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One of his earlier guests charters the Captain's boat.

She heard a heavy "thump" as something landed on the bed next to her. It met a plastic "clunk" as something else landed on top of it and then rolled against her knee. Her arms strained against the bonds, her efforts being rewarded with two more sharp slaps on the ass, which was starting to tingle warmly and the flesh shone with a hint of redness. The backs of his hands dragged across her breasts, teasing, before turning to cup them warmly and fondle her breasts, pinching and tugging at the nipples until they stood erect, twin globed suspended above the bed, inches from rubbing against the fabric. She moaned slightly as he pulled them in unison, then stiffened a little as the nipple clamps imprisoned her tender flesh. First the left was tugged into place and pinched between the smaller rubber tipped clamps, then a small chain drawn across her skin as the second clamp grasped her right nipple firmly. She let out a long breath, sighing into his arm, surrendering herself to his ministrations. without touching her, he reached under her shoulder and tugged the chain briefly, satisfied with the resulting tug on both her nipples and stifled moan the action brought.

Returning to the other side of the bed, she recognized the sound of the cap of the lubricant they favorited.. a brief pause, and his fingers began to play with her clit. She writhed against his hand, her movements causing the chain attached to her nipples to sway and tug at them. He slid one finger into her hot depths and was rewarded with a gush of moisture drenching his hand. She pressed backwards against his hand and was again spanked, a stinging reminder that he was the one in control of this game. A click, and low hum was her only warning before the vibrator slid into her, making her moan loudly as her breath and pulse sped to a gallop. After a minute to accustom herself to the weights pulling on her nipples, the vibrating cock throbbing at her core, he again placed his hands on her ass, squeezing the satiny globes under his fingers. A new pressure formed, a new sensation of pressure against the only remaining orifice. She had barely a second to register the unfamiliarity before a slender plug was slid easily between her cheeks into her ass, gently echoing the vibrations of the cock that was already there. Her breath was nothing but gasps and pants now, her back arching and curling against the pleasures assaulting her body. His fingers pushed harder, firmly inserting the plug against her flesh so it wouldn't slide out, his own breath ragged.

Gathering himself, he stood back to once again appraise his progress. She whimpered slightly and her hips bucked involuntarily, fighting against the climax that was threatening to overwhelm her. Her fingers were white knuckled against the sheets. He smiled in satisfaction, and looked down ruefully at his now raging erection before announced loudly that he still had a shower to take, and he'd be back shortly. She gasped in indignation at him, her head twisting towards him. Before she could speak, he peppered her ass with several sharp spanks until she quieted. Then whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, I'll be back soon".

He went into their adjoining bathroom and turned on the shower, then returned to pause in the doorframe, quiet. She'd obviously assumed he was gone, her body limp and relaxed, but shuddering occasionally, a near silent moan as her hips tried to twist against the unseen devices that were tormenting and teasing her aroused body. He finally stepped into the shower, taking what was likely one of the fastest showers in history, scrubbing himself with a rough fierceness before judging himself clean enough to return to the bedroom.

She had clearly relaxed into his captivity, her arms limp against the bed, her hair hanging off the edge nearly draped to the floor.

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