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"Just a suspicion," Lieutenant Hollister admitted, "but not an ill-advised one, in my opinion."

Ms. Jones laughed softly. "Well, you are definitely right with your suspicion. I wanted to give you a heads-up about Recreation Mark II, which is nearing the customer beta-testing phase now."

"Mark II? What have you done, decreased the total time from hours to minutes?"

"No, better."

That took Lieutenant Hollister quite by surprise, and he knew the surprise was clearly tattooed to his face. However, in the past three years, he had formed a very good business bond with Ms. Jones, so it did not unduly concern him.

"The official marketing materials are not yet ready, although they should be by the end of the month, so I can give you a proper presentation at that time," Ms. Jones acknowledged. "However, what I can tell you now is that Recreation Mark II takes things to the next level, by truly recreating a person, animal, plant, or whatever, based upon DNA."

However, Lieutenant Hollister was not so comfortable with Ms. Jones that he was not extremely embarrassed by how low his jaw hung at this statement.

"The Mark II is definitely more expensive than the original, there is clearly no doubt about that. It is also much, much larger, requiring a large room. Do you remember those antique two-dimensional vids of what computers were like back in Old Earth's Mainframe Era?" The officer nodded, finally closing his jaw again. "Then you remember the size of those early computers, taking up the space of entire large rooms. The Mark II is very much the same, and we do hope to bring down the size - and the cost - within ten years, ideally within seven years. Just think of the possibility: Instead of an image of someone created from the retrieved DNA, this will allow you and your investigators to actually create a living replica of that person, based upon the DNA evidence your investigators find at a crime scene."

Lieutenant Hollister leaned back in his chair, the idea dancing about in his head. To be able to have a living replica to study could have its uses. Perhaps the replica could be used in a line-up, an identical and hopefully less-threatening copy of the suspect used for the line-up while the suspect remained in custody or even while the suspect was still on the run. Perhaps the replica could be led back to the crime scene and the surrounding area, if for no other reason than to watch how other people react, to help the investigators locate witnesses to be questioned.

"We firmly believe that Recreation Mark II will also quickly gain legal recognition as to its accuracy," Ms. Jones added, "in the same way that the original Recreation has been recognized legally across the Sol System."

"But bringing a Mark II-created replica to a courtroom could present some very interesting challenges," the Lieutenant noted aloud.

"That is very true," Ms. Jones replied. "In fact, the primary challenge at this point is that, for some reason, the Mark II recreations only live about two hours before they die and begin to break apart, back into the original organic components which had created them."

"How long does it take to replicate someone using the Mark II?"

"For a really young, small person, like an infant, about three hours. For a full-grown adult, up to thirty hours."

"Wow. That could be a major setback after the gains we've achieved using the original Recreation."

"The original Recreation system is still in place, so within an hour, your investigators can still have an image of the person based upon the analyzed DNA. Then at that time, if it is deemed necessary to create a living recreation, then that process can be initiated."

The Lieutenant made up his mind instantly.