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need me!

"Nikki, I'm sorry; I can't just whip it out with you here watching. There's no rational way I could explain that kind of behavior."

Christ Jesus, even I know that answer's lame. Not...It's wrong. Not, it's illegal, Just 'there is no rational way' to explain that kind of behavior. That's pathetic!

Nikki, on the other hand, was all smiles. If all he needs is a rational explanation, I've got a great one.

"Daddy, wanna go skinny dipping?" I bet you can't think of a way around that question, daddy!

Jack Grant's mouth dropped open; he forgot to close it. There's not way out! I'm fucking trapped.

I've got him, I can feel it! He just needs a little coaxing. Patiently, she guided him through the rationale step-by-step, "I mean, if we went skinny dipping, no one would know. No one would see us, and I could sorta see you... accidentally. It would be perfectly harmless, like MacKenzie seeing her dad on the way to the bathroom, wouldn't it?

Looking up from the table, Jack could see the moon rising through the open hatch; it was just about full. There was a lot of light. When he looked back down, Nikki was leaning across the table almost in his face.

Her eyes were on his, her nose nearly touching his. "Come on daddy, you know you want to. I know you want to."

"How do you know what I want?" You can't possibly know what I want, little girl!

"You're still hard, aren't you?"

Well, yeah, there is that little give-a-way. Jack decreed, "We should wear swimsuits!"

"Dad!" she sighed, exasperated by his reluctance, "It's no different than a hot tub. You always said, no one wears a swimsuit in our hot tub. Well I hate to tell you this, Daddy, but no one wears a swimsuit to go 'skinny dipping'. Besides, you already know MacKenzie and I don't wear swimsuits in the hot tub."

"Because there are bubbles and we have towels," he countered.

Nikki just stared at him. Two naked young women in your hot tub and all you think of is we have bubbles and towels. Hah, yeah right!

"Have you ever been skinny dipping?"

"Nope." With that, Nikki stood up, starting for the companionway ladder. She pulled the small strings holding the top on; it slipped gently off her shoulders. She did the same to the bottoms. She didn't even glance backwards; she already knew her dad was focused on her ass.

Jack Grant sat there for a moment; then he heard a small splash as she entered the water from the side of the boat.

His imagination ran wild. No really, Jennifer. Nikki and I were swimming off the boat. It was her idea. I don't know what happened to her suit. My suit?! I don't know what happened to that either. It was all perfectly innocent. It was dark on the bay, and she probably didn't see anything anyway.

Nikki floated gently, her hands keeping her up as she watched her dad come up from below. He still had his shorts on. As she watched, he reached down, unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, letting them drop onto the deck.

Stepping out of them, Jack arched cleanly into the water and came up next to the ladder. Wiping the salt water from his face and eyes, he called across to her, "Satisfied?"

"Cheat!"she teased. "You know that was more like flashing than showing."

Jack proudly watched her tread water. Jesus, she is fucking heartrendingly beautiful.

Nikki swam the distance between them easily, grabbing the ladder next to her dad. She let the water drip off her hair, her eyes never leaving Jack's. They hung on the ladder inches apart.

She reached up and ran her fingers along her lips. then touched her dads lips tracing them like a kiss. Then, as an afterthought, she leaned across and kissed him timidly. You taste like rum, like saltwater. You taste like a man.

Jack's hand came out, carefully wrapping around her waist. Not too high, not too low. Safe in the middle.

He just looked at her for a moment. She turned her head slightly to the side and closed her eyes. He held them both in the water on the ladder.

Then Jack kissed her.

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