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I saw my sister's friend asleep on the couch.

By this stage Liana had spotted one of her friends, dressed as Fred Flintstone. She allowed a pilot to pour her a drink and made her way over to 'Fred' and his posse, hoping he would be able to enlighten her as to who was hiding behind a few more of these costumes. They stood there for an hour or so, talking and drinking, with Liana being introduced to a fireman and a sailor, before deciding the room was getting a little too stuffy, and they made their way to the backyard.

As they sat in a quiet corner of the yard Liana shared a secret with her newfound friends, telling them she got so hot for men in uniform she would fantasise about them almost constantly, and even though they weren't really men who wore those uniforms for a living, she would still have her wicked way with them any day. Being a little tipsy, Liana didn't notice the quick nod of agreement the two men gave each other, and was a slightly surprised when the sailor said "I'll let you suck my cock if I can watch you suck his first."

Liana thought about this briefly, although the combined forces of alcohol and hot men in uniforms made the decision for her as she sunk to her knees and released the fireman's bulging cock from his trousers. Her tongue gently worked its way over his silken shaft, stopping to massage his slit before enveloping the head of his cock in her warm mouth. She heard him groan as she slid more of that glorious cock into her mouth, taking him as far as she could, before easing back and starting over again. Liana was vaguely aware of the sailor lifting her skirt to get a clear view of her ass as she gently sucked on the fireman's balls, taking them in her mouth while her hands massaged his cock. The sailor stood there stroking his cock and watching that fine ass as Liana brought the fireman to the brink before opening her mouth to catch his wonderful salty load. She swallowed every last drop and opened her mouth, eagerly awaiting the next man in uniform.

Liana gasped as the sailor stood before her. His cock was easily the biggest she had seen, and she wasn't sure if she would be able to take it all. She ran her tongue over his balls, and gently blew on his shaft, teasing him in every way she knew before she attempted to suck on that long prick. She opened her mouth and slid over his cock, taking about half of it before she backed off to suck on his head. Liana felt his hands on the back of her head, encouraging her to take more of it in her mouth and she obliged, sliding it in until she was teasing him with the entrance to her throat. As she tried to back off, strong hands gently held her there, while that huge cock slid further into her mouth. She gagged as the cock attempted to push its way into her throat, and tried to pull away from it but to no avail. Liana knelt there as the sailor started fucking her face with his prick, each thrust forcing slightly more into her throat. She gagged again and felt tears coming to her eyes from the sheer effort involved, listening as the fireman cheered his mate on.

She started to like the sensation of being used, and relaxed a little as she began to enjoy the face fucking. As she relaxed her throat opened up, finally allowing the full length of the sailor's cock into her mouth. Liana heard him groan as his cock swelled, shooting that load straight into her stomach. He held it there until it went limp, before moving over to allow the next person a go at that wonderful mouth.

Liana didn't have time to protest as the pilot shoved his prick in her mouth. She hadn't noticed him standing there earlier, watching her throat as it bulged with the sailor's cock inside it. She sucked on that cock, then opened her mouth and knelt there with her tongue out as the pilot pulled out and shot his load all over her face.

One of the men threw her a paper towel, and told her she'd better get cleaned up before word gets around that some slut was offering blowjobs to people.

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