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Embarrassing & humiliating yet stimulating experience.

Clearly your parents were into it?"

Wow, they had the DVDs, maybe my parents were into this sort of play as well as me! That's so cool.

"I think I will try the holding it in idea, I guess I've been doing it without knowing it, since I never went to pee this morning," Hoshi says telling a white lie.

"How does it feel?"

"Kind of exciting."

"I was thinking that. Hey then since you will be pissing on yourself, do you want me to add to it by pissing on you? Then you can do me later?"

"Sure. Sounds hot. Will eat first and then play," Hoshi says. "So get the piss play and a 'Lady Boy' DVDs."

They strut to the kitchen like two girls walking the Victoria Secrets runway, flaunting their sexy outfits and laughing about playing the girly girls. The idea of watching the piss play DVD's is like a subliminal message and they both begin to drink a lot of fluids with breakfast: coffee and lots of juice. They subconsciously begin the process of tanking up. As they eat breakfast they watch the piss play DVD on Hoshi's laptop computer. They eat, joke and begin playing with their aroused cocks while watching the scenes. They select by mutual consent the one's involving the male actors. Some scenes of guys 'forced' to pee in their pants, and then lots of scenes of guys piss on another naked male actor.

"Hot stuff isn't it?" Hoshi says stroking his hard cock.

"Yes it is." Dion replies as he is getting ready to ejaculated. "I wasn't sure I would like these, but I'm about to shoot a load right now!"

"Me too!"

"Let me see you."

They pull back their chairs so they can watch each other jack off.

"Oh yeah...ohhhh..." they both say in unison.

"Hey Hoshi can I ask you something, it's kind of a secret."

"Of course you can."

"In the porno videos they often do this and I've always wanted to do it."

"Yeah so what is this?"

"Well, it involves one kind cumming all over the other guy."

"Really? Like where do they unload this cum?"

"Ohhh...well all over, on a guy's face, his chest, his cock, even his butt. Ohhhh man I'm so close..."

"And you want to cum on me is that it?" Hoshi asks secretly hoping Dion will say yes.

"Yeah...that would be so hot. Would that be okay with you?"

"Oh yes. That does sound hot. Where do you want to do it? You look like you're really close to bursting."

"ooohhhh yeah...I'm about to...just sit there and I will come and blast it over you! Now!"

Dion quickly gets up and stands in front of Hoshi and frantically beats his meat in the direction of his captivated and exited friend. Hoshi continues to masturbate as he watches with anticipation at the bouncing blur of Dion's cock head aimed in Hoshi's direction.

"NOW Hoshi! I'm going to cummmmm!"

Dion shoots his first burst of cream and it lands with a hot splash onto Hoshi's cheek. The cum drips down to Hoshi's lips and he licks it up even as Dion shoots a second and third burst of cum onto Hoshi's chest.

"OH man...oh man..."Hoshi exclaims panting as he is about to burst himself. He gushes forth and his cum pours all over his hand and on his thighs. "Ohhhh...God...Dion...ahhhhhh..."

"Wow...that was so fucking hot. Thanks Hoshi. You look so hot covered in my cum load, it's a real turn on."

"I feel all sexy as well. And, you know what? Your cum tastes kind of good."

"Really? Wow. You like the taste of my cum, man that is such a turn on."

"Hoshi, do you know what?"

"What Dion?"

"I'm beginning to feel like I need to take a leak."

"Me too. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"You mean like in those video's of your Dad's we've been watching?"

"Yeah like that."

"Is it too weird?"

"Nah. We've been watching them and getting all turned on by them, its perfectly cool to want to try out some of the scenes."

"Oh that's a relief. I want to do it. Will you help me do it?"

"Hell yes. I'll drink to that!" Dion joking says downing his half-filled glass of juice.

"Yeah! Me too!" Hoshi down's his juice as well. "Pour you another as we clean up the dishes?"


"Hey, remember in Dad's trunk were

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