetish clubs but nothing satisfied. Alice, who craved danger as well as extreme sexual exploration, devised the very simple plan. That was the other thing about my wife. She was one of those people who found it natural to come up with business ideas that worked successfully but never ventured into carrying them through. She used to say that there was always something lacking and so it fell to me to build and organise our various companies, even though it was she who gave them their original impetus. This worked fine as far as it went but to Alice it was frustrating that she earned no money of her own. So was born our latest and by far most lucrative venture. And to give her the financial independence she wanted we both agreed it was only fair that she should keep the entire profit herself. The change in her was noticeable from the start. She became more animated than I had ever seen her as she threw herself into running the organisation.

The appearance of Toby and myself at the bar indicated that proceedings could now start and almost immediately those few who were on the point of creaming themselves went up the stairs. I shrugged, it didn't matter to me whether they preferred to have her singly, in pairs or in groups, at the end of the day it was all money. Toby was staying behind for a while, he had met one or two friends of his who hadn't turned up for a while, and they had a lot of catching up to do. Me I had a dinner engagement I had to attend, so with promises of seeing everyone later, I drove my own car back into town.

The function was the usual boring, charity event.

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