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He realized that her mouth had felt the bulk of a cock many times before; she appeared to love pleasuring a man in this way, tantalizing each erogenous spot of his electric maleness.

Katherine made use of all her oral assets: lips, tongue, teeth, ridged roof, and soft pallet; even tickling his head with her uvula. Her lips and mouth moved elegantly up and down his shaft, laving it with her copious saliva, while making satisfied, yet muffled sighs, breathing loudly through her flaring nostrils; at the same time fondling his balls, and even giving them a devilish squeeze. Her head moved wildly up and down, her hair getting in the way, wrapping around the wet shaft. She pushed it back again with her hand, moving faster and faster. She was in control of this phase of their love making. Her hand moved off his balls, and her finger pressed in as it found the soft spot toward his anus. I was free now to experience a deeper orgasm than he was accustomed. The dam held, but every nerve in his body shuddered in ecstasy.

Ted was free to experience a deeper orgasm than he was accustomed. The dam held, but every nerve in his body shuddered in ecstasy. He couldn't believe the spasms that started in his balls, moved to his anus, contracted his toes, and caused him to gulp in air and release with a "holy shit! Oh baby, baby!" His usual high when he ejaculated was not the same. This time he stayed high, not experiencing the usual lassitude, which required precious minutes to pass. The sensation in the head of his cock increased, instead of diminishing, and his eyes widened like saucers as Katherine's mouth continued to devour him, her own excitement being expressed in high pitched, but muffled screams. God, she really loves this he thought.

She released the pressure on his spot, knowing that he would stay hard now, but allowing her to taste a modicum of his sperm that oozed the length of his shaft. She raised her head and smiled at him, licking his white essence, appearing like a model in a milk ad. The look in her eye told him that she was not yet finished with him, and she positioned herself between his legs, coaxing him to raise them. She lifted his balls out of the way, spread his cheeks and coated the balm of his manhood over his wrinkled anus, her tongue tip circling, which caused an "sssss, ooooh, Jesus!"

Having satisfying her oral fetish for the time being she thought I want that throbbing cock inside me again, and lowered his legs to the bed, his veined cock standing upright. She straddled him, walked on her knees to his erection, taking it in her hand, then raised to position herself above it. She lowered slightly, wiggling his cock along her slippery groove, find the entrance to her love tunnel, wiggled again, forming the socket and then, let her self sink slowly down, impaled on his rigid manhood. As she went down, her spongy walls felt his bulk filling her, exciting the nerves of her tingling vagina. Her lids closed and her eyeballs rolled up as her lips formed a small oval, which allowed an almost whistled "oooooooh."

Teddy gasped "oh fuck!" as he felt his cock being covered and embraced inside her. He bucked up to meet her, watching her eyes close and her lips whisper her ecstatic pleasure. Their bodies slapped together, and then settled on the bed. He hooked his legs over her calves, and opened his arms as she laid her body on his, her breasts flattening on his chest.

Their eyes met, and lips smiled. "Do you know how many times I've dreamed of this Katy?" he said. She smiled and nodded, as if she knew. "I've looked at your picture" he said "read our chat's, both those where we made love and not."

She kissed both of his eyelids.

"I've thought of you so many times, while he stroking my hard cock, imagining my hand was you..." he said.

She kissed his lips, pushed up on her knees, her tight and lusciou