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November 1963

It was a rich grayish brown color. The cream colored shirt looked perfect and the black and gold fleur-de-lis tie was the finishing touch. And that left Brian with just over three hundred dollars.

Annie's Floral Designs sold him a wrist corsage and Brian was set.

Amanda's father grumbled good-naturedly, but did buy her a two hundred dollar dress from the clearance rack of Abdul's Department Store. It was a pale yellow in color, which looked good with her pale complexion and dark hair and dark eyes.

"How about Wack's do your hair?" Jerome Breaux offered.

"How about no?" Amanda said.

She took one of her mother's hair pins and pinned her hair back on one side. The other side, she allowed to drape over her shoulder, falling forward.

Jerome said he didn't know where Amanda's mother was. Amanda didn't know whether she believed him or not. But by now, it no longer mattered where she was.

"Just up and left one night, last I ever seen of her," Jerome shrugged. "Had her one or two boyfriends yeah."

"Aw, now ain't you looking all gorgeous, huh?" Jerome praised when Amanda finally came out of her bedroom.

"Thank you, Daddy," Amanda mumbled.

Daddy was always telling her she was beautiful, pretty, gorgeous. She had never believed him, though. A daddy's supposed say that.

But now Brian was always telling her she was beautiful, pretty, gorgeous. Maybe she was beautiful.

"I'm want me a picture yeah, hear?" Jerome ordered.

Then they heard a car door slam. Amanda squeaked and ran back into her room.

"What a woman yeah, oh, got to make me my grand entrance," Jerome teased.

"Shush you, Daddy," Amanda yelled through her bedroom door.

Jerome tried to put on his 'Mean Dog' face. He hated anyone going out with his little girl. But he had to admit, Brian was a nice boy, a good kid. And he seemed to think Amanda was something special.

"Hi, Mr. Breaux," Brian gulped nervously.

"Huh? What you wanting? Why you in a suit like that?" Jerome ordered.

"I uh, me and Amanda, we going Prom, sir," Brian swallowed, Adam's apple bobbing up and down.

"Prom? Huh? Amanda ain't said nothing 'bout no prom, boy. You sure 'bout this?" Jerome said.

"Daddy!" Amanda screamed through the door.

"Come on in boy, I'm just funning you yeah," Jerome chuckled. "Boy you about pee on yourself, huh?"

Amanda tried to take the scowl off of her face. Her daddy infuriated her sometimes. She counted to ten, then opened the door.
"Shit!" Brian said, then clamped his mouth shut, eyes glancing nervously at Mr. Breaux.

"She go on and get herself all dressed up and all you can say is 'Shit?'" Jerome teased.

"Amanda, you beautiful," Brian said.

He slipped the wrist corsage onto her wrist and the two then left for the prom.

"Pictures," Jerome yelled before closing the door.

Brian had wisely made reservations at Bombay Caf__. They were able to walk past three or four groups of their classmates and were seated. Neither had ever eaten at the Indian restaurant, but Hashim, their waiter guided them through the selections.

"I've never had lamb before," Amanda said after Hashim walked away.

"Me either, but the Lamb Psanda sounded awesome," Brian admitted.

"Let me try yours, I'll let you try some of my Shrimp Tiki," Amanda offered.

They shared each other's dishes, they gazed into each other's eyes over the flickering candlelight, they felt content, whole with one another.

"I love you," Amanda mouthed, a happy flush on her face.

They did pose for a few photographs at Connie Edwards' booth. The attractive blonde smiled as she lowered her mounts. Then she told them it would be an hour; come back and select the ones they liked the best.

Brian didn't hesitate when reminded to vote for the Prom King and Queen. He scribbled both their names. Amanda scribbled Cheryl Godchaux and Brian Arnaud onto her ballot.

Cheryl Dodchaux did win, and Troy Darwin won as King.

"You should have won," Brian told Amanda.

"Uh huh, glad you thinking that," she smiled.

They selected two different poses and Connie rapidly printed up four copies of each.

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