Free Things reach there peak and then crumble back down. Videos

He pleasures her orally.

I leaned back in shock. How stupid I was! It had not even entered my mind that I was being offered free play for sex. I stared at him in disbelief for a moment, starting to redden. He withdrew his hand but kept smiling.

"Of course, it's up to you. But let's face it Donna," Paul again fanned the stack of tickets in his hand, "We both know you are aching to play. You've got no money and no way to get any. I'm just offering you a way to walk out of this office and go back to the tables, maybe win back what you lost. Who knows? This could be a way to erase the loss, maybe go home ahead. No one is forcing anything, it's a friendly offer."

Paul knew just what to say. Looking at the large man sitting there, smiling, holding those tickets, I knew I had to have them. I noticed a bulge developing in his pants. Part of me wanted to slap his fat face and say fuck off, but he had tickets. Paul was right. I needed to win back some of what I had lost. I simply could not go home yet.I thought of the tables, of winning, of breaking even--maybe even get ahead. I ignored the pre-addict Donna inside that spoke sense--I always did these days.

"What would I have to do, and how much would I get?" I heard myself asking.

Paul sat back in the chair, knowing he was going to get what he wanted.

"That's up to you, Donna. The more you do and the better you do it, the more you get. For example, that pretty mouth of yours could probably get you a hundred in tickets easy, maybe more.. If you bared your assets for the exchange, let me handle your merchandise, it would go up a little higher. Beyond that, it depends on many factors."

I gulped and shifted in my seat, looking at the tickets, needing them now.

"Ok," I said quietly, feeling an adrenaline rush as I crossed this new line. "I'll do that". I looked around the office, "here?"

He grinned and stood, unbuckling his belt.

"Good, I love eager. Yes here, now just strip if you want the bonus tickets, while I get these pants off," He chuckled as he unzipped. "You have me so hard already, and I don't want you to get anything on this good suit"

My fingers shook as I slipped off my worn sneakers and fuchsia socks. Standing, almost in a daze,. I pulled off my t-shirt, exposing my plain B cup bra. Next I slid off my jeans. His pants were off already, along with his blue boxers, and he was stroking his hard cock as he sat back in the chair, grinning. I slid my shoulders from the bra straps, turned it, undid the hook, and set it on the chair with the rest. I knew I was blushing. I was embarrassed that my legs showed a hint of soft light brown stubble, despite telling myself I shouldn't care. I stopped, still in my small baby blue panties.

"Mmmm nice nipples on those titties, Donna. They look so yummy, and they're hard already!" He nodded toward my panties, "you decide on the those, but remember the tickets."

I paused, but kept the panties. They made me feel safer and let me pretend II retained a shred of my dignity. Sliding to my knees, I looked looked up at the large man. Paul was resting back, ass out a bit, stroking his cock with no shame.

His thick legs sprawled apart to either side of me and I could see his large sack resting on the edge of the chair. His belly was covered by his shirt and tie, shirttails hanging to either side of his average sized cock. I looked at it with surprise as he stroked it, expecting it to be thick like his body.

As I moved forward on my knees, he stopped me.

"Come up on my lap first, and let me touch and kiss those titties a little. I promise I'll keep my cock out of your panties--unless you ask Pauly for a ride." He chuckled and drew up his legs to make a lap.

If only to postpone putting his cock in my mouth, I climbed up and straddled his legs, facing him.

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