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Jason finally meets his fairy friend again.

Susan can sleep wherever she wants."

"I..." Susan blushed. "I rather like sleeping with you two."

Elunara grinned, and Grogek wrapped his arms around the woman. "Then we're getting somewhere." He whispered.

She wrapped both of her arms around one of his massive ones. "I agree." Rubbing her cheek against the muscles of the arm, she sighed. "This is all so completely strange and goes against all established logic, yet I feel like, if I don't do this, I'm just hurting myself in the long run. Something is telling me that I need the both of you, even if I don't understand why."

"I just want you to be happy." Elunara said suddenly. She blinked. "What the shit?" She put her hand to her head. "It's all I've ever wanted." She shook her head rapidly. "Oh, no. We are NOT doing THIS shit again!"

"My love? Is it Elune?"

"I am not Elune." She blinked. "At least, I don't think I am." She began to look at herself. "NO! Get out of my head! Elune was bad enough, I'm not about to let any random asshole..." She stared off, blank.

Grogek sighed and put a hand on his head. "Here we go..."

"What in the WORLD?"

"Elunara often winds up to speaking to Elune... and she'll be out until she finishes." Grogek sat down and tugged Susan into his lap. "Now, we wait."

Elunara looked around the inky blackness, her eyes resting on Elune. "What the HELL?"

"Hey, don't get mad at me. I told them you'd be much more receptive if they actually ASKED YOU, instead of forcing it upon you."

"Elune, start making sense."

"The spirit that is currently attempting to possess you, however temporary, is none other than Susan's dearly departed husband, Isaac. Now, his near fanatical devotion to his wife and child are becoming something of a legend, at least for the immediate future. As such, he's stuck where he's stuck, and won't move on until he can speak to his wife one last time. I told them that, if they asked you nicely, and explained the situation, you'd be more than willing to act as a vessel. However, they skipped right over that part."

"I am NOT about to turn MY BODY into a "vessel" for any random asshole that wants to have a GO!"

"Now, now, think honestly. If they had asked this of you, nice and polite, would you have done it for Susan?"

Elunara sighed. "Ugh, yes..."

"Good! Now, let him have his say, and we can all return to our lives." Elune rocked her head back and forth. "Well, Isaac's death... but you knew what I meant."

"Only for a FEW minutes!" Elunara shook her finger. "A FEW!"

"Of course, darling."

"Is it me?" Elunara looked down at her body and flexed her hands. "Looks like it's me." She looked around. "This... this is strange."

"Are you alright?" Susan frowned.

"Susan?" Elunara blinked. "Oh, Susan, it IS you!" She held out her hands. "My dear, sweet Susan. My Star of the Heavens. How I've longed to see you again."

"Isaac?" She near shrieked. She jumped up and ran to him. "But, how?"

"Well, I don't... I don't entirely understand it myself. They've let me take this person over, if just for a short time. They... they keep telling me, "Elunara is angry"... but I don't know what that means. She seems to be some sort of goddess? And they've angered her?" Elunara's head shook. "It matters not; I have been allowed this short, sweet time to speak with you again."

"Oh, Isaac... I..." She looked back at Grogek with guilt.

Isaac turned Susan's face back to him. "Listen to me. I have been watching you all of this time. At first, I was upset... I felt betrayed by this horribly unfair circumstance. That, as I could not speak, could not hear, and could not touch... This... this ORC was taking my place. How awful was it that HE would see my little girl grow up, and take my wife away from me?"

Susan put her hands to her mouth. "I..."

"But then I started to understand.