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The sight of his big cock makes her piss herself.

It can't be helped. Just like seeing Love naked induces an erection in me. That can't be helped either.

But whatever feature we might say is a girl's best, it's a pretty safe bet that when they're standing naked in front of you for the first time you're going to forget, if only for a short while, about everything else and spend some amount of time focused on her snatch. If they look as good naked as Love does it will probably be a very, very long time.

My eyes froze on Love's twat, captivating me even though it had been just a few short minutes ago that I had been tongue deep in those warm inviting folds. She was open and wet to my visual examination and as my eyes moved over her flesh I replayed in detail the feeling of my tongue gliding through her muff. My cock twitched in response.

While I had been scrutinizing Love, she had done the same to me. When she saw my cock twitch she giggled softly and moved toward me. Two quick steps and she was standing directly in front of me and she moved in for a kiss. This time was far less frenzied than our earlier kisses and we took the time to explore each other's mouth, letting the kiss progress naturally until we were both breathing heavily and our hands had started to wander.

Predictably I ended up with one hand on her ass and one on her tits. This must have been exactly what she wanted because she broke the kiss and spun around in my arms so that her back was against my chest, once again reaching up with one hand to pull me back in for another kiss. With my left hand no longer able to grab her ass I attempted to move it to the next obvious choice but Love had other plans. Grabbing my wrist she brought my hand up and placed it on her unoccupied tit. I began to squeeze and knead her boobs with both hands, moving my hands in a circle in opposite directions, again rubbing her nipples with my palms, just like I had in the elevator.

Again this seemed to be exactly what she wanted and she moaned into my mouth, "Mmmm, yessss, like that!"

Love placed her hand on my dick, wrapping her fingers around my shaft and slowly jerking me, keeping the touch light so I didn't pop too soon. It was my turn to moan into her mouth and I pulled away a short distance so I could watch her hand move on my cock.

"Mmmm, just the way I like them!"

Assuming she was going to make some sort of sarcastic remark about my manhood I played the straight man, puffing out my chest and saying "You mean big and hard baby?"

She surprised me with her response, "Exactly. Big and hard."

My prick twitched in her hand and with another giggle she let it go. I started to complain when she shifted in front of me, trapping my cock against my body and grinding it with her ass, except this time I didn't even have the benefit of the thin material of our clothes to blunt the stimulation. We were now in pretty much the same state as on the elevator and it was finally becoming clear to me where she was heading. At least, I hoped we were heading somewhere. If she kept up her grind much longer I was going to be leaving a big gooey mess on her ass.

"Finish it." was all she said.

I didn't have to ask, I knew exactly what she wanted me to finish. I removed my right hand from her chest and brought it down to her leg, grasping her on the back of her right thigh and lifting her leg off the ground. I had to duck down a bit so that my rod popped out from between us and bounced a little before settling into place pressed up against Love's wet slit. I had intended to simply slide into her but my cock felt so good right where it was that I couldn't resist rubbing it up against Love's vulva, eliciting more moans from both of us.

Love was hopping a little on her left foot, the thrusts of my pole disrupting her balance and causing her to constantly readjust. She solved the problem by reaching up with her hand and pulling my head back down to resume our kissing, and simultaneously giving her something else to hang onto.

Before our lips locked once more I whispered "Help me get it in."

I could have used my left hand I suppose, but