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Stranded with angry warbots.

She loves to eat cum and she hungrily began jacking me faster, sucking harder, and swallowing every drop. Traci then began moaning loudly, "OOOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooo F..FuuuuuuuuuCK!" and almost bit down on me. I opened my eyes to see that while Traci had been sucking me she had been fingering her own sweet pussy. She had four fingers in her dripping cunt and her thumb on her clit with one hand and a finger moving in and out of her ass with the other hand.

After she finished we lay there and caught our breath in silence I think that we were both thinking about the same were we going to get to Lisa.

The next day Traci called me up, when I answered the phone she said, "I got it".

I said, "what"?

She repeated herself, "I got it, I know how to get Lisa away from Phillip for a while".

I said, "This I've got to hear, go ahead".

Traci reminded me that Phillip had to go to Atlanta the next week for a business conference. We could talk her into going on a small vacation with us while he was away, hell she'd probably jump at the chance. We talk her into going and shoot on over to Myrtle Beach. I told her that Lisa always loved the beach but I doubt that she would just drop everything and go. Traci told me to let her worry about that and wanted to know if I would be up for a road trip. Of course I said hell yeah!

I hadn't heard anything from Traci in about a week and had started to call her when I heard a horn honking outside. I looked out the window and almost shit. There was Traci and Lisa in Phillips convertible. Traci was smiling and yelled come on if your going slowpoke. I quickly gathered a few things together and raced to the car. I couldn't believe that Lisa was going.

As I jumped in the backseat I noticed that Lisa and Traci were both dressed in bikini tops and shorts.

I said, "this is a suprise Lisa what's Phillip saying about this trip"?

She said, "fuck Phillip".

Traci turned and smiled a devilish smile and winked over her sunglasses at me.

The trip to Myrtle beach was short and soon we were in search of the timeshare that Phillip and Lisa owned.

"I haven't been here in years", Lisa said almost sadly.

Upon arrival I said, "pop the trunk and I'll get the luggage".

Traci started laughing and said, "we don't have any fucking luggage, we are at the beach. Who needs clothes"?

Traci told me to go get the liquor, she and Lisa were going hit the beach. When I returned from the liquor store the girls were on the beach. I took the bottles in the house, mixed some strong pina coladas, put it in a cooler, pulled off my shirt and went out to join them.

When I got there Lisa was lying on her back, the sweat was beading across her breasts and down her tight little abdomen. Her black bikini bottoms were cut high and fit snug on her pussy. She was absolutely beautiful.

Traci was also laying an her back. She had on a yellow bikini that she must have cut the lining out of because her dark nipples were plainly visible through the sweat soaked fabric.

"Drinks ladies"? I asked in my best voice.

"You read my fuckin mind" Traci said.

"I love pina coladas" Lisa said as she sat up. And then I saw it. Lisa was wearing a thong!

Was this my prudish older sister? The one that had the body, worked hard to get the body, and then wouldn't show it?

After a couple hours the sun was going down and we'd caught a comfortable buzz and some decent rays and decided to go in the house.

We all took our turn in the shower and decided to drink our dinner in the form of margaritas.

The drunker we got the more Lisa began to openly complain about Phillip. Of course both Traci and I were almost overly sympathetic to her woes.

"Fuck that asshole sis he doesn't know what he's got", I said.

"Yeah, the mother fuckers a fag anyway, right"? Traci asked.

"Well I'm not sure anymore", Lisa sobbed.