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He pulls your shirt out of your pants and slides his hand under your shirt to your bra. He pushes one cup up over one of your tits and begins to feel your bare tit. He's rubbing your nipple, getting it hard.

Meanwhile, you continue to rub his cock through his pants and have him hard as a rock. He reaches down to undo your pants. He unbuttons them and slides the zipper down part way. You move your ass so that he can manage it as he slides the zipper down more. He slides his hand down your pants as you spread your legs to give him room. As he reaches your now dripping cunt, you let out a moan when his fingers pass over your clit. He's now nibbling on your neck while he plays with your cunt. You can't help but think that you're glad you shaved it that morning. You stop him just for a second and say, "Let's get in the back where we'll have more room."

You both jump out and into the back seat. As soon as you sit down you take off your shirt and then your bra, baring your big tits to his eyes for the first time. He's already got his shirt off and is getting his pants off. You take your pants and panties off for him too. As soon as you're both naked, you immediately start kissing and feeling each other again. You grab his cock and notice that it's a little bit longer than mine, but not quite as thick. A nice cock none the less. You also notice that he's shaved bare, like me and you. His hands are all over you and you love it. He's rubbing your tits and sliding his hand between your spread legs as you continue stroking his hard cock. He kisses his way down your neck and starts to suck on your tits. He goes back and forth from one nipple to the other while he continues to finger your cunt. He slides two fingers up your cunt and starts sliding them in and out, finger fucking you. You spread wider for him. He finger fucks you for awhile and slides his fingers up to rub your clit. When he starts that, you know that you're going to cum for the first time, very soon.

He's rubbing his fingers over your clit, making fast little circles. You moan out loud, getting closer. He alternates between shoving his fingers up your cunt and rubbing your clit. Finally, as you're kissing him hard, he rubs his fingers over your clit again and you start to cum. You moan in his ear, "Oh God, I'm cumming. Ooooooooooooooooh."

This has only made you hotter for his cock as you kiss him some more and he slows down on your cunt when you finish cumming. You start to kiss your way down his neck and over his chest, stopping to bite his nipples a little bit. You then work your way down and take his cock in your mouth and start sucking him. You take as much of his cock in your mouth as you can and start bobbing your head up and down on it. "Oh God," he moans, "I've wanted to get my cock in your mouth for so long. I love your lips."

You stop sucking his cock long enough to tell him, "My husband says I have the perfect cock sucking mouth." You then go back to sucking him.

"God, he's so right. Suck my cock!" He says.

You work his cock hard with your mouth, squeezing his balls at the same time. He keeps telling you to suck his cock, "Suck it good. You're such a good cock sucker." You lick it all over and work your way down to his cum filled balls and start licking and sucking them into your mouth. "Yeah, suck those balls." He says. "I've had a load of cum waiting for you for a long time." You spend a couple of minutes on his balls and work your way back up to take his cock in your mouth again. He puts his hands on your head and starts thrusting his hips up and down, fucking your mouth. His cock is so hard for you. You let him do that for a few seconds and pull off him.

You come up and start kissing him and as you throw one leg over his lap, you tell him, "I want you to fuck me.