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Crazy things are done.

She rolled her eyes at him, "Yes, you probably do like this. Well, guess what? This isn't because of you. It's because I am cold. Someone like you could never get me aroused, Peter."

She swallowed a bit, worried that he would notice she was lying. She was aroused the minute she had walked into the room.

"Really, my dear? Is that a challenge?" he grinned at her and she felt her body tingle. Is he insane? Doesn't he realize I have a gun? She looked over his body again, noticing the obvious erection he had straining against his trousers.

She took a few deep breaths. Then she whispered close to his ear, "If you say one more word, It will be your last."

She paused for a moment to gain composure for what she had to do next, and set the camera to start recording. Now, it was time for the acting.

She walked in front of the camera, directly in front of peter, and leaned over so her chest was close to his face. "Mmm, Peter...I have wanted you for so long now. I just never wanted for your wife to know."

She moved her mouth over his before he could say anything, and slid her tongue against his. She was taken by surprise when he proceeded to kiss her vigorously, his tongue assaulting hers.

She moved her legs onto the chair and ground against the hardness in his pants for minutes, mimicking the actions of sex. She felt her body quiver a little at the feel of his stiffness, and realized it had been a long time since she had been this close to a guy. What was her plan again? She started to lose her thoughts as she felt his body rub against hers.

She moved both hands behind her to his knees and arched backwards away from him. Looking at the camera, she realized she had all that she really needed to blackmail him. She could edit the rest to make it look like the film had run out and cut short.

She sat upright and started to dismount him, when she noticed he looked like he was about to say something but then didn't. Weird.

She stood next to the desk and looked down at him. She noticed that his pants were wet, where she had been grinding. She felt herself blush, realizing the wetness had come from her. In fact, the scene had left her drenched in her own arousal. She smoothed down the front of her skirt, resisting the urge to slide her fingers between her legs and take away the ache that had begun.

"Listen up. Here is the plan, Peter. You are going to redo my grade, and give me an A on that final. I know you're a sexist jerk who never gives a girl a decent grade, and I would love to put you in your place. So, realize that if this doesn't happen, I will show your wife our little video tape. While I never took my clothing off, it is incredibly easy to alter this to look like we had sex. I will not hesitate to destroy you, if you don't give me the grade I deserve. I worked my ass off for an A. "

He looked up at her. His eyes seemed to devour her." Hmm...perhaps. Let's wait and see about that."

"What?" she screamed at him. She turned around to grab the gun off the table when she realized, it was gone.

She whipped around to notice Westshire stand up from the chair, the gun held to his side, "You are very much a novice, serene. A fantastically sexy novice, but still very untrained. You never keep both the keys and the gun so close to the person you've tied up."

She backed away from the desk and searched around the room. Fuck! She had no idea what to do.

Her heart raced when she looked up at him, "Fine, I don't need an A. I'll leave right now."

"In that outfit, you wouldn't get very far without a lot of questions," he smiled. She looked down at herself and realized she was half naked.

She trembled, but then remembered the gun wasn't loaded. There wasn't anything to be afraid of. Run! She screamed to herself.

She darted for the door; he grabbed her arm and placed pressure on her knee, slamming her to the ground.

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