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She entered the little game.

I crawled around the townhouse on my knees following her while she mostly ignored me and went about her day. Every so often she'd sit down, open her legs, and give me an opportunity to eat her. She was lounging on the sofa after dinner watching a movie when I finally fished the key out.

We played the whole day when Valerie brought home the vibrating cock ring. I'd never seen one before. Leather straps buckled around my cock shaft above and below my balls. She tied me to the bed, plugged it in, and experimented with the different speeds. We found out the highest setting would keep me aroused, but wasn't sufficient for me to orgasm.

The vibrating cock ring lets Valerie tease me when she's at work. She called last night, around ten, and told me to lock myself on the bed. I could hear other women laughing in the background. I told her I would. After I hung up the phone I wondered if Valerie thought about me while she worked, or if she was too busy.

I went into the bedroom and got undressed. I took the vibrating cock ring out of the dresser, plugged it in, and buckled it on. I sat down on the bed. I took a belt, wrapped it around my ankles, and buckled it. I lay down, turned the cock ring on, and locked my wrists to the handcuffs chained to the headboard.

The vibrations from the cock ring cause me to wiggle my hips. I have no idea how much longer she'll make me wait. I know Valerie doesn't get off work until two, or later, if she has a lot of customers.

My heart leaps when I hear the front door open. I wiggle my arms and legs while I hear Valerie fiddling around downstairs. My cock jumps when I hear her come up the stairs. She drops her makeup bag on the dresser, and comes over to the bed. She kicks off her shoes, peels off her sweater and jeans, lights a cigarette, and sits down on the side of the bed.

Valerie tickles my stiff cock with her fingernails. "Did you miss me, darling?"

I look up at her and watch her take a puff of her cigarette. My hips wiggle to her touch. "Yes, I missed you."

Valerie laughed. "The girls and I stopped off for a couple of drinks. We talked about how I tie you up and tease you." She runs her fingernails up and down my cock. "They were so jealous. They knew you'd be lying here waiting for me."

Valerie turns off the cock ring, leans over and kisses me. My cock throbs after the vibrations stop. I smell the perfume behind her ears and the cigarette smoke in her hair as our lips press together.

Valerie sits up and takes a puff of her cigarette. "At least twenty customers played with my boobs tonight." She closes her eyes and puts her hands under her breasts, squeezing them. "I love it when a man plays with my tits." She opens her eyes and turns to face me, wiggling her breasts. "Do my boobs look good, darling?"

I look at Valerie and smile. "Yes dear."

Valerie grins at me. "Really darling?" She cups her breasts with her hands. "They're not too small?"

"No dear, they're just the right size."

Valerie leans forward and kisses me on the forehead. "Thanks darling. I know it's been a while since you've seen them. Would you like to kiss them?"

"Yes dear."

Valerie gets over me on her knees, holds on to the headboard, and hangs her breasts over my face. I pick up my head, but her nipples are too high for me to reach. She lowers her breasts until her breasts are just above my face. If I try to kiss or lick her breasts, she slowly pulls them up out of my reach. When she gets tired, she sits down on the bed next to me. She closes her eyes and squeezes her breasts and nipples with her fingers, moaning and enjoying herself.

After a while Valerie opens her eyes, smiles, and lights a cigarette. She takes a puff and lies down next to my side. She puts her nipple into my mouth. "Suck me honey. I'm so horny tonight."

Valerie blows smoke in my face while I suck on her nipple.

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