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Slave is punished for a serious transgression.

"Do not touch yourself or either one of us without my permission."

"Of course," he replied.

I now turned my full attention to John. "Have some wine, and please pour some more for me. He did so. As he stepped to the side table for the wine, I was tantalized watching his erection wag with each step. He wasn't as big as I'd had before I was married, but after fucking only my husband since we'd married, I was really looking forward to being stuffed by this stranger.

Full disclosure: I fucked around quite a bit before I met my husband with numerous boys and men. There was even a woman in the dorm who I allowed to finger my clit to orgasm, and I returned the favor, when we just happened to be extremely horny and in the shower together, but that happened only once, and we talked later about how enjoyable that little session was but that we really preferred a good fuck. However, my husband's experience was very limited; in fact I wouldn't be surprised if his tales of the few times he'd had sex prior to meeting me were concocted and all he ever did was masturbate.

Ah, but I wasn't thinking about that as my guest refilled our wine glasses. He poured the wine, handed it to me, and sat naked on the bed next to me. I was still lying spread-eagled on the bed with my pussy fully visible to both men. I told my guest, "Please sit so that I can see your penis." He turned slightly so that his erect dick was pointed straight at my face.

I didn't get too nosy while looking into his, uh, qualifications on the internet, but wanted to know more about him, to become even more aroused by learning more about his sex life. I asked, "Are you married? You have a ring, I see."

"Yes, I am."

"Then why are you here planning to fuck me?"

"Well, oddly enough, my wife and I have an arrangement much like you and your husband. She never initiates sex. But once it's going, she's a submissive little pervert. She gets excited when it seems like I'm forcing her to have sex, or when she wants to pretend that's the case. And she really gets off when I tell her about my activities with other women." I looked at my husband; his erection was quite taught listening to this. John continued, "For some reason, she thinks that all men cheat, and told me early in our marriage that she would allow me to take other women as long as I told her about them, reasoning that if she knew about it, it wouldn't be cheating." I thought that did indeed sound like my husband's and my current circumstance.

"Does she not wish to take other men?" I asked.

"Not to my knowledge, but if she did it would be fine with me. I'd just want to know about it and not be played as a fool."

I was looking directly at his penis when I asked, "When was the last time that was in your wife's pussy?"

"A week ago, Saturday."

"When was the last time you fucked someone besides your wife?"

"A couple nights before that. I told her I had a date with a fuck buddy before I left the apartment."

"What did she say when you got home?"


"Tell me about fucking her last week." I was becoming very aroused, dripping wet and heavy feeling.

"I started kissing her neck, feeling her through her clothes, making her certain that I wanted to make love to her. While I was doing that, she asked, 'Was she pretty?' 'Yes.' 'Did she suck your dick?' 'Yes.' 'Did you lick her clit?' 'Yes.' 'Did it feel good to have your dick in her pussy?' 'Yes.' 'Did you fuck her slow or hard?' 'She wanted it slow.' 'I want you to have your way with me now, do whatever you want you nasty man.'

"I tied her to the bed, bound at the wrists and ankles, and I didn't even have to feel of her. With her legs tied apart like that, her pussy was gaping open and her juice was dripping out."

I couldn't help myself. I reached down with my hand and began rubbing my pussy. He noticed, and I said, "Keep talking." My husband was staring at me. He was rock hard.

"I sat over her on my knees with my hard dick in her face and said, 'This dick was in somebody else's cunt a coupl

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