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Old friends share more than memories.

A slow vibrational humming began in her ears, marking the beginning of her sleep paralysis. Her eyes cracked open she looked around the dark room and tried to move, yet couldn't. Shoving back down the panic in her throat she slowly began to call out to Asura in her mind, picturing him standing above her. Invisible hands wrapped around her throat as she felt a weight being pressed on her chest, and when it became unbearable, she sat up, broken free of her invisible chains.

Asura sat in the corner of her room, his profile in shadows, giving his glinting eyes and eerie glow. Charlie suppressed the chill that went down her spine and opened her mouth, yet the words died on her tongue.

"So, the young one has decided," he said, his lips barely moving as he stood and walked over to the bed.

"I...I accept the deal, but on different terms," she faltered, her earlier bravado gone.

Asura paused in his journey to her, interest lighting his eyes.

"I believe the terms were set, Charlie, but I am curious as to what you want,"

Charlie tried not to react to her name on his tongue, yet couldn't suppress and small shiver.

"I will give you my virginity, but I believe that it is worth more than that. My virginity will be given to you only when you have fully and truly given me the confidence that I have asked for. Access to my Primal instinct is not enough, but I require true control over my primal instinct, not for my primal instinct to control me," she finished breathlessly.

Charlie could feel Primal so utterly still in her mind, akin to animals that lie in wait for their prey as they both watched for his reaction.

Asura looked at her, as if trying to figure something out.

"I have given you access to her, something that most humans today aren't even aware of is inside of them. Yet you dare ask for more from me. I could smite you as I did to countless others, I could...."

"But you won't, because you did a half assed job and you know it. You gave me the most basic of what I asked for and I am calling your bullshit. You gave me a wild animal with no reins to control. She will only submit to a leader that is worth being subordinate to and you will make me such," Charlie said with finality not blinking as she looked at him.

Suddenly Asura laughed, his hollow voice ringing into the night, "You think you can manipulate me. You are a mere mortal, a lowly one at that that is presumptuous only because she had one day of self-confidence,"

Charlie ignored the stinging of his words, and continued, "No, you will do this because what better do you have to do? Go on for the next eon and swindle countless more people into devious deals. I think you tire of the same old bartering, yet are so used to it, I doubt you possibly could even complete such an arduous task. This is not an overnight process, but I understand now that you just want to collect payment and move on. You have no real investment, no real involvement in the projects you initiate, you just blindly brush past the masterpieces you could have wrought upon this earth. Come then. Fuck me now so I can find a real demon to finish what you so ignorantly cannot finish," she scathingly replied.

Asura stalked up to her, and Charlie forced herself to hold his gaze and not flinch under his unrelenting gaze.

"The last woman who challenged me thus was able to start a war of a thousand ships with a mere glance at another man! You know not of what you ask, yet I shall pay up young one, do not worry. You will be the ultimate femme fatale when I am done with you and you shall have true reign over your inner animal and hold sway over men' hearts. You shall control your destiny and the world shall lay upon your feet like lamb to a slaughter, yet let's hold one thing clear. I am no man. And you will never bring me to my knees. You will submit to me, and only me, mind, body, and soul!"

Charlie looked away trying to escape his beautiful yet chilling face as he leaned closer with every word.

"Fine! I accept!" she screamed, and i

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