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Rachel tells the story about Canada.

" He looked at me and grinned slightly as he tilted my hips to rub against that sacred area and kissed my hand. "Leave it where it is." He commanded.

I felt my body go limp as another, stronger, climax began to coil low in my belly. I screamed out, my back arched as the feeling overtook me. But before I could draw another breath into my lungs to wail, he suddenly pulled out and instantly the pain was back. I looked down at him to beg him to continue, to save me from whatever force was causing me such pain, to finish me but before I could get a word out he flipped me onto my stomach. As he climbed above me the table groaned, protesting the added weight. He grabbed my hips and lifted my butt into the air, covering my mouth with his hand as he abruptly entered me.

I knew he was much larger than me; by almost 2 feet and outweighed me by at least 100 pounds, dwarfing me. His body covered mine like a living shield. "You have to remain quiet, love. You are vulnerable now and I'd hate to leave you in this state to fight with whatever poor bastard makes an attempt to take you from me," he said in a husky voice and gently kissed my cheek. I screamed under his hand as the contractions continued to intensify and the pain felt like I was being ripped apart.

He began to move once more, his teeth sunk into my shoulder and suddenly the pain stopped. My screams morphed to moans and squeals as his cock massaged my insides. The hand that he was using to hold my waist was now anchored to the table above my head. I pushed my back up against his chest and stretched my hands out, searching, one hand covering his as he gripped the edge of the table forcibly. His skin on mine felt amazing, little tingles ran down my spine and ignited my entire body. He released my shoulder, soft growl left him as he licked the place I was sure was now bleeding, soothing the tender skin. "What you're feeling is the hysteria your body goes through when in heat. It won't stop unless I am moving inside you, cum in you or impregnate you."

I failed understand what he was saying, need thrummed through me, drowning out everything else. I ached for him to quicken his pace. I wanted to feel that burn again, I just wanted to feel him, all around me; I couldn't get enough of him and I'd lose my mind if he didn't finish me soon. I was an addict and he was my drug of choice. He chuckled and I heard the cracking of wood as he seemed to anchor himself better to the table. "As you command, love."

He slammed into me with so much power I lurched forward. My hips slammed into the table and I yelped from the pain. He growled in frustration and removed his hand from my mouth to place it on my waist as he lifted my butt back up. He rose a little and kissed my back. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you. I'll hold you up but you have to do something for me," he said. He pushed us both closer to the top of the table and moved his arm to the middle of the table directly above my head with my face resting on his forearm. "I want you to bite me if you feel you have to scream," he demanded. I hesitated but the pause in our fucking had allowed the pain to come back once again.

"Sistine!" He growled.

"Okay!" I groaned in pain. "I'll do anything. Please! Just don't stop again!" I said.

He kissed my back and pumped himself inside me furiously. I tried to stay quiet, to fight the loud moans and wails but it proved to be impossible, so I curled my fingers around his bicep and bit down; . The muscle and skin filled my mouth as the cloth once had, muffling my squeals. He roared and I wasn't sure if it was because it hurt him or because he liked it until he began ramming me. I could feel teeth at my shoulder and his grip tightened around my hip.

No matter how hard I bit or scratched him, the skin never broke.