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Debbie ground her pelvis against Jack's leg, pushing him backward and onto a circular bar stool as she kissed him again. "Hey, I didn't get a kiss yet!" Cindy exclaimed, and she straddled his other knee, pulling his face from Debbie's.

As Cindy's lips locked onto his own, Jack glanced first at Max, and then at Bill. His hand that wasn't kneading Debbie's ass drifted down onto Cindy's and mirrored its partner's movements. Cindy moaned into his mouth as he pulled the material into the crevice of her cheeks.

"Hey! Share!" Debbie joked, and pulled Jack back to her. As she kissed him he pulled her bikini bottoms tight as he had with Cindy, exposing her luscious ass to the two husbands. Like Cindy, Debbie moaned into his mouth with her exposure and Jack opened his eyes to glance at the two husbands. They stood rooted to the spot, Bill's suit sporting a small tent while Max's betrayed no sign of arousal.

Jack broke the kiss, turning his head slightly so he could see around Debbie. "Bill, please hand me my drink. I'm going to see if your wife is as turned on as Max's is."

Bill colored slightly but complied with Jack's request. Jack eased the two women off him and had Debbie stand on the opposite side of the bar facing the men, her arms supporting her torso on the counter, her legs spread slightly. Jack sipped his drink and nonchalantly slipped his fingers between the fabric of Debbie's suit and her full mound. He teased her puffy lips for a moment before dipping his fingers into her soaking vagina, coating his fingertips thoroughly with her juices.

"Hmm, she's definitely wet, but I'm not sure who is wetter. Cindy, come here and let me compare." Jack's words drove the husbands to begin shifting from foot to foot with anticipation as Cindy assumed her position next to Debbie. His free hand slipped into Cindy's bottoms, and he teased her lips just as he was teasing Debbie's.

"Too close to call," Jack proclaimed. "It's a tie for now."

The women's reactions were immediate and overlapping. "What?" "Are you serious?" "She's been here longer!" "You touched her more!"

Jack held up his hands to quell the uproar. "Why don't we see which man is most aroused? That should be objective enough. You two can be the judges."

The women grinned, first at him, then at each other.

"OK boys," Cindy called with a giggle. "Let's see where everyone is at. Lose it all: we want to see those little peckers."

The husbands traded dubious looks but began to strip, removing their shirts before kicking off their footwear and shucking their swim trunks.

The women whooped with delight as their husbands' endowments were displayed for the group. Both men covered themselves with their hands, changing the women's gleeful shrieks to protestations. "You can't do that!" and "Drop your hands!" echoed across the bar at the men.

Jack placed a hand on both women's shoulders, quietening them. "Bill and Max, I have rules here. If I ask you to do something, you do it or there are consequences. Similarly, if the women ask something of you, you'll do it if I agree. Since you disobeyed, I'm going to punish you and I'm going to do it by spanking your wives in front of both of you."

His words were met with silence, but the men slowly removed their hands. He felt the women's shoulders tense under his touch with his final words, and slowly began to trace lines down their backs until his hands were caressing the soft flesh of their asses.

Bill's short thin penis was fully at attention, the small head glistening with what Jack figured was precum. Jack guessed that Max was hard, but it was hard to tell. His penis was little more than a small head atop a shaft of about half of an inch though it was a bit thicker than Bill's.

The women giggled unabashedly as the color rose in both men's faces. "They're not even as big as you if you put them together," Debbie squealed, looking back at Jack. Her comment drew a fit of giggles from her buxom blonde friend.

"That's better," Jack told the men.

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