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The holding cell.

Half a world away, if Captain Hank was still here instead of off somewhere in the steamy jungles of Laos or Cambodia, I imagined him in the way of Billy Jack, no doubt chasing all of these motorcycle, mad men away. Without doubt, if Captain Hank was here, he'd forbade her from seeing those kind of men. A different time back then with the sexual revolution, she dated so very many different men. If I didn't hold Summer so high up on my pedestal, instead of thinking of her as an angel without wings and a halo, I'd think she was a whore with a cock in each hand, one in between her legs, and another one in her mouth.

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Going from false eyelashes, go-go boots, and mini-skirts in the sixties to maxi-dresses, hot pants, and dress trousers in the seventies, to big hair, heavy makeup, and luminous colors in the eighties, she changed with the times while I stayed the same and remained living with my sister. She lived her life to her fullest extent but without Summer in my life, I didn't have a life. With our parents dying early in our lives in an automobile accident, I enjoyed a strangely symbiotic relationship with my sister. Afraid to lose one another and to be left alone without any family, we clung onto one another as if we were meant to be together as husband and wife instead of brother and sister. Although never incestuously intimate, even though I lusted over having sex with my sexy sister as would any horny, 18-year-old teenager, we were more friends later in life than we were brother and sister.

Besides, not sexually interested in me in the way that I was once sexually interested in her, I was more in love with Summer than I ever was with my big sister. Moreover, never out of the closet with her sexual preference, as if she was a Nun who hadn't yet taken her vows of chastity, my sister was a non-practicing lesbian. Keeping her secret to myself, no one knew or suspected her preference for women over men but for me. I'm not sure if she even knew herself that she preferred women to men which would explain why she never married and/or had a lesbian affair. The loyal girlfriend who waited to be rejoined with her fianc__e, other than her big tough Marine, no other man was good enough for her. She used Hank, with him being somewhere on the other side of the Earth, as her excuse not to not even date anyone else.

Oddly enough, with the both of us living together and playing our brotherly and sisterly roles, not marrying nor even dating, in the way that I was saving myself for Summer, seemingly my sister was saving herself for Summer too. Just good friends, we were too much in love and too stupid to know that Summer didn't want either one of us in that sexual way. How could we be so stupid to be so enamored by Summer when she was always off sucking and fucking yet another bad man?

The hit book and hit movie of the time, I borrowed a line from Erich Segal's Love Story with Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw playing in the starring roles, "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Back then, love to me meant never having to say that you're horny and I was always horny whenever around and not around Summer. Always in my thoughts, night and day, she had a way of making me insane with unrequited love and unrequited sexual lust.

A different time back then, it's not odd that my sister didn't start out as a lesbian.

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