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There is a compromise as to how far you can go before it gets uncomfortable, but a boat this size can lean way over without being in any danger. The GPS said our speed was only 15 knots but it felt like we were flying. The wind was steady enough that we sliced through the waves, and the water was calm enough that we were not constantly drenched with salt spray.

Lisa and John went below to get out of the wind, but the rest of us stayed on the deck. After a few minutes, Christy put her bikini bottoms back on, along with a life vest. Her breasts were smaller than the other two girls, but that life vest had never looked better on anyone.

Jen went below deck to check on the kids, and came back with a smile on her face. "Well, they are enjoying the day cruise."

The HR 46 has two beds ("berths") downstairs, with a U-shaped galley and a sitting area in between. The front area is a V-berth that they call the "VIP berth" because it makes into an oversized bed, and has a private head.

Even though there are curtains and walls to provide privacy, Jen said that John and Lisa had made no attempt to close the curtains. She had peeked up front, and seen Lisa riding John, even though the angle of the sailboat had rolled them up against one wall.

Jen had brought four beers from the cooler, and she handed one to each of us. I offered a toast, and we all drank to "fast sailboats and naked women."

After what seemed like too short a time, we adjusted the sails for a slower pace, and resumed our journey at about 5 or 6 knots, which was still plenty fast enough to arrive at the cove before lunch time. Once the sailboat flattened out, Christy removed her life vest and her bikini bottoms, and told Jen that she should do the same.

Jen hesitated, and Christy could tell she just needed some encouragement. Christy walked up to her and just casually started helping her remove her swim suit. Jen put up no argument, and got completely naked, except for her deck shoes.

"This isn't fair," she said. "Christy and I are naked, but the guys aren't."

Dave got up from the chair, took off his suit, and sat back down. He we younger than me, and taller, but his skin was wrinkled, especially around his eyes, from all the sun. I was still paying attention to the boat, but I took at least one look at him before turning back to the helm. He was already erect, and his dick was longer than mine, but not too much.

When he sat down in the stern chair, Jen immediately walked over and stood in front of him. The chair was attached high on the stern railing, and so his dick was already level with her boobs. She reached out and grabbed his member, and started rubbing it and teasing it as if they were the only people on board.

Christy came up to me and said "Now it is your turn..." I put the sailboat on autopilot and stood in front of the boat's wheel while she helped me take off my bathing suit. When the suit came down, my erection sprang up, and Christy laughed. "So you are enjoying the day cruise too."

We glanced back at Dave and Jen, and she had leaned over and was already giving him a blowjob, as he sat back in the stern rail seat. As soon as she saw it, Christy pushed me back into the captain's chair and got down on her knees. She started running her hands over my body, but there was no way I could get more excited.

After teasing me for a few minutes, she took my dick in her mouth, and started to slowly run her lips up and down my shaft. Although it felt amazing, I had been watching her ass all morning, and wanted to have my dick deep inside her.

As I pulled her to her feet, I could tell she was thinking the same thing. She crawled into my lap, raised her legs on either side of me, and lowered her pussy slowly down onto my cock. As good as it felt, I was nervous. As she was adjusting herself to me, I looked up at the controls to make sure the autopilot was still on course, and looked around to make sure there were no other boats nearby.

The island was far off to our left, bu