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"Bad think? You're saying they're stupid? Unintelligent?" She nodded. "They were bred for war? ADVENT made a lot of changes to the genetics of their soldiers to make them more suitable fighters, Vipers included I'm sure."

She seemed to grow angry now, her hood flaring a little as she typed furiously.


"Why not? From the perspective of humans there's little difference between a Viper and Muton, they're both alien monsters ADVENT use as weapons." She recoiled a little, seeming hurt, but I interrupted her as she began to type a retort. "I learned that Vipers aren't monster, that they're no different from humans. The Elders made them do the things they did, me and you got over our differences, didn't we? Why can't you apply that same logic to these freed Mutons? Why not give them a chance to change the way you did?"


Her synthetic speech was becoming garbled and nonsensical as she began to ask too much of the software, feeding it more information than it could handle as she tapped frantically at the screen.

"Slow down, slow down. Whatever you think of Mutons, that's based on how they behaved under Elder control. The psionic network is down now, we killed the Elders, every alien species has reverted back to its natural state. Can you say that you know how wild Mutons behave, or just ADVENT Mutons? Remember, when we met that Muton in the barn last night it didn't try to attack us, a Muton under Elder control would have tried to take us apart, armed or otherwise."

She hissed dismissively, not the reaction I wanted from her.


"Yeah, well I'm saying that what you think you know doesn't apply anymore. The situation has changed. What, should we just kill them, even though they've done nothing to harm us so far? That would make us no better than the Elders, looking at entire species and just saying 'oh yeah these ones look menacing, so we'll make them soldiers and that's all they will ever be'. You became more than a soldier, didn't you? Why shouldn't they?"

I couldn't believe I was arguing so passionately for the rights of Mutons of all things, but when I thought about just razing the barn with the sleeping aliens inside it, I got a knot in my stomach. It was wrong, I felt it in my bones. Vi seemed angry, she was glaring at me with her reptilian pupils, if she had a rattle on her tail I'm sure she would have been shaking it.

"Hey, maybe you're completely right and they'll attack us on sight when we try to make contact with them, but we have to try Vi. We can't go around killing sentient creatures for no reason."


"Yeah maybe, but if I don't try, I won't be able to live with myself." Vi shook her head, and lowered the tablet, turning towards the guest bedroom. "What, no goodnight kiss?"

She grumbled and closed the door behind her after piling her long body inside the room, and I sighed, making my way up the stairs to my bedroom. Let her sulk, she hadn't put her foot (tail?) down on the matter, so it looked like we were doing this. Now I had to figure out how to make contact with the aliens. They seemed to be on the hunt for resources, food and metal by the look of what I had found in the barn, perhaps I could leave them a gift of some kind? Could I bait them out like wild animals, eventually having them eat from my hand, so to speak? It was worth a shot.

I fluffed my pillow and shrugged off my jacket, leaning my rifle against a chair by the window. Vi would come around eventually, if my plan worked she would have no choice.

"You sure this is a good idea?" Kadavy asked, sitting next to me in the truck as we wound our way along the dirt track towards the Daugherty farm.