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The lap dance room again. Game 14.

"To talk?" she added, then struck a match and lit up. She inhaled then exhaled slow and seductively, watching the young stud in front her stare as he shifted to adjust his no doubt increasingly throbbing dick. She slowly strolled over to the couch, locking eyes with him as she pensively drew in from her cigarette then pursed her lips and exhaled through her red sexy lips.

"All I have to say to you is get over here." he said as she came within feet of him. Reaching out, Gabe grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down onto the couch. Landing almost directly on top of him, she let out a playful giggle.

"Now Gabe," she started, pausing to take in another mouthful of smoke and blow it at him. "Whatever do you think you are going to do with your aunt in a position like this?" She mischievously sneered at him as she took a final puff on her cigarette before leaning across him and putting it out in the ashtray on the end table beside the couch. She was sure to let her breasts brush firmly across his face as she brought herself back into position on his lap.

She was barely back in front of him when his hands shot up and seized the sides of her face. He pulled her in quickly and thrust his tongue past her lips and deep into her willing mouth. Their lust was electric and Marlena hungrily sucked at his lips as she felt his pulsating cock underneath her. She moaned as his mouth left hers and made its way onto her neck, sucking and licking at her flesh and his hands instinctively shot to her chest.

"Oh Gabe," she whispered as her hands quickly began to fumble with the knot in her shirt, desperate to unleash her heaving breasts and present them to her ravenous lover. As the knot gave way and the buttons on her blouse burst open, he immediately popped her tits out of their lace confines and moved his eager lips to her hardening nipples. Alternating between each magnificent mound, he feverishly sucked and bit as she moaned with delight.

Abruptly, Marlena pulled away from him and quickly slid down off of him, moving onto her knees on the floor in front of him. In the blink of an eye she had her shirt a bra off and was looking up at her nephew.

Gabe's cock was ready to explode by the time she took it out of his pants. Pre-cum already glistened on the tip as she took it in her hand and started to slowly glide it over her tantalizing tits. Methodically, she guided his manhood into her generous cleavage, squeezing her breasts and trapping him against her chest until they both exhaled deep, wanting moans as his cock and her tits merged into one. Gradually, she started to move her torso up and down over his throbbing prick as he stared down in complete rapture as she jerked him off with her 36DDs.

"Mmmm yes," she cooed. "Slide that hard cock between my big tits. Fuck those hot titties."

"Oh fuck, your tits feel so good wrapped around my cock." he groaned, "Slide those big slutty tits over my cock." She started increasing speed and really working his prick up and down in her cleavage. "Is this making you wet Aunt Marlena?" he asked her as his breathing quickened. "Does it get you off to tit fuck your nephew like this?"

"God yes!" she cried out, unable to control the immoral enthusiasm in her answer. "My cunt is so wet," she continued, "your cock is making me so fucking horny!"

"Suck it whore." he ordered. "Get it nice and wet so I can fuck those big slutty tits of yours."

Without delay, she took him into her mouth, and one of Gabe's hands found the back of her head and snatched a handful of her brown curls. She moved one of her hands into her skirt, trying frenziedly to play with her sopping cunt as he started to fuck her throat.

After only a few violent thrusts of the face fuck, he suddenly pulled back on her hair and removed her from his throbbing dick. "You want to feel it back between your tits, whore?" he questioned.

Demeaned and exhilarated, Marlena was quick to answer.