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Short Story.

I had to get her ready, for you to come over, even though you're never on time.

"I didn't know how flexible she was until I tied her down. I was going to cuff her hands, but she swung her legs over her head and told me to do those first. Then she looped her arms through her legs so that her legs were actually behind her arms. Amazing. But I don't think she knew about the candles. I was sitting on her face, spanking her open ass and fingering her cunt, when I remembered the candles, which had been in the bedside drawer - I was going to use them on you, but thought you would enjoy this for a change. You should have heard her come when I lit them - I didn't know it was possible for a woman to come that hard.

"And so I've been sitting here, waiting for you, spanking her and coming on her face. Now, you going to fuck her, or what?"

I had pulled the big plug out and was fingering her ass and pussy. Three fingers in her pussy and trying to get the fourth in. You're right, she is tight, even after all the fucking and the fingering. But you're tighter.

"No, first I want to feel her mouth," and I move up over her head, rubbing my cock over her face. She moans, and I think it's about my cock and look back to grin at you. But then I see that you've lowered your head between her legs and are lapping at her pussy like a cat. She's snapping her hips up to meet your tongue, but you won't rub her clit, and she can't come. "I don't think we should let her come tonight," you say, your face already soaked with her juices, "what do you think?"

"We'll let her come at midnight, OK? So we only have a few more hours with her." I like watching my come streak her face as I run my cock over it. Her mouth opens and her tongue slips out, probing, trying to catch my cock. I grab my dick and squeeze some come onto her tongue and she quickly swallows it. I follow the come on her tongue with my cock, sliding it swiftly into her mouth.

As I pull out, she says, "your girlfriend was right, you do have a nice cock. Thick. Now, give it back to me."

I'm kneeling over her, with her legs pinned between mine and tied to the headboard, her arms tied down, too, and a soft blindfold over her eyes, watching her swallow my cock and I have to pull out 'cause I'm scared I'll come too soon.

"She does have a nice tongue," I agree with you as I swing my leg over her body. You don't say anything as you're sucking her pussy lips into your mouth and working fingers into her ass. I don't know how many you have inside her, but you're fucking her fast with them. I suspect I'm going to come a lot tonight.

You lift your head from her swollen pussy. "She's ready for you," and you move out of the way as I kneel behind her. I feel your beautiful tits press against me as you slip behind me and start whispering in my ear. "Where do you want her? Her fresh bald pussy or her hot ass?" You wrap one hand around my neck and the other around my cock. Opening her pussy with the head of my cock, you offer, "Here, have a taste," and give my hips a little shove plunging me into her. She's hot and tight, and makes my cock look huge between her legs. Her whimpering slips into a high-pitched squeal as I sink into her all the way to my balls with that one shove. Your hand around my cock drops down to grab my balls, and you gently tug me backwards with them.

"Oh, no, just a taste," and you lick my ear, giggling when my cock jumps in the tight grip of your hand. "I want you to be a fully informed consumer before you make your decision. Now, how's this?" and you put my cock at the opening of her asshole. There's no way it's going to fit, I think.

"Remember, she already had that big ass plug in her." Reading my mind again.

This time you don't let me in quite as quickly. Slowly. Terribly slowly, you work my cock into her ass.

"See," you're still whispering in my ear, "see how her ass takes your cock?" Your hand is tight around my shaft as the head pops through her snug anal ring. This is the only thing that stops me from coming right then and there.


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